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updated Wed. December 21, 2022

“I actually think from a political point of view that the termination of Mr. Mueller would probably give the Democrats the firestorm they're looking for,” Stone told ... Stone, a self-described “dirty trickster” and controversial figure in American politics, did say he believes the President should fire both Attorney ...
CHRI has also discovered that these same hackers launched phishing attacks from a domain that listed the city of Ardabil, northwestern Iran, in its registration information. Phishing is a type of attack that tricks users into providing passwords to the victim's account. In this type of attack, the hacker uses the ...

The company founder said that the company spotted the hackers' attempts and then alerted the campaigns that the hackers were going after them. In response to a question by Sen. Dianne Feinstein about Russian interference in the US elections, Zuckerberg said Facebook thought people with political ...
Framing Azerbaijan's online campaign to harass journalists and activists as a “technical” problem only distracts from the politics behind it. ... Despite the certain result, hackers, apparently acting on the orders of the Azerbaijani government, have used cheap ransomware, imported surveillance hardware and ...
The Department of Homeland Security announced last summer that Russian-linked hackers had targeted 21 states' voting-related systems, though not actual voting tabulation systems. A small number of those states were actually breached, including Illinois and Arizona. But state election officials ...
At the time, the hacker told the rightwing site Guido Fawkes they got into Harman's website with a guessable password, and added a fake blog entry. A PhD researcher said he had submitted a crime report to the UK's national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime. Mustafa Al-Bassam (@musalbas).

As part of Moscow's scheme to disrupt the 2016 campaign and help elect President Donald Trump, Russian hackers attempted to penetrate computerized ... And the panel said all state election systems should have two-factor security authorization to operate, making it more difficult for hackers to access or ...
The alarm was first sounded in high political circles in 1984, with a national security decision directive signed by Ronald Reagan. In 1997, soon after a slew of industries—banks, transportation lines, electrical grids, power plants, and more—started putting their operations online, a blue-ribbon panel ...
Over the weekend, a man named Christopher Wylie came forward to explain his involvement in the election-year harvesting of more than 50 million Facebook profiles for political advertising. In interviews with the New York Times and London's Observer, Wylie explained that he'd worked with a firm called ...
Hackers believe to be connected to Russia penetrated the state's voter rolls, viewing data on some 76,000 Illinois voters, although there is no indication any ... Gaining access to electronic voter rolls can do as much damage, giving hackers the ability to change names, addresses or polling places.

Adrian Lamo, the hacker probably best known for breaking into The New York Times's network and for reporting Chelsea Manning's theft of classified ... In this, as in so many other ways, Lamo was a study in contradictions: Unlike most other hackers who break into online networks without permission, ...
In this Tuesday, March 13, 2018 photo, Chicago resident Sonja Russell walks up to a voting machine to cast her ballot in Illinois primary elections at the city's new early voting super site in downtown Chicago. In Illinois, attempts by hackers in the summer of 2016 to alter information were ultimately ...
MOSCOW, March 18. /TASS/. The entire election system in Russia is working without hitches, despite the recent hacker attack, Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Bulayev said. "Everything that should work is operating as normal. We are not facing any problems and I'm sure we ...
All it takes is one clerk clicking on a link in one apparently legitimate email for a hacker to penetrate a county or state system. So-called phishing attempts — where hackers might gain passwords, usernames or personal information through unwitting officials — are becoming more and more sophisticated, ...
While organizing for local conventions, Glen Maxey, legislative affairs director for the Texas Democratic Party, found almost 50 email registrations that seemed odd. He thinks it was a foray into Texas politics by Russian hackers. (Published Friday, Mar 16, 2018) While organizing for local conventions, Glen Maxey, legislative ...
The bank and DoD said it appears a second level of security blocked the hackers from actually making any purchases with the cards, but it does appear that Defense employees were specifically targeted. (CNBC); Political appointees at the State Department tried to fire career employees they thought did ...
In the following months, according to a Department of Homeland Security report issued on Thursday, Russian hackers made their way to machines with access to critical control systems at power ... One focused on stealing documents from the Democratic National Committee and other political groups.


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