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updated Sun. March 25, 2018

(WICHITA, Kan.) -- The plot to bomb an apartment complex housing Somali immigrants in western Kansas was just the beginning of a plan by three militia members to "exterminate cockroaches," a prosecutor told jurors Thursday. "Defendants wanted to send the message Muslims are not welcomed ... militia
... Somali that they are still assessing Monday's strike in order to identify those targeted. He told VOA Somali that the occupants were al-Shabab officials but said details will be released after assessment is completed. Abdulle also told VOA Somali that Somali security forces captured two al-Shabab ... Somalia

The Deputy Force Commander of the AU Mission in Somalia, Maj-Gen Charles Tai Gituai is rooting for more efficient intelligence sharing modalities ... and dissemination, and emerging threats from terror group Al-Shabaab, even as the militants find themselves extremely weakened from the onslaught from ... Somalia
Three militia members go on trial Tuesday for plotting to bomb Somali immigrants working in the Kansas Meatpacking Triangle, a constellation of minority-majority, hardscrabble pioneer towns, that depend on foreign labor. Somali immigrants have all but abandoned one town, despite civic and police efforts ... Somalia
MOGADISHU, Somalia: Senior terrorist militant Commander of Al-Shabaab on Sunday surrendered to Somali National Army in Baidoa town, southwest ... Somali National Army Commander at 60th Division, Ismail Khalif Shire told Somali National News Agency that they would welcome any that denounces ... Somalia
Clashes in central Somalia between Somali army troops and al-Shabab militants have left at least 12 people dead, witnesses say. The clashes Thursday started after armed al-Shabab members tried to impose taxes on residents of villages around the town of Mahas, in the Hiran region. Resident Dahir ... Somalia

Months before the 2016 general election, members of a Kansas militia group that prosecutors say came to be known as the "the Crusaders" met in an office to pick the targets of bombings that they hoped would inspire a wave of attacks on Muslims throughout the United States. At a mobile-home dealership ... Somalia
Somali Federal Government forces have retaken control of a strategic town in Middle Shabelle region on Saturday from Al Shabaab militants, authorities said. A regional official said the US-trained Bancroft took Gambale, about 45Km east of Jowhar early in the morning without encountering a ... Al-Shabaab
Al-Shabab militants in Somalia have shot and killed nine donkeys they said were transporting goods to a government-controlled area in the Bakool region. A security source told VOA Somali the militants seized the donkey carts early Wednesday near the village of Elboon, 15 kilometers west of Wajid. Al-Shabaab
At least 13 al-Shabab militants escaped from a rehabilitation center in Garowe, the capital of Puntland State on Sunday night. According to security officials, the escape occurred at around 8 p.m. local time, when the militants managed to scale a wall and slip into the darkness, the sources said. The men ... Al-Shabaab
MOGADISHU, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- The Somali National Army (SNA) on Wednesday captured Moqokori, a very strategic town in Hiraan region in central Somalia where Al-Shabaab militants were in full control earlier, an official said. "The Somali National Army took control of Moqokori town and other villages ... Al-Shabaab
MOGADISHU, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- The Somali government and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) vowed Tuesday to enhance partnership in the war against terrorism in the Horn of Africa nation. Francisco Madeira, the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union ... Al-Shabaab
MOGADISHU, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- At least five Al-Shabaab militants were killed on Tuesday during heavy fighting between the group and Somali National Army (SNA) in Gedo region of southwest Somalia, local authorities said. Deputy Governor of Gedo region, Sheikh Mohamed Hussein, told reporters that ... Al-Shabaab
GAROWE, Puntland - At least 10 former Al-Shabaab militants were reported to have escaped from a rehabilitation center in Garowe, the capital of Somalia's northeastern semi-autonomous region of Puntland state, Garowe Online reports. The ex-militants whose allegedly said to be minors and evaded ... Al-Shabaab
A U.S. drone strike has killed several al-Shabab militants in southern Somalia, officials tell VOA. Local sources said ... It was carried out by U.S. drone, helping our intelligence forces on the ground," a Somali government official told VOA Somali on the condition of anonymity. The attack was confirmed by ... Al-Shabaab
A U.S. airstrike in Somalia has killed three members of the al-Shabaab terrorist group, U.S. Africa Command (Africom) said Wednesday. The strike, done in coordination with the Somali government, took place Monday near the town of Jilib, about 230 miles southwest of the capital of Mogadishu, Africom ... Al-Shabaab
The first round of three-day talks between Ethiopian officials and representatives from the Ethiopian rebel group of ethnic Somalis, Ogden National Liberation Front (ONLF), began Sunday at a secret location in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. Delegates from the two sides arrived Saturday for the talks that are ... Al-Shabaab

