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updated Sat. June 15, 2024

Denea Chiquita Griffo Photo: Ramsey County Denea Chiquita Griffo. March 08, 2018 05:39 PM. A Little Canada woman who was accused of stabbing her husband, exposing his intestines, has been found guilty, according to court records. Denea Chiquita Griffo was found guilty of one count of third-degree assault.
The company said that in addition to an exclusive medical service for Chiquita workers, the hours of attention were greater under the new arrangement. It is also reportedly providing free transport to the new hospital. Chiquita Honduras has called on the government, the worker union and the workers to ...

Mike Papantonio and Peter Mougey discuss a ground-breaking settlement between Chiquita International and the families who wanted the company held responsible for the deaths of their relatives in Columbia. Chiquita previously pleaded guilty to giving money to Colombian terrorist groups.
A gargantuan pink candyfloss wisps over an immense lake in north-central Argentina before sugar-rushing upwards in a flurry of a hundred thousand wings. Mar Chiquita – South America's second-largest waterbody, and the world's fifth-biggest salt lake – harbours most of the planet's Chilean Flamingo ...
“Chiquita is very pleased with this first shipment of bananas through Port Tampa Bay as a new entry port for the distribution of our fresh fruit into the continental U.S. market,” Manrique Bermudez, logistics director for Chiquita Brands International, said in a statement to Port Tampa Bay. He said he was ...

More than two decades after the last bunch arrived on shore, bananas are back at Tampa's port. More than 3,900 pallets of Chiquita bananas from Ecuador arrived last week at the new Port Logistics Refrigerated Services warehouse. It was the first shipment of perishable products to the ...
After an absence of more than 20 years, a large shipment of Chiquita bananas from Ecuador arrived last week at Port Tampa Bay's new refrigerated ... “Chiquita is very pleased with this first shipment of bananas through Port Tampa Bay as a new entry port for the distribution of our fresh fruit into the ...

It discreetly introduces the story using possessions that are key to an understanding of the world being presented, for Chela (Brun) has her identity bound up in this well-to-do house where she's lived her entire life. Now however, thanks to accumulating debts that the bank calls fraud, her life partner Chiquita ...
The families of six Americans who were kidnapped and killed in Colombia before the turn of the century by the terrorist organization, FARC, have settled with Switzerland-based Chiquita Brands International after seeking damages for payments the business made to the group. The settlement terms were not ...
A strike by Chiquita workers in Honduras over alleged changes to the company's health benefits is still ongoing, despite reports two weeks ago that an agreement had nearly been reached. Website El Nuevo Diario reported that 2,800 workers reached day 45 of their strike on the weekend, having begun in ...
The families of six Americans kidnapped and killed in Colombia during the 1990s by the terrorist organization known as FARC are seeking potentially tens of millions of dollars in damages from banana giant Chiquita Brands International because of payments the company made to the group.
Chiquita McGee, 29, and Sophia Shephard, 30, racked up more than $400,000 in charges on credit cards between February and November 2017, police Chief Rich Rosell said. Those charges included fees for cosmetic dental work and plastic surgery, cruises, computers, jewelry, clothing and even an ...


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