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meridian transit telescope, Morrison Observatory, Fayette, Missouri

meridian transit telescope
Morrison Observatory, Fayette, Missouri

photo by John Tinker
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updated Sun. May 28, 2017

Although "2017 CS" will pass at about 8 lunar distances (8 times the distance from Earth to moon) the asteroid earlier this week was showing a brightness or magnitude of 13.5, which means it is visible through 8-inch and larger-sized amateur telescopes.
COMING SOON: The 2017 summer season is quickly approaching. With that, warmer evenings and more people wanting to be outdoors should bring more attention to the wonderful night sky, even though nights are not as long.
DOE Superintendent Kathy Matayoshi (left), CFHT Director Doug Simons (center) and UH President David Lassner (right) signed a collaborative agreement today to make telescope time available to Hawai'i's high school students. Photo courtesy of University ...
Beijing, May 28 (Xinhua) -- Many black holes and neutron stars are thought to be hidden in the Milky Way. Since they don't emit visible light, or are covered by dust, only x-ray telescopes can find them. China will soon launch its first X-ray space ...
An unconventional telescope spreads across Utah's dry Bonneville lake bed. Made up of hundreds of giant rusty detectors, the instrument studies cosmic rays, the high-energy particles that come from distant universal sources and Earth's atmosphere.
ABOVE VIDEO: A team of Astronomers at The Ohio State University watched a star disappear and possibly become a black hole. Instead of becoming a black ...
Artist's impression of the European Extremely Large telescope (E-ELT) in its enclosure on Cerro Armazones, a 3060-metre mountaintop in Chile's Atacama Desert.
It vanished altogether in 2015, and the researchers, who had been monitoring the sky with the Large Binocular telescope in Arizona, could not see signs of a supernova in that zone.
FANWOOD, NJ - Community members are invited to explore the skies with Fanwood Library's new telescope on Thursday, June 1st, at 7:00 p.m.
On Friday night, June 2, from 10 PM to midnight, join Carleton's resident Astronomers to view the moon, stars, planets, and nebulas, using a variety of telescopes. The event will be cancelled if cloudy. Open houses are open to the community and held ...
An enormous piece of glass-ceramic has been cast for the secondary mirror of the European Southern Observatory's (ESO) Extremely Large telescope, entering a year-long cooldown and heat-treatment period until it's ready to be ground and polished for use ...
The casting of the secondary mirror blank for ESO's Extremely Large telescope (ELT) has been completed by SCHOTT at Mainz, Germany.
The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder is poised to make history if it helps solve the origin of fast radio bursts.
telescopes for check-out are popular in other states. Maine mandates that each library carry one. The library system in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has nearly 30 of them, something that caught the eye of Kwayera Davis when he lived there.
He reexamined the same problem in the observational context and he shows that facilities of modern IR telescopes (VLTI and WISE) might efficiently monitor the nearby zone of the solar system and search for the IR Dyson-rings up to distances of the ...
When Boyajian at the Fairborn Observatory in Arizona detected the star's dimming at 4 AM on Friday, May 19, she immediately put out a call to both professional and amateur Astronomers to point as many telescopes as possible at the star. Wright, who is ...
I suddenly realized: I've been writing at Syfy Wire for over three months, but I haven't posted an amazingly beautiful and way cool time-lapse night sky video yet!
For thousands of years, humans observed the stars with nothing but our own eyes. But eyes can only get us so far, and to see all the way to the ends of the universe we needed to invent some tools.
To help determine the exoplanet's atmosphere, it will need to be studied by telescopes that haven't been launched yet, Dittmann said.
WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, N.M., May 16, 2017 - The emergence of the night sky signals the beginning of a mission for a select group of airmen here.
The telescope weighs 17 million pounds and can see 85% of the celestial sphere. The staff who run it say it's the best in the world.
The telescope weighs 17 million pounds and can see 85% of the celestial sphere. The staff who run it say it's the best in the world.
Astronomers have produced a highly-detailed image of the former star, combining data from the Very Large Array, the Hubble space telescope, the spitzer space telescope, the Chandra X-ray Observatory and the XMM-Newton Observatory, NASA says.
The report indicates that engineers worked to convert an old telecommunications dis into a functioning radio telescope. The conversion was largely funded by South Africa, whose African Renaissance and International Co-Operation Fund and department of ...
IONIA - Third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students at Haynor school created telescopes with the help of a grant and Ionia's Civil Air Patrol.
The KELT (Kilodegree Extremely Little telescope) survey uses two small robotic telescopes, one in Arizona and the other in South Africa.
The Space Shuttle, the actual Shuttle created by NASA, was the bar for how high-tech things could get when I was a kid. Today, the toys my kids play have computing power that dwarfs the Space Shuttle of my youth!
scientists using NASA telescopes have detected "a strong water signature" in the atmosphere of a distant Neptune-sized planet, that could help understand more about the birth and development of planetary systems.
A new mechanism being tested on a Wallops Flight Facility sounding rocket Tuesday could give NASA broader abilities to scan the skies.
telescopes around the world have teamed up to crack open the Crab Nebula, producing one of the most detailed images of the stunning space cloud to date.
We humans have an insatiable hunger to understand the Universe. As Carl Sagan said, "Understanding is Ecstasy." But to understand the Universe, we need better and better ways to observe it.
The Super telescopes are set to advance our understanding of the Universe, and it can all be traced back to galileo.
By - | Publish Date: May 11 2017 10:34AMConstruction of the world''s largest optical telescope is due to start later this month in the Atacama desert, in northern Chile.
To mix his celestial passion with hops, Worthington attached a 50-foot high observatory to his brewery with two telescopes at the top that are able to see Jupiter, Saturn, globular clusters and the canyons of the moon.
The astronomy department has several 10" and 14" telescopes to provide learning tools for students. Robert also assists in the maintenance of these telescopes as well. The complex nature of CAC's astronomy department does not disappoint. Having the ...
Gene Stringer, Star*Quest Observatory project manager for the Fort Wayne Astronomical Society, demonstrates how the roof rolls back, center, so telescopes inside can be used to view the night sky. The society will hold a grand opening event May 20 at ...
Not too long ago, Michael Gaylard, the former director of South Africa's Hartebeeshoek Radio astronomy Observatory, was forced to take a break since the observatory's telescope had to enter a two-year repair. So Gaylard decided to use his time to scour ...
Northern Arizona University students and professors who designed and built a cheaper, lighter and easier-to-maintain thermal infrared camera celebrate the camera's unveiling at the Barry Lutz telescope on campus. The small camera is housed in a ...
A $26.1 million federal investment will give Australian Astronomers access to large optical telescopes through a newly brokered international partnership.
The telescope, in Kuntunse near Accra, is the first of an array of such instruments expected to be built across Africa over the next five years, and forms part of long-term plans to develop the skills of Astronomers on the continent.
But first, to deploy the detectors, new telescopes will be needed that have a wide enough range to capture around 10,000 detectors per telescope. The telescopes would need to be placed in dry locations at a high altitude where it's unlikely water vapor ...
In her first year at the University of Iowa, Erin Maier took an astronomy class on a whim. Now, after receiving numerous grants and assembling a UI telescope in the Arizona desert, she's graduating with a Bachelor of science in physics and astronomy ...
"Our telescope is the most advanced in the world regarding solar eclipse observation, especially looking at the corona (the sun's outmost layer)," says team leader Zhongquan Qu.
Normandin is a fixture at the observatory on starry nights when he helps visitors look through the telescopes and patiently answers their questions.
Enrico Sacchetti once spent his days photographing models for the likes of Esquire and South American Vogue