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updated Sat. February 3, 2024

The former Alabama chief justice took the first shot, accusing Walt Maddox of creating "disaster capitalism" in Tuscaloosa after the 2011 tornado. Paul Beaudry. 7:04pm. Alabama Democratic Governor's Debate ...

(No to the vulture charters!), Lauren Lefty, noted in the Jacobin article, 'Disaster Capitalism and Vulture Charters.' According to Lefty, while the people are marching against austerity measures, the local leaders like the secretary of education are devoting their time to undermine and downplay these protests ...
MUTUAL AID DISASTER RELIEF. presents a SPECIAL WORKSHOP: “Building the Movement for Mutual Aid”. Don't miss this 2-part workshop! The first part is an accessible & entertaining introductory presentation, Part 1: "Protectors vs Profiteers": An Illustrated Presentation about Disaster Capitalism and ...
In the eyes of many Puerto Ricans, however, this is textbook “disaster capitalism”: capitalizing on a moment of crisis, when the population is weak and unable to mobilize, to ram through pro-market austerity measures. Although the government has slowly been rolling out austerity measures since the debt ...
Six months since Hurricane Maria battered the island of Puerto Rico, the island is the site of a pitched battle between wealthy investors—particularly from the technology industry—and everyday Puerto Ricans fighting for a place in their island's future. The Puerto Rican government has pushed for a series of ...
Puerto Rico's governor Ricardo Rosello has been visiting the US mainland, looking for financial support for the island battered by hurricanes last year. Rosello is pushing for the privatisation of public sector businesses in Puerto Rico, but many are sceptical that it will help. The track record of privatisation in ...
Adhering to the protocols of disaster capitalism, this cabal has used a manufactured crisis in public funding to justify the diminution of educational democracy. In 2015, Governor Walker announced a state budget with a $250 million cut to General Purpose Revenue (GPR) for the University of Wisconsin ...
Years of austerity and marketization have wreaked havoc on Britain's National Health Service. The crisis is now reaching a breaking point. Junior doctors protesting NHS privatization on October 17, 2000. Rohin Frances / Flickr. Our new issue, “The Health of Nations,” is out now. Subscribe or renew today!
Critics on Monday called Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello's plan to privatize the island's electricity authority a development that exemplifies the prevalence of "disaster capitalism"—the liberalization and corporatization of economies following destructive events like last September's Hurricane Maria, ...


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