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updated Fri. November 10, 2023

“And we concluded that, in fact, China does have a policy of forced technology transfer; of requiring licensing at less than economic value; of state capitalism, wherein they go in and buy technology in the United States in noneconomic ways; and then, finally, of cybertheft.” This is a real challenge.

The United States has had economic relationships with countries with systems of state capitalism. ... of tariffs and other restrictions placed on economic interactions with Chinese entities should be to insulate the U.S. economy, to the extent possible, from infection from China's system of state capitalism.
“There is a state capitalism in China. When Mnangagwa says he wants to copy the Chinese model he wants to be president for life chosen not by the people, but by the politburo while the country trades with everyone,” the opposition People's Democratic Party leader added. “That is why he is parroting the ...
State capitalism is described as an economic system in which the state undertakes commercial economic activity and where the means of production are organised and ... And the Economist adds: “For emerging countries wanting to make their mark on the world, state capitalism has an obvious appeal.
But be that as it may, we remain of the conviction that state capitalism is the perfect model for an emerging economy such as ours. We stand opposed to liberal capitalism which, as proven elsewhere in the world, surrenders morality to the so-called 'market's invisible hand' of greed and exploitation. All the ...
President Trump's attacks on Chinese trade practices may be garnering the headlines, but underpinning that dispute lies a more consequential struggle, between liberal democracy and state-directed capitalism. Of late, it's a competition in which the Chinese approach has been delivering the more robust ...
Xi Jinping used China's 19th Party Congress to herald a new era. Xi not only cemented himself as the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong. He also used the occasion to effectively declare the triumph of Chinese state capitalism (or "socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era" if you ...
Europe's fringe countries have been set up for a major clash: between open-tender requirements and contracts awarded via political deals; between economic competition and the collusion of economic and political interests; and finally, between democratic capitalism and a state capitalism dominated by ...
In May 2018, Karl Marx would have been 200 years old. His birthday will probably receive far less attention in countries such as China and Russia, where now state capitalism is predominant, than in the Western world, where the financial crisis of 2008 suddenly encouraged even conservative thinkers to first doubt the ...
Cliff was a founding member and leading theorist of the International Socialist Tendency and famously coined the term “state capitalism” to characterise the degraded socialism and despotic regime in the Soviet Union. The politics of Russia have changed, it is now a rampant capitalist oligarchy, but “state ...


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