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updated Thu. May 30, 2024

Greenpeace calls on governments to vigorously support the uptake of cooling technologies using natural substances by: enacting modern day standards and policies that reflect the current state of technology; providing financial incentives to encourage their further development and rapid uptake; and ...

On February 16th, 1995, the British government authorized the oil company Shell to sink the Brent oil spar off the coast of Scotland. The environmentalist association Greenpeace denounced the danger of the impact of this operation on the ecosystem, since this spar contained 5000 tons of oil. Both Shell ...
Last spring, vessels from all three companies were arrested in the West African region during a joint patrol between Greenpeace and local fisheries inspectors. [2] Evidence of various infringements including illegal nets, shark finning and fishing without licence were handed over by Greenpeace to West ...
Arundhati Roy. Women celebrate government's decision to stop Mahan coal block from mining © Greenpeace / Sudhanshu Malhotra. Women celebrate a decision by the Indian government to stop the Mahan coal block from mining. These women were instrumental in campaigning for this to not go ahead ...
Image for There was a time men thought women shouldn't go to the Antarctic Global project leader for Greenpeace Antarctic Sanctuary campaign Frida Bengtsson and scientist Susanne Lockhart onboard the Arctic Sunrise en route to the Antarctic for scientific research into the biodiversity of the Antarctic ...
Modern farming is so bad, Greenpeace says, since 1970 the world has lost half of its wildlife but tripled its livestock population, which Greenpeace says now occupies 26% of land on earth. Maybe, but no mention is made of how much of the space occupied by livestock wouldn't support any other kind of ...
Last year, Greenpeace sailed around the coast of Scotland to investigate the impact of ocean plastic pollution on iconic Scottish wildlife. Starting in Edinburgh, the MV Beluga II sailed through the Caledonian canal to the Outer Hebrides. On the way there, we encountered many marine wildlife hotspots like ...
Luke, my press contact at Greenpeace, meets me, which is just as well as I don't really speak Spanish. We get a taxi to the dock and I have my first view of the Arctic Sunrise – the Greenpeace ship last in the news when it was stormed by the Russian FSB in the Arctic. It is bustling with people fixing things, ...
Reducing meat and dairy for a healthier life and planet — the Greenpeace vision of the meat and dairy system towards 2050. The food we eat and how we produce it are key to determining what kind of future we and our children will have. In this report, we answer the question of “what to eat?” by reviewing ...


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