The Al-Qaeda-aligned Al Shabaab militants have withdrawn from Burdhubo district in Gedo region in Southern Somalia hours after it capturing it from Somali troops on Monday night. The residents in the town have told Radio Shabelle region that al-Shabab battle-wagons loaded with their weapons ... Al-Shabaab
Two car bombs killed at least 18 people and wounded around two dozen more in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, on Friday before militants assailed a pair of buildings near the presidential palace. Ambulances arrived immediately on the scene to bring the wounded to the hospital. One suicide car hit a hotel ... Al-Shabaab
About 6.2 million people in Somalia - half the population - need emergency aid, such as food, water and shelter, due to unprecedented drought and ... also see more children with acute malnutrition, and there will be less children in school," he said by video conference from Mogadishu, the Somali capital. Al-Shabaab
17 (Xinhua) -- Somali National Army (SNA) captured five Al-Shabaab militants in an operation south of Baidoa town, the administrative capital of Southwest State ... "SNA and Southwest State forces conducted very successful operation against the terrorist militant group at Manaas location this morning, they ... Al-Shabaab
A new report says Somalia's al-Shabaab militants are forcing rural communities to hand over children as young as 8 years old for indoctrination and ... 50 boys and girls from two schools near Burhakaba town and took them to Bulo Fulay where the militant group runs schools and a major training facility. Al-Shabaab
MOGADISHU, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- Several Al-Shabaab militants were killed on Tuesday in heavy fighting between Somali National Army and the militant group near Baidoa town, southwest Somalia, officials said. Security Minister of Southwest State in Somalia Hassan Hussein Mohamed told Xinhua by ... Al-Shabaab
A leading Somaliland politician says his son, who joined the Islamic State militant group five years ago, was killed in Syria. Faysal Ali Warabe, leader of the UCID party who ran for president of the self-declared republic during the November 13 election, says his son — Hussein Faysal Ali Warabe — was ... Al-Shabaab
Nairobi - Somalia's al-Qaeda linked Shabaab insurgents are increasingly threatening civilians to force them to hand over young children for "indoctrination ... Village elders near Baidoa in southwestern Somalia told HRW that in September, Shabaab militants ordered them to hand over dozens of children ... Al-Shabaab
File photo shows an insurgent stands guard as the Al-Shabaab launches a mine-sweeping operation in the Somali capital of Mogadishu on Jan. 19, 2009. (Xinhua/Abdurrahman Warsameh). LAMU, Kenya, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- About 100 Somali Al-Shabaab militants on Sunday stormed a village in Kenya's ... Al-Shabaab
According to a recent Pentagon report to Congress, American troops are battling more than 10 times that number of militant groups, including the .... pointed to Somali militants, only to eventually admit that even the most extreme Islamists there “really have not engaged in acts of terrorism outside Somalia. Al-Shabaab
According to a recent Pentagon report to Congress, American troops are battling more than 10 times that number of militant groups, including the ... pointed to Somali militants, only to eventually admit that even the most extreme Islamists there “really have not engaged in acts of terrorism outside Somalia. Al-Shabaab
Somalia's government has launched a digital counter-extremism center that aims to dissuade young Somalis from supporting militant groups such as ... The Somali Ministry of Information says the center will carry out campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and state-run media designed to promote ... Al-Shabaab
According to a recent Pentagon report to Congress, American troops are battling more than 10 times that number of militant groups, including the ... pointed to Somali militants, only to eventually admit that even the most extreme Islamists there “really have not engaged in acts of terrorism outside Somalia. Al-Shabaab
Somalia established diplomatic relations with North Korea in 1970, and entrenched ties by sending its Marxist President Siad Barre to Pyongyang in 1971. The North Korean ... Since the early 1990s, Pyongyang has sold equipment to Somali government forces and militant groups alike. In 2013, Voice of ... Al-Shabaab
Awramba Times (Jigjiga) – Ethiopian Somali Liyu police forces have smashed the Al-Shabab insurgents inside the neignbouring east African nation of Somalia republic. Beyound healing the wounds of the peace-loving people of the Ethiopian Somali region, Liyu police is now becoming an alternative ... Al-Shabaab
Somali government officials say al-Shabab militants have executed five men accused of spying for the Somali government, Kenyan and Ethiopian forces. The five men were publicly executed by a firing squad in the town of Kuntuwarey in Lower Shabelle region. “The men, innocent civilians, were paraded in ... Al-Shabaab
The strike comes after the U.S. urged its nonessential diplomatic personnel to evacuate Mogadishu after it warned of a potential threat. Al-Shabab has been significantly weakened throughout Somalia in recent years, however, the militant group has continued to fight the country's United Nations-supported ... Al-Shabaab
Kenya Defence Forces soldiers on Sunday killed five suspected Al-Shabaab militants believed to have been involved in the attack on Ijara Police Station in ... group have increasingly been infiltrating the Lakta Belt near Boni Forest as they flee increasing air strikes in Kolbiyo and part of Badana in Somalia. Al-Shabaab
Two Kenyans are among terrorists injured after an airstrike by United States forces at an Al-Shabaab camp in Somalia on Christmas Eve. ... Somali National Security Forces in combined counterterrorism operations and targeting terrorists, their training camps, and their safe havens throughout Somalia and ... Al-Shabaab
The Pentagon said Wednesday a December 24 airstrike in southern Somalia killed 13 al-Shabab militants. The U.S. Africa Command said the Somali government helped coordinate the operation northwest of Kismayo. "The strike targeted the militants as they mobilized to launch an attack against our base. Al-Shabaab
MAHADAY, Somalia - At least 1 person was killed and several injured when militants attacked government forces in Mahaday district of Middle Shabelle region on Friday, Garowe Online reports. Local residents confirmed to GO that Somali troops engaged in a brief exchange of gunfire with Al Shabaab ... Al-Shabaab
African Union (AU) troops landed in Mogadishu a decade ago to fight al Shabaab Islamist militants and Somali forces are supposed to eventually take over their duties. But the United States, which also funds the 22,000-strong peacekeeping force, has grown frustrated that successive governments have ... Al-Shabaab
Not Ifrah, who later that night stole her mom's keys and sneaked out of the house in Nairobi, where they'd lived since the Somalian government had ... Ifrah's people skills and proficiency with languages — in addition to Somali, she speaks Swahili, English, and some Arabic — made her useful to the camp's ... Al-Shabaab
1 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. military intensified airstrikes in Somalia in the past week, killing at least 17 Al-Shabaab terrorists behind increased deadly attacks ... Somali and African Union peacekeeping (AMISOM) forces have also intensified military operations against the insurgents, flushing them in their Lower ... Al-Shabaab
US military says only armed combatants killed in Somalia in August attack but media reports says 10 civilians were killed. ... situated 45 kilometres west of Mogadishu, has been the focus of battles between Al-Shabaab militants and forces under the command of the African Union and Somali government. Al-Shabaab
Six Al-Shabaab militants on Thursday surrendered to Somali forces following an increasing assault by the militants in southern regions of the country. Al-Shabaab militants and their top officials are on the run from their hideouts after Somali National Army (SNA) backed by African Union peacekeeping ... Al-Shabaab
A Somali man has been convicted in a Canadian court for his role in the kidnapping of journalist Amanda Lindhout. Ali Omar Ader, 40, was found ... The pair were held captive by an unidentified militant group in Somalia for 460 days before being released in November 2009. A ransom was paid for their ... Al-Shabaab
The US drone fired missiles and pounded a convoy carrying members of Al Shabaab commanders traveling in Ilimey, a rebel-held area located in Lower Shabelle region, 130Km southwest of Mogadishu. Reliable sources in the region confirmed to GO that the airstrike killed five militants after a missile ... Al-Shabaab
At least two Somali soldiers and 12 militants were killed Friday when al-Shabab militants attacked a convoy in central Somalia, according to a senior regional ... Meanwhile, militants loyal to the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab militant group are said to be fleeing northward toward Somalia's semi-autonomous ... Al-Shabaab
US airstrike against ISIS in Somalia kills one militant ... The strike, which was coordinated with the Somali government, happened in ... A strike last week against al-Shabaab killed more than 100 militants, according to Africom. Al-Shabaab
MOGADISHU – Somalia's government said on Wednesday it had requested a U.S. air strike that killed scores of suspected militants to ... Qaeda-linked insurgents in the strike on a camp 125 miles (200 km) northwest of the capital Mogadishu. ... Operations against al Shabaab have been stepped up,” Somali ... Al-Shabaab
Breakaway state Somaliland has elected a former rebel commander as its ... commander as its third president since breaking away from Somalia in 1991. ... fueled by Somali diaspora returning to the region to invest, as well ... Al-Shabaab
The U.S. military announced it killed more than 100 Islamist militants in a ... A soldiers checks the area where a suicide bomber from Somalia's Shebab insurgents ... insurgent group that wants to topple the U.N.-backed government. ... 100 militants" were killed when U.S. planes and Somali commandos ... Al-Shabaab


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