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 FinFisher surveillance software

FinFisher, also known as FinSpy, is surveillance software marketed by Gamma International, a software firm with a UK-based branch Gamma International Ltd in Andover, United Kingdom, and a Germany-based branch Gamma International GmbH in Munich which markets the spyware through law enforcement channels. Gamma International is a subsidiary of the Gamma Group, specializing in surveillance and monitoring, including equipment, software and training services, reportedly owned by William Louthean Nelson through a shell corporation in the British Virgin Islands. Controversy has resulted from it having been marketed to government security officials who were told it could be covertly installed on suspects' computers through exploiting security lapses in the update procedures of non-suspect software. Egyptian dissidents who ransacked the offices of Egypt's secret police following the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak reported they discovered a contract with Gamma International for €287,000 for a license to run the FinFisher software.

The Remote Monitoring and Deployment Solutions are used to access target Systems to give full access to stored information with the ability to take control of target systems' functions to the point of capturing encrypted data and communications. When used in combination with enhanced remote deployment methods, the Government Agencies will have the capability to remotely deploy software on target systems.
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