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updated Thu. December 28, 2023

The NISS Deputy Director General, Gen Tajjul Sir Osman, has meanwhile referred to the most recent collective wedding organized in el Obied, capital of North Kordufan state, and attended and honored by president of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Bashir. He said the NISS plans to bring the number of ...

Gen Gosh pledged that NISS shall remain in the service of the Grand National issues and protection of the homeland against any threats, saboteurs of national economy and that it would support the government efforts for increasing production and productivity. The Director of the NISS in North Kordufan ...
A week ago, Sudan declared a six-month state of emergency in the border regions of Kassala and North Kordufan. Osman said the closing was to curb rebel activities, alleging that Egyptian forces and rebels from Sudan's restive Darfur province were deployed along the Eritrean border with the aim of ...
Yassin said his father Gareeb Mohamed Raji'e was born in Muafa Village, a suburb of Bara town in North Kordufan, about 600 km west of the national ... and suggested to Gareeb to take his work to the Sudanese Radio and the officials there found the notes acceptable and concluded agreement with him.
Heavy rains and flash floods have affected nearly 170,000 people in Khartoum, Kassala, Gezira, Northern, Sennar, North Kordufan, South Kordofan, River ... The Sudanese Red Crescent has mobilized over 1,300 volunteers from all its branches to evacuate flood victims, offer first aid services and carry out ...


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