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updated Sat. April 20, 2024

The controversial deployment of at least 12 000 Zimbabwean soldiers in the DRC by Mugabe in August 1998 — to rescue the regime of the late Congolese president Laurent Kabila from an offensive by Rwanda, Uganda and some rebel groups — massively contributed to the demise of the local economy, ...

An officer of the Zairian rebel army shouts an order to his soldiers during a parade of about 4,000 rebel soldiers at Goma airport on Saturday April 5, 1997 which was attended by rebel leader Laurent Kabila. While rebel and government negotiators met in South Africa, Zairian rebels on Saturday approved ...
He was born in Makobola, a small village in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and was forced out of the country and separated from his father and brothers by the massacre of about 500 people by rebels hoping to oust former Congolese President Laurent Kabila. “Music has always been what my parents ...
The previous president, Laurent Kabila, lost power when a bodyguard shot him in 2001. The president before that, Mobutu Sese Seko, was overthrown by Rwandan-backed rebels who marched 1,600km through the rainforest in a mere six months, wearing gumboots. Mobutu did not pay his troops.
Kabila came to power in 2001 after the assassination of his father Laurent Kabila. He has since won the last two elections organised in the resource – rich country, first in 2006 before his reelection for a final term in 2011. He was expected to step down in 2016 but failed to do so with the reason that the ...
According to the country's constitution, the president can not seek a third consecutive term in office. Joseph Kabila assumed the presidency in January 2001, days after the assassination of his father Laurent Kabila. He was elected president in his own right in 2006, and re-elected to a second term in 2011.
On January 16, 2001, the Democratic Republic of the Congo tumbled into uncertainty. The country's president, Laurent Kabila, had been sitting in his office at his marble palace in Kinshasa, the capital, when one of his teenage bodyguards entered, drew his pistol, aimed it at Kabila, and fired several times.
The DRC military adventure which began in late 1997 after Robert Mugabe controversially deployed Zimbabwe's armed forces into the DRC ostensibly to support the government of Laurent Kabila, created many economic opportunities for both political and military elites. Laurent Kabila had swept to power ...


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