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updated Sun. May 26, 2024

Four years ago the Netherlands counted 13 Salafist mosques, now there are 27. The number of Salafist preachers increased from 50 to 110 in that same period, the news services report based on a confidential memo from counter-terrorism coordinator NCTV, which they have in their possession. Nieuwsuur ...

These war criminals include the neoconservative cabal in the US, the Zionist and Israeli proponents of using the US to fight Israel's perceived enemies, and the Saudi and Qatari adventurists backing the Project for a New Salafist Paradise. These are the same players who brought us Iraq I and II, Libya, ...
MARSEILLE: France Friday deported an influential Islamic preacher whose mosque in the southern city of Marseille was shut down last year over accusations of hate speech. The expulsion of Algeria-born El-Hadi Doudi back to his home country came after his appeal with the European Court of Human ...
This Salafist movement was first introduced to Libya by Muammar Gaddafi to counter Libya's more revolutionary Salafist groups. Madkhalist militias in Libya typically seek to control local policing duties, providing them a degree of immunity while enforcing Salafist interpretations of sharia that have little in ...
With the number now at 11,000, Salafists make up roughly 0.22 per cent of Germany's Muslim population, Deutsche Welle reported. The recent increase of Salafism in Germany has been particularly noticeable in smaller states. In Hamburg, the Tagesspiegel reported, authorities have identified 798 ...
The number of Salafists residing in Germany continues to grow, according to a report published by the German newspaper Tagesspiegel, which cited regional security statistics. While in 2013 it was reported that about 5,500 radical Islamists in Germany, by the first quarter of this year this number had grown ...
The number of Salafists in Germany has increased twofold since 2013, the interior ministry said Wednesday, surpassing December's "all-time high." The number of individuals classified as Salafists by regional authorities in state offices for the Protection of the Constitution reached 11,000, the ministry said, ...
ISIS and al-Qaeda, whether directed or inspired, will continue to prey on the minds of radicalized Salafists to spread their terror without distinguishing their targets. Salafist jihadi ideology not only considers the Christians, Jews, and the Shia as their enemies but also other Muslims who do not believe in their ...
In the wake of Friday's shootings by Radouane Lakdim, officials disclosed his links starting in 2013 with "the Salafist movement", a Sunni Muslim ... Macron, who pledged in January a "restructuring of Islam in France", had already signalled his determination to clamp down on Salafist mosques and imams.
The ruling followed an appeal by the Salafist cleric's lawyer, Nabil Boudi, who argued that his client would be tortured or suffer "inhuman or degrading treatment" if he was returned to Algeria. The court granted the French government 72 hours "to gather the additional information necessary to make an ...


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