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updated Thu. January 25, 2024

In December, 92 Somalis boarded a deportation flight to Somalia at the behest of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Due to logistical reasons, the flight didn't complete its mission of returning the Somalis; instead, the deportees are now detained at the Krome Detention Center and the Glades County Detention ...

Telegraph photographer David Rose travelled with foreign correspondent Roland Oliphant to Somalia to find a war-torn country which narrowly averted a deadly famine. Mulan Issack, 20, her family had 30 cows and 100 goats, but they all died in the previous droughts and had to flee when Al Shabaab ...
The Somalis told of abuse on the flight, saying they were shackled with chains on their wrists, waists, and legs for more than 40 hours; forced to urinate in bottles or on themselves; and that ICE officers beat and threatened some passengers. (ICE has denied that it mistreated detainees on the flight.) But even ...
Other Somalis describe a “security vacuum” that has left them effectively abandoned by the police and, more broadly, the state. “Kids around here don't feel safe, the police aren't doing enough,” said Abshir Mohamed, whose parents also fled the Somali civil war for London in 1988. “There's lots of money for ...
Last year, Mogadishu also sought the return of its nationals detained in India, promising to negotiate with other governments to release Somalis imprisoned in foreign countries. Individual African countries initiated their own repatriation programmes, with Nigeria, which had the majority of undocumented ...
DOHA: Qatar Charity has drilled and rehabilitated 316 artesian and surface wells last year to provide safe drinking water to as many as 350,000 people in Somalia, which made 2017 the most abundant year yet in the field of water and sanitation. Qatar Charity implemented these projects in needy and poor ...
But the Somalis say their mistreatment hasn't ended back in U.S. custody. Lawyers for the group filed formal administrative complaints with ICE January 8, which say the detainees have been denied medical care, subjected to racial slurs including the N-word, being illegally thrown into solitary confinement, ...
2018 will be a hard year for all affected by the drought in Somalia. All indications show that the drought will not get any better and may push the situation towards famine. Rains between October – December 2017 were expected to bring relief to millions of people in Somalia. Unfortunately, the rains were not ...
A previously postponed charter flight to deport about 100 Somalis, Sudanese and Congolese immigrants back to Africa has been rescheduled again, lending yet more anxiety and confusion to an already stress-filled situation. The Somali Embassy in Washington confirmed Thursday that a flight that was set ...
Twin Cities attorneys are scrambling to block the deportation of a group of Somalis said to be slated for a federal flight to Africa this week — the government's first such attempt since a botched deportation effort in December that led to a legal battle. Attorneys for some of the detainees say at least a dozen ...


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