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updated Sat. May 25, 2024

February 27, 2018 – Parkland, Florida, United States: Volunteers hang banners, including this one reading “Stay strong, Stoneman Douglas, we're with you,” around the perimeter of Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school to welcome back students who returned to school on Feb. 28, two weeks after the ...
Harper in turn filed claims against Whip-It Premium butane gas distributor Rich & Rhine and manufacturer United Brands Products Design Development and Marketing Inc., blaming them for any defects in the product. The defendants all filed motions to dismiss Magley's case, claiming he had helped West ...

... Service Ind.Ltd 790 MISCELLANEOUS: ECOPACK Ltd 20.9 Gammon Pak 19.72 MACPAC Films 18.84 Pace (Pak) Ltd. 4.18 Pak Hotels 89 Shifa Int.Hosp 290.88 Siddiqsons Tin 26.95 Synthetic Prod 50.8 TPL Properties 10.37 Tri-Pack Films 168.55 United Brands 550 United Dist. 53.96 MODARABAS: 1st.
... 9 Tri-Pack Films 155.5 United Brands 542.77 United Dist. 61.87 MODARABAS: 1st.Fid.Leasing 4.31 Allied Rent. 22.92 Awwal Modaraba 10 B.R.R.Guardian 8.51 Elite Cap.Mod 3 Equity ModarabaXD 4.25 F.Treet Manuf 54 Habib Metro Mod 10.06 Habib Modaraba 10.6 I.B.L.Modaraba 3.25 KASB Mod 2.3 ...
54.64 MACPAC Films 22.52 Pace (Pak) Ltd. 4.63 Pak Hotels 85.51 Siddiqsons Tin 28.36 Synthetic Prod 52.51 TPL Properties 9 Tri-Pack Films 155.87 United Brands 571.33 United Dist. 64.16 MODARABAS: Awwal Modaraba 11 B.R.R.Guardian 8.5 Elite Cap.Mod 3.07 F.Treet Manuf 55.66 Habib Metro Mod ...

Companies with most losses included United Brands, down Rs30.06 to close at Rs571.33/share, and Service Industries, down Rs21.99 to end at Rs893/share. Highest volumes were witnessed in Azgard Nine with a turnover of 13.9 million shares. The scrip gained Rs1.0 paisas to close at Rs18.88/share.
17.26 Service Ind.Ltd 896.4 MISCELLANEOUS: AL-Khair Gadoon 13 ECOPACK Ltd 22.97 Gammon Pak 20 GOC (Pak) Ltd. 53.25 MACPAC Films 22.8 Pace (Pak) Ltd. 4.87 Pak Hotels 86 Siddiqsons Tin 29.38 Synthetic Prod 55 Tri-Pack Films 160.5 United Brands 608.11 United Dist. 58.74 MODARABAS: ...

17.7 Service Ind.Ltd 937 MISCELLANEOUS: AKD Capital 132.51 ECOPACK Ltd 22.19 Gammon Pak 19 GOC (Pak) Ltd. 59 MACPAC Films 22.05 Pace (Pak) Ltd. 4.82 Pak Hotels 92.77 Siddiqsons Tin 33.12 Synthetic Prod 57 TPL Properties 9.23 Tri-Pack Films 163.19 United Brands 531.85 United Dist.
... 88.85 Siddiqsons Tin 27.48 Synthetic Prod 54.48 Tri-Pack Films 174.47 United Brands 507.78 MODARABAS: 1st.Fid.Leasing 5.5 B.R.R.Guardian 7.78 Cres. Stand.Mod 2.62 Elite Cap.Mod 2.89 Equity Modaraba 4 F.Treet Manuf 39.26 Habib Metro Mod 10.01 Habib Modaraba 10.41 KASB Mod 1.81 Mod.
... MISCELLANEOUS: ECOPACK Ltd 21 Gammon Pak 20.5 MACPAC Films 19.35 Pace (Pak) Ltd. 4.13 Pak Hotels 86 Shifa Int.Hosp 291.99 Siddiqsons Tin 26.48 Synthetic Prod 54.76 TPL Properties 9.33 Tri-Pack Films 179.7 United Brands 482.63 MODARABAS: 1st.Fid.Leasing 5.74 Allied Rent. 19 Cres.
... Service Ind.Ltd 772 MISCELLANEOUS: AKD Capital 126.83 ECOPACK Ltd 20.75 Gammon Pak 20 GOC (Pak) Ltd. 58.35 MACPAC Films 19.07 Pace (Pak) Ltd. 4.04 Pak Hotels 87 Siddiqsons Tin 25.59 TPL Properties 9.6 Tri-Pack Films 173.6 United Brands 506.76 United Dist. 54 MODARABAS: 1st.Fid.
Companies showing the most losses included United Brands, down Rs26.72 to close at Rs507.78/share, and Island Textile, down Rs22 to end at Rs1,050/share. Highest volumes were witnessed in Unity Foods with a turnover of 10.22 million shares. The scrip gained Rs1.25 to close at Rs26.27/share.
Companies with the highest gains included Unilever Foods, up Rs200 to close at Rs9,300/share, and Bata Pakistan, up Rs126 to close at Rs2,910/share. Companies showing the most losses included Bhanero Textile, down Rs42.60 to close at Rs810/share, and United Brands, down Rs25.15 to end at ...
19.5 Service Ind.Ltd 790 MISCELLANEOUS: AL-Khair Gadoon 11.16 ECOPACK Ltd 20.05 MACPAC Films 20 Pace (Pak) Ltd. 4.14 Pak Hotels 90.25 Siddiqsons Tin 26.72 Synthetic Prod 51 TPL Properties 10.48 Tri-Pack Films 161.37 United Brands 564.84 United Dist. 55.5 MODARABAS: 1st.Fid.Leasing ...
Magley “was not licensed to make cannabinoid extracts,” United Brands attorney George Pitcher wrote in his motion. “He was initially hired by the Astoria Trading defendants to perform construction work at their extraction site. However, he would sometimes stay at the site after hours to 'facilitate' the ...


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