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"I have no link with the Salafist branch of Islam; on the contrary, I always criticize radical or Salafist ideas and I fight against extremism and ...
The term radical Salafism is a misnomer and is used by vested interests to tarnish this noble movement. It may be true that a few misguided ...

The rise of hardline Salafism--a branch of Islam that embraces a literalist interpretation of the Koran and advocates the restoration of a ...
mosques in Germany are vigilant against the threat of Salafism and most of them reject extremist preachers such as Abu Adam, an ostensibly ...
After over 15 days of intense fighting in the coastal city of Sabratha, an alliance of Salafists forces, Madkhalists, and forces loyal to eastern ...
He is alleged to be a Salafist preaching extreme Islamic views at Belgium's biggest mosque. Theo Francken, Belgium's asylum and Migration ...
The parliamentary bloc of Egypt's ultra-conservative Salafi Nour party said it will submit to the Eygptian parliament an early day motion (EDM) ...
A three-day conference on Salafism began in Istanbul Friday, where leading academics and experts debated the merits and demerits of the ...
Roque M. had been tasked with surveilling Salafist organizations for the German domestic intelligence agency. But instead of protecting the ...
Modrikamen echoed Le Pen's comment on the necessity of closing Salafist mosques. "All imams suspected of promoting hatred must be expelled and their mosques closed.
I will also fight against Islamic fundamentalism by closing Salafist mosques or even by banning the Union of Islamic organizations of France (UOIF)," Le Pen said answering the question on how she was going to prevent terrorist attacks in France.
In the 1990s, when Salafists began preaching the Saudi brand of Wahhabi Islam on what was essentially Houthi turf, the head of the family, Hussein al-Houthi, led a movement to reaffirm Zaidi Shiite traditions that had guided Yemeni culture for centuries.
So there are questions galore. But no real answers. The Sufism-oriented Ulema and Mashaikh in India and the Sahel region of Africa are becoming more and more vociferous in denouncing Wahhabism-Salafism. No doubt Islamist terrorism is a result of the ...
And he said there has to be penalties for mosques that support Salafism, an ultra-orthodox religious-political ideology based on a belief in "physical" jihadism practised by some followers of the Sunni faith.
"The school teacher admitted to spreading the Salafist jihadi ideology through facebook to recruit new members for IS, while the suspect working as a security guard had planned to leave Malaysia and join the group, either in Syria or the southern ...
(ANSAmed) - ROMA, 23 MAR - One of the most interesting consequences of the Arab awakening has been the central role of Salafists in a number of countries. In particular, there seems to have been a move away from traditional quietism towards an ...

