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updated Sun. May 19, 2024

South Sudan,. I can only see a hate for Dr. Machar in your comment. He was confine simply because South Sudanese leaders hate him, not because he was a criminal .... The JCE/Kiir Jienge government, with its notorious Dinka-Warap-mafia must go, they've used and abused every system/law in the book.

“In this regard, the Council [of ministers] calls upon the TGoNU [Transitional Government of National Unity], and all South Sudanese parties to focus on the higher goal of the national interest, and securing the future of the South Sudan,” the statement reads in part. The Council, however, noted with deep ...
November 29, 2016 (JUBA) - The South Sudanese government has unveiled measures aimed at closing gaps created by drops in the production of oil resources. JPEG - 29.5 kb; An oil field in South Sudan's Unity State. (Photo: UN / Tim McKulka). South Sudan's economy is currently in dire straits as the ...
March 24, 2015 (WUNROCK) – Kuacjok's newly appointed mayor, Ajiek Ajiek Majok, has vowed to modernise the Warrap state capital and improve living standards for residents. “There are numeral challenges that the residents Kuajok town are facing in terms of development, but as per my administration, ...
The revelation came during an official visit by South Sudan's education minister, John Gai Yoh to the Egyptian capital, Cairo this week. ... University said the branch of the university should be established in Juba, with a subsidiary in Tonji, Warap state, adding that most of the donors prefer the capital Juba.
One member of the UN peacekeeping mission was wounded in the shoot-out. South Sudan's Deputy Defence Minister, Majak D'Agoot, told the BBC it was triggered after "a problem occurred" between police from Unity and police from neighbouring Warab state. "Each side thought they were attacked," he ...
Among the dead were 45 women and children, Warap state governor Nyangdeng Malek told the BBC. South Sudan's interior minister has blamed a militia group from Unity State, which he says is armed by the Sudanese government in Khartoum. Tensions remain high since South Sudan seceded ...
Resurgent tribal violence in the south also concerned the 10 aid groups. They released their report, "Rescuing the Peace in Southern Sudan," two days before the fifth anniversary of a 2005 peace deal that ended a grinding war between the Sudanese government and southern rebels in the Sudan People's ...


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