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updated Tue. June 4, 2024

Key portions of the Republican electorate, from business leaders, to law enforcement, to the faith-community are unified in their goal of passing common-sense reform that protects Dreamers and secures the border. A consensus deal is not only the right thing to do politically, it's the right thing to do morally, ...

It sparked an outcry among conservatives who said it unfairly painted supporters of Republican candidate Ed Gillespie as unrepentant racists. The spot was taken down after two days, and Democrats thought they may have avoided any nasty consequences from the politically insensitive ad. But then a ...
The National Republican Congressional Committee, or NRCC, has hired multiple cybersecurity staffers to work with its candidates and promises to do more. ... It sparked an outcry among conservatives who said it unfairly painted supporters of Republican candidate Ed Gillespie as unrepentant racists.
GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie campaigned on the issue with controversial TV ads and lost by 9 points. ... Republican senators who voted for Cline's bill: Carrico; Bill Stanley, Franklin County; Emmett Hanger, Augusta; Bill DeSteph, Virginia Beach; Siobhan Dunnavant, Henrico; Amanda Chase, ...
The Supreme Court did the nation, and especially the Republican Party, a favor Monday by keeping the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program ... Just ask Ed Gillespie — once an immigration reformer — how well his rightward lurch on the issue played for him in his campaign for governor. He has ...
FAIRFAX, Va. — A reporter has been found guilty of misdemeanor disorderly conduct after police kept him away from Virginia Republican Ed Gillespie last year. The Washington Post reports Judge Mark Simmons said Mike Stark sought the confrontation and changed from "a reporter to an actor.
The latest example of this phenomenon comes from Illinois, where Republican state Rep. Jeanne Ives is challenging incumbent Gov. Bruce Rauner for the gubernatorial nomination. Like Trump against Jeb Bush, Corey Stewart against Ed Gillespie in Virginia, and Roy Moore against Luther Strange in ...
One tantalizing possibility for this one: The Republican tax overhaul helps Democrats in the midterm and 2020 elections by bringing forward the date at ... Ed Gillespie, an establishment Republican, won 57 percent of the white vote with a race-baiting Trumpist campaign, but an abysmal 19 percent of the ...
Virginia still does not have any sanctuary cities, but a Republican lawmaker showed Wednesday that his party isn't done trying to torment Gov. ... Ben Cline, a Rockbridge County Republican who is running for Congress, has filed a repeat of a bill to ban sanctuary cities, an issue Republican Ed Gillespie ...
A normally mild-mannered IT entrepreneur from Virginia Beach, Davis blasted the man who nearly became the 2017 Republican nominee for ... Last year, he referred to Ed Gillespie, his moderate Republican rival for governor, as a “cuckservative,” a term used by so-called alt-right groups that drew ...


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