These dynamics advocating segregation result mainly, though not only, from the doctrinal and organisational efforts of Salafist religious leaders and congregations. These efforts are often pursued in places of worship and in households, but also in ...
"Everyone knows that all mosques in Brussels are in the hands of Salafists," Mayeur said, referring to the radical form of Islam.
Second, extremist Salafist elements and takfiri groups (those who accuse other Muslims of apostasy) began to coordinate with other groups inside Gaza, sending supplies under the pretext of breaking the Israeli siege.
Balafrej is a star of the Salafist firmament in Morocco, with his own YouTube channel, facebook page and website. He teaches and preaches at mosques, publishes books and issues fatwas.
The second problem with having Turkey take this region is that its Arab rebel allies include Ahrar al-Sham (a deeply Salafist force, think the Taliban, which adamantly opposed to the US), the dominant militia in its panoply of Arab militias. Ahrar ...
According to Abu Alaaina Ansari, a leader of the Salafist movement in the Palestinian Territories, there are hundreds of IS supporters affiliated with Salafist groups in Gaza, such as Jund Ansar Allah, Jaish al-Islam, Jaish al-Ummah, Saifullah movement ...
The second problem with having Turkey take this region is that its Arab rebel allies include Ahrar al-Sham (a deeply Salafist force, think the Taliban, which adamantly opposed to the US), the dominant militia in its panoply of Arab militias. Ahrar ...
Salafist terrorist group Islamic State claims that one of its supporters carried out the suicide bomb attack on a RAB barrack in Dhaka's Ashkona that injured two officers.
"A courtyard of Islamist miracles, a Salafist pocket, an enclave that wants to live as people did during the times of Muhammad.
An invasive strain of Saudi-sponsored Salafism, often referred to as the Ahl-e-Hadith movement, has spread throughout Pakistan, all the while the fundamentalist Deobandi movement is increasingly supported by gulf donors.
Those who follow extremist ideologies in Syria adopt the "jihadi Salafist" school to dictate the conditions for peace and war.
He used to be the heartthrob of the Maldivian youths but today he chants only religious ayats.
Even radical Islamist parties and groups including Hefazat-e-Islam that eye Shariah law in the country have condemned the fresh threat of brutality by Syria-based Salafist outfit Islamic State. "We think an ideal society cannot be established through ...
Today, many Muslim leaders in the Middle East and Asia subscribe to a variant of Salafism, an austere reform tradition in Sunni Islam that claims the writings of Mohammed and the early generations of his followers be read literally.
Anti-terror officials note that after the Arab Spring thousands of Tunisians left to fight for radical Salafist groups abroad, and Tunisia has provided more ISIS recruits than any other country.
"We addressed this issue and warned against it because we saw Salafists walking on the German streets. We said: People, they are the same individuals who carry out terrorist attacks, only here on a different level.
Northeim. Zahlreiche Polizeibeamte, zum Teil vermummt und schwer bewaffnet, waren am Dienstag mit einem gefesselten jungen Mann in Northeim im Einsatz. Aufregung am Dienstagnachmittag in Northeim: Zahlreiche schwer bewaffnete und vermummte ...
The center of Batam's Salafi scene is Hang Radio, which was an ordinary music station until 2004, when its owner, the businessman Zein Alatas, suddenly converted both himself and the network to Salafism. If Hang is the slick public face of Salafi Batam ...
The ban of the Islamist DIK group in Hildesheim has prompted police raids on the city's Islamists. Anis Amri, perpetrator of the deadly Berlin Christmas market ...
With increasing troubles in the Middle East, and terror threats rising, many governments across the world have pointed the blame squarely at the Salafist movement of Islam. Salafis have been linked with ISIS, al Qaeda, and various other terrorist groups.
The most recent jihadist mobilisation seen since 2012 across countries belonging to the EU is related to the ongoing like-minded insurgencies in Syria and in Iraq.
The argument for this campaign is that Indonesians have their own take on Islam, on how to implement it in their daily lives, which is in many ways different from Salafism, the brand of Islam espoused by the Saudi kingdom and several other gulf countries.
A conference of professional students organised by the Kerala State Sunni Students Federation (SSF) witnessed various sessions on issues faced by students across the country.
In another development that he described as "dangerous", Jambon said the lines were blurring between peaceful and violent backers of Salafist ideas exported to Belgium from Saudi Arabia and other gulf states. Some experts have linked the ideology ...
Saudi Arabia's puritanical brand of Islam - Salafism - has come under scrutiny in Indonesia as the ruler of the oil rich kingdom made a state visit to Jakarta last week.
Egypt's ultra-orthodox Salafists and the country's Muslim Brotherhood control hundreds of mosques, especially in the coastal city of Alexandria, the Nile Delta and southern Egypt.
Since 1980, Saudi Arabia has devoted millions of dollars to exporting its strict brand of Islam, Salafism, to historically tolerant and diverse Indonesia.
The conservative reform and purist movement of Wahhabism, often referred to as Salafism, has long been the dominant strain of Islam in Saudi Arabia.
To understand the context of the Radical Salafist jihadi terrorism in Turkey, it is important to understand the history of support for terrorism in the region.
There are several small Salafist groups active in Gaza which could be responsible; some of them cooperate with Daesh (ISIS) in Sinai.
Since 1980, Saudi Arabia has devoted millions of dollars to exporting its strict brand of Islam, Salafism, to historically tolerant and diverse Indonesia.
An alleged German Salafist militant, recently arrested for plotting a terrorist strike, reportedly has a neo-Nazi past, something experts say is more common than some may imagine.
Self-identified Salafists tend to believe they are simply trying to emulate the path of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.





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