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updated Fri. March 29, 2019

The results have fallen: even ecologists are affected by endocrine disrupters . According to a report by the NGO Generations Futures, an "important cocktail of many endocrine disruptors" has been found in the hair of seven environmentalists, including ...

Rob Hopkins, fondateur du mouvement des villes en transition, qualifie d'ailleurs Ungersheim de championne internationale des villes en transition. Le film de Marie-Monique Robin relate cela : la transformation des comportements de chacun, la ...
Mason also refers to the new book 'OurDaily Poison: From Pesticides to Packaging, How Chemicals Have Contaminated theFood Chain and Are Making Us Sick' by Marie-Monique Robin to add to the reams of evidence she has provided over the years in her ...
The steering committee also includes French journalist Marie-Monique Robin who is known for her documentaries 'Our Daily Poison' and the 'World According to Monsanto' covering the history, hidden agendas and controversies of the multinational.
Este fin de semana tiene lugar en La Haya el "Tribunal Monsanto", iniciativa de la sociedad civil coordinada por diversas ONG y personalidades como Vandana Shiva, la altermundialista india, o la periodista francesa Marie-Monique Robin. Este tribunal ...
Dalla letale contaminazione del mercurio nella regione amazzonica peruviana alla peggior crisi idrica degli ultimi cinquant'anni nel Sud-est asiatico. L'ampia selezione di notizie curata da Alberto Castagnola segnala questa volta come la percezione ...
De Franse schrijfster Marie-Monique Robin wijdde een compleet boek aan de vermeende kwaadaardigheid van de onderneming. Het bedrijf wordt bekritiseerd omdat het, niet bijna religieus fanatisme, genetische modificatie van gewassen in de markt heeft ...
Three days of discussions will culminate in a brainstorming session for developing an action platform in the face of seed laws with Shiva, Marie-Monique Robin, and socio-environmental organisations. Marie-Monique Robin's documentaries are being ...
In a 1996 report entitled Pesticides and the Immune System: The Public Health Risks, which was commissioned by the prestigious World Resources Institute (WRI) in Washington, DC, Robert Repetto and Sanjay Baliga write: "The scientific evidence ...
Journalist Marie-Monique Robin noted that dozens of independent studies have demonstrated the toxicity of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's signature weed-killing product, RoundUp, in wide use across the world.


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