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updated Thu. June 13, 2024

The conference is hosted jointly by the American-Turkish Council (ATC) and its Turkey-based counterpart, the Turkish-American Business Council (TAIK). In 2014, Alptekin became the first president of TAIK to be appointed by the Turkish government-controlled parliamentary commission, after the council ...
Last year the American-Turkish Council held its annual Conference on U.S.-Turkey Relations at the D.C. Trump Hotel, too – but no public filing indicates how much was spent. Howard G. Beasey, president of the American-Turkish Council, told ABC News last year that the decision to host its event at the ...

The Trump Organization, on Monday, announced it had donated the 2017 profits it earned from foreign governments at its hotels to the U.S. Treasury, as promised by President Trump upon taking office a little over a year ago. In typical Trump fashion, however, the company's gesture was more of a head ...
... sue foreign governments; the Kuwait Embassy, which held a National Day celebration last February at the Trump International Hotel; and the government-linked Turkey-U. S. Business Council and the American Turkish Council, which held a conference at the hotel in May and plan to do so again this year.
When Prime Minister Erdogan visited Washington in 2004, he was presented with a briefing book by the American-Turkish Council, in which he was warned: “The list of legal cases that involve American and other foreign investors and Turkish parties, including the Turkish government, is unfortunately ...

Kuwait held its national day celebration here in February; the Turkey-US Business Council and American Turkish Council held a conference in May; the Romanian president, Klaus Iohannis, and his wife were spotting eating croissants in the lounge in June; and about 300 Republican donors attended a ...
In October 2016, the American-Turkish Council, a group devoted to building up business connections between the two countries (and the conference's other organizer), booked the Trump hotel in downtown DC, a short walk from the White House. According to Alptekin, the Turkish interest groups had first ...

Howard Beasey, president and CEO of the American-Turkish Council, told HuffPost, “We try to make it as little about the politics as possible.” Even so, Beasey said, “political and strategic relationship” needs to discussed, “because it literally is setting the playing field for the business community.”.
NORTHAM: General Jones, now with the American-Turkish Council, says the Trump Hotel was the best deal in town. JONES: No time - there was no other ulterior motive there. NORTHAM: And Howard Beasey, the council president, says they've had to answer a lot of questions about the choice of hotel.
Ruya Eichelberger, a spokeswoman for the American Turkish Council, says the dates when the organization wanted to hold the conference this year weren't open at the Ritz-Carlton. The group did its first walk-through at the Trump hotel in 2015, she says, while it was under construction, and booked it in ...
Turkey has also cultivated ongoing ties with Trump, ensuring, for example, that the American-Turkish Council held its annual Conference on US-Turkey Relations at the Trump Hotel in Washington last year. The small Persian Gulf states of Bahrain and Kuwait both held their National Day celebrations at the ...
Other foreign government groups to hold events at the D.C. hotel include the Turkey-U. S. Business Council, the American Turkish Council, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Eric Trump told that the hassle of holding these events, which result in no profit for the company, has the Trump ...


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