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updated Thu. September 22, 2022

Australian star Aaron Mooy has had his Instagram breached by Turkish hackers. The Huddersfield midfielder, who has 64,500 followers, had his Instagram biography replaced with the words, "HACKED BY TURKISH HACKERS". @AaronMooy has had his instagram hacked

Mumbai: The official Twitter account of Air India was hacked by unknown persons on Thursday morning. Cyber Crime officers believe it is the handiwork of a group of highly-efficient Turkish hackers, who have targetted other Indian Twitter accounts in the past. The hackers put up a message on @airindiain, ...
Harvey's bildungsroman is legend inside Twitter, where she now serves as vice president of trust and safety, effectively commanding a massive, never-ending war between the company's censors and a legion of Russian bots, sexual harassers, neo-Nazis, and Turkish hackers who have, at times, seemed to ...
Anupam Kher, Abhishek Bachchan, Swapan Dasgupta, Ram Madhav, Kiran Bedi, Pritish Nandy... these are some of the public figures who lost their Twitter accounts for a brief period to a Turkish Cyber Army period this week. While the group of hackers used the name Turkish Cyber army when they posted ...
... Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi, economist Kaushik Basu, and journalist and BJP Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Dasgupta. Before being restored by Tuesday evening, the compromised accounts posted pro-Pakistan and pro-Turkey tweets. The cyber attack came from a Turkish hacker group that ...
Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. is the latest conservative media personality and Trump supporter to have his Twitter account hacked by the Turkish cyber group Ayyıldız Tim. The pro-Erdogan collective has taken over a variety of prominent accounts, changing their photos and username — which results in the loss of the verified ...
David Clarke, former Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisc. and a vocal supporter of Donald Trump, today became the latest victim of a group describing itself as “the Turkish cyber army.” Clarke's Twitter account was hijacked on Monday afternoon, following similar attacks last week on conservative media ...
Fox News's Brit Hume is the third Fox-affiliated media figure to have their Twitter account taken over by supposed Turkish hackers this week. A pinned tweet on Hume's account now reads: “Your account is hacked by the Turkish cyber army Ayyıldız Tim! Your data and your DM correspondence have been ...
Former Fox News hosts Greta Van Susteren and Eric Bolling found that their Twitter accounts were hacked by Turkish hackers who were focused on communicating with President Donald Trump. It appears that pro Turkish President hackers have taken over Greta Van Susteren's Twitter account.
The state of Israel is one of the places whose cyberinfrastructure is continuously under cyber attack from hackers around the world. On November 2nd (Balfour Declaration), a group of Turkish hackers going by the online handle of “Akincilar / Cyber-Warrior” hacked and defaced the official website of “The ...


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