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updated Wed. March 13, 2024

The superintendent of the Hathazari Barha Madrassa said on Monday resident students are not allowed to use mobiles, media reported. “We seize mobile ... The seminary was not against technology but the negatives of cellphones that far outweigh positives, a spokesman for the madrassa said. Get latest ...

DHAKA: An Islamic school in Bangladesh said Tuesday it had confiscated hundreds of mobile phones and torched them in a bonfire because they were distracting students from their learning. Pupils at the seminary in southeast Bangladesh were ordered to hand over their cellphones Sunday to school ...
MEERUT: Chaos broke out at Meerut's Rohta road over installation of a loudspeaker at a madrassa there on Tuesday. Two communities clashed and raised slogans against each other's faiths. The brawl continued even after police reached the spot, following which they were forced to use lathi charge to ...
Bangladesh Islamic School Burns Students' Mobile Phones. A spokesman for the Darul Ulum Moinul Islam madrassa said, the seminary -- a 123-year-old institution with 14,000 registered students -- was not against technology "but the negative results of mobile phones far outweigh its positives". AFP.
Gupta added that they were verifying if Alam raped the girl in the madrassa's premises. Alam had allegedly raped her on February 25. The girl's parents told the police that Alam had threatened her with dire consequences if she told anyone about the rape, The Hindu reported. On February 26, the girl lost ...
Tagging PTI chief Imran Khan in his tweet, Bilawal called out PTI over reports that the government in KP is releasing an additional huge sum of Rs277 million for Maulana Samiul Haq's madrassa, Darul Uloom Haqqania. Bilawal was openly critical, saying that “PTI's Naya Pakistan will be built on the blood ...
Yet, efforts made thus far to implement madrassa reforms leave much to be desired. Existing madrassa reform efforts remain piecemeal and sporadic. The role and reform of madrassas needs innovative, acceptable and more doable strategies. The role of madrassas in contemporary Pakistani society has ...
Of Rs 2,757 crore, Rs 404 crore will be used under an existing modernization scheme for Arabi-Farsi madrassas. ... Around Rs 486 crore has been assigned as grant to Arabic schools and a provision of Rs 215 crore has been made for 246 permanently recognised Arabi-Farsi madrassas of Aalia level.
Yousaf said the planned reforms would be implemented across the country in all madrassas, but the government has not yet set any deadline for provinces to meet. “All provinces are required to implement the madrassa reforms. Sindh, Baluchistan and Punjab are also working on plans to implement these ...
Another aspect that deserves serious consideration is the spread of jihadi trend that has spread across all institutions — schools, colleges, universities and madrassas. It manifests in the form of narcissism and anti-West phobia among madrassa students and in colleges and universities. Clearly now the ...


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