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updated Fri. April 19, 2019

Trump, the New York Post and the 'failing' New York Times. The president tweeted a column by John Crudele on what the journalist said was the New York Times' "dishonesty.
A former sports reporter for the New York Post is suing the tabloid after being fired for posting what he says was a tweet critical of President Trump, NBC Sports' "ProFootballTalk" reported Wednesday.

A secondary bombshell aspect of the New York Post's splashy summer resurrection of nude Melania Trump photos was that the pictures were shot in 1995 and originally published with a dateline of January 1996, raising questions about the circumstances of ...
That's the declarative cover of this morning's New York Post, the conservative-leaning tabloid of the Big Apple that wastes no time in burying former Congressman and Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner over his newest debacle.
New York Post theater columnist Michael Riedel has has been awarded the Marfield Prize by the Arts Club of Washington for his first book, "Razzle Dazzle: The Battle for Broadway.
That this would happen on a national scale as the insecure men of the nation collectively freak out over the possibility of a female president is, under the circumstances, not surprising.

"When I picked up Page Six in the New York Post and saw that Trai Byers was leaving the show, I said, 'We are a hit,' because they were talking about us," Daniels said.
The New York Post must be feeling awfully proud of itself today. After devoting yesterday's front cover to publicly shaming a homeless woman for keeping a fleet of shopping carts to hold her things, the paper has succeeded in getting the police to come ...
Today's opinion (read here in full) addresses Pras Michel, the ex-Fugees rapper who brought a $30 million defamation lawsuit against The New York Post in reaction to a Page Six article that claimed he was a "no-show" at a charity event and had "bailed ...
The New York Post mocked the Oscars' lack of diversity with its Thursday front page. The tabloid 's cover story was about the blizzard that's forecast to slam into the East Coast this weekend.

The New York Post went in the completely opposite direction, showing Palin and Trump shaking hands with the headline "Lady and the Trump," followed by, "Sarah, Donald make love in Iowa.
Tom Brady on New York's back pages. (Photos from New York Daily News/New York Post). By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston. BOSTON (CBS) - If you run a newspaper in New York, it's hard to get people to buy a paper if the back page features any athletes or ...
Now that Bernie Sanders is becoming more competitive with Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, his past is being scrutinized by the right and the left.
The New York Post, known for its loud, irreverent - often crude - headlines has decided to pull out of Chicago. With its trademark bluster, the Post announced in September it planned to enter the Chicago newspaper market.
The New York Post is seven months late with its coverage of a One Direction appearance on the "Late Late Show." As Gossip Cop reported earlier, the band appeared on Tuesday's show in a taped "Carpool Karaoke" segment, but on its Page Six Instagram ...
A class-reunion moment: Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca and Harrison Ford as Han Solo in the newest "Star Wars" installment. By. KyleSmith.


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