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updated Thu. April 26, 2018

The former Alabama chief justice took the first shot, accusing Walt Maddox of creating "disaster capitalism" in Tuscaloosa after the 2011 tornado. Paul Beaudry. 7:04pm. Alabama Democratic Governor's ...
(No to the vulture charters!), Lauren Lefty, noted in the Jacobin article, 'Disaster Capitalism and Vulture Charters.' According to Lefty, while the people are marching against austerity measures, the local leaders like the secretary of education are devoting their time to undermine and downplay these ...

MUTUAL AID DISASTER RELIEF. presents a SPECIAL WORKSHOP: "Building the Movement for Mutual Aid". Don't miss this 2-part workshop! The first part is an accessible & entertaining introductory presentation, Part 1: "Protectors vs Profiteers": An Illustrated Presentation about Disaster Capitalism ...
In the eyes of many Puerto Ricans, however, this is textbook "disaster capitalism": capitalizing on a moment of crisis, when the population is weak and unable to mobilize, to ram through pro-market austerity measures. Although the government has slowly been rolling out austerity measures since the ...
Six months since Hurricane Maria battered the island of Puerto Rico, the island is the site of a pitched battle between wealthy investors--particularly from the technology industry--and everyday Puerto Ricans fighting for a place in their island's future. The Puerto Rican government has pushed for a series ... Naomi Klein
Puerto Rico's governor Ricardo Rosello has been visiting the US mainland, looking for financial support for the island battered by hurricanes last year. Rosello is pushing for the privatisation of public sector businesses in Puerto Rico, but many are sceptical that it will help. The track record of privatisation ...

Adhering to the protocols of disaster capitalism, this cabal has used a manufactured crisis in public funding to justify the diminution of educational democracy. In 2015, Governor Walker announced a state budget with a $250 million cut to General Purpose Revenue (GPR) for the University of ...
Years of austerity and marketization have wreaked havoc on Britain's National Health Service. The crisis is now reaching a breaking point. Junior doctors protesting NHS privatization on October 17, 2000. Rohin Frances / Flickr. Our new issue, "The Health of Nations," is out now. Subscribe or renew today!
Critics on Monday called Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello's plan to privatize the island's electricity authority a development that exemplifies the prevalence of "disaster capitalism"--the liberalization and corporatization of economies following destructive events like last September's Hurricane ... Puerto Rico
What happens when the eight richest men in the world possess wealth equal to the bottom half of the entire world population? There I was, in a pew at Cormorant Lutheran Church on Sunday morning, when I got the Christian view of acquiring wealth in a Christian country. A quote from the gospel of ... Puerto Rico
The following was adapted from a Workers World Party talk given Nov. 11 after the “In the Footsteps of Che International Brigade” returned from Cuba. Over 200 people from over 20 countries traveled with the brigade to show solidarity with the Cuban Revolution and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of ... Puerto Rico
... they resemble the solidarity networks that left-wing Greek activists used to survive their country's financial crisis. In the words of AgitArte, a radical San Juan art collective deeply involved in the CAMs, they don't exist just to address urgent needs, but “to combat the onslaught of disaster capitalism and its ... Puerto Rico
Previously, the project had met with considerable resistance by the local residents. Isn't this what Naomi Klein described as disaster capitalism? Trying to sneak this through while so many are still suffering is contemptible yet predictable. To bring back the tourism economy, working people need a place to ... Puerto Rico
... New Zealand-born billionaire who made his fortune from “disaster capitalism” — exploiting trading opportunities created by extreme political ... Puerto Rico
“Disaster capitalism doesn't just happen when corporations swoop down and take advantage of a dire situation of people from the global south ... Puerto Rico
President Donald Trump lavished praise on himself when commenting on the federal response to the disaster that has overwhelmed Puerto ... Puerto Rico
President Donald Trump lavished praise on himself when commenting on the federal response to the disaster that has overwhelmed Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. “I would give myself a 10,” he said on Oct. 19. “I think we've done a really great job,” he added, as Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo ... Puerto Rico

As eloquently articulated by journalist Naomi Klein in her book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism," disasters both natural ... Puerto Rico
+ Ecologist Gail Patricelli is one of a few researchers using robotic birds to study avian courtship. For the past decade, her current research has ... Puerto Rico
AMY GOODMAN: Disaster capitalism, what does that term mean to you? And do you think that's happening here, using a crisis to accomplish ... Puerto Rico
The road to recovery isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. After Superstorm Sandy devastated our community, many foundations and organizations with ... Puerto Rico
“Disaster capitalism” is here … Corporations made fortunes ignoring the risks and now will make another fortune on the back end” of global ... Puerto Rico
Rather, these funds circulated within complex economic partnerships between the private and public sectors. This disaster capitalism cannot be ... Puerto Rico
... Puerto Rico's utilities, as some are now eyeing to do—and as others have done in prior disasters, what Naomi Klein calls “disaster capitalism. Puerto Rico
AND NOW what you've called "disaster capitalism" is coming to Houston. Is disaster capitalism exceptional or a more intensified example of the ... Puerto Rico
In the ruins of post-hurricane Puerto Rico, one fact remains clear: disaster capitalism will use this tragedy to its own advantage. The exploiters ... Puerto Rico
The island has become a target not only for rapacious vulture funds but also for exponents of Katrina-style “disaster capitalism.” ... Puerto Rico
Hurricane Harvey and its horrific aftermath will be an exercise in disaster capitalism. (Yes, it's a tropical storm now, but made landfall as a ... Puerto Rico
The National Guard arrived in Houston over the weekend to rescue residents, many of whom hadn't been able to evacuate ahead of Hurricane ... Puerto Rico
We already know that the Trump administration plans to deregulate markets, wage all-out war on “radical Islamic terrorism,” trash climate ... Puerto Rico
Three things stand out at the United Nations Climate talks in Bonn, Germany. First, that the United States is the only country in the world not to sign the Paris Accords; second, the tremendous efforts on the part of the rest of the world—including major corporations—to move forward on these non-binding ... Puerto Rico
President Donald Trump lavished praise on himself when commenting on the federal response to the disaster that has overwhelmed Puerto ... Puerto Rico
Gladys Francisco stands in front of her destroyed home after U.S. soldiers unloaded food and water, provided by FEMA, to residents in the ... Puerto Rico
It's what Naomi Klein called “disaster capitalism.” Corporations made fortunes ignoring the risks and now will make another fortune on the back ... Puerto Rico
The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, the biggest public utility in the U.S., is notorious for its mismanagement and is currently bankrupt, with ... Puerto Rico
The History of Capitalism in America, “Disaster Capitalism” ... English of what we now recognize as “disaster capitalism” (although none of that ... Puerto Rico
As Puerto Rico continues its recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria, the push and pull of who controls the rebuilding process is well ... Puerto Rico
... the way neoliberal strategists exploit crises for profit (The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism) and the deep connection between ... Puerto Rico
He was at the heart of one of the most shocking stories I've ever covered: the disaster capitalism free-for-all that followed Katrina and the ... Puerto Rico
Rather than the disaster capitalism she outlined in her book The Shock Doctrine, Klein says the Republican party is using Donald Trump's ... Puerto Rico
The term shock doctrine, also called disaster capitalism, was coined and researched by Naomi Klein in her 2007 book The Shock Doctrine. Puerto Rico
Capitalist greed is the root cause of the raging inferno that killed at least 79 residents of Grenfell Tower in London on June 14 and left hundreds ... Puerto Rico
Profits Can be Made from Catastrophes With Disaster Capitalism GREGORY WILPERT: It's The Real News Network. I'm Gregory Wilpert, ... Puerto Rico
Loewenstein also explains the complicated role of non-government organizations (NGOs) in international development and disaster capitalism. Puerto Rico
In late January, Naomi Klein predicted that the policies of the Trump administration will create "a tsunami of crises and shocks" that will surely ... Puerto Rico
We already know that the Trump administration plans to deregulate markets, wage all-out war on “radical Islamic terrorism,” trash climate ... Puerto Rico
But then there are the accelerationists - political pyromaniacs whose agenda is chaos from which they may profit, a kind of "disaster socialism" to mirror the disaster capitalism Naomi Klein wrote about in The Shock Doctrine. This breed of left-wing ... Puerto Rico
The same donor states who gave us disaster capitalism and Chinese neo-mercantile infrastructure, gave to Gaza through the UN's most superannuated agency. Puerto Rico
Images from the cameras will be streamed to a command center. In a statement, the Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans said it fails to see "what much of this plan has to do with crime reduction at all - rather it looks to be a form of 'disaster ... Puerto Rico
The WB and IMF chief priests of disaster capitalism sold the dummy to the Babangida junta that there was no alternative to the adjustment policies imposed on Africa in the 1980s. Puerto Rico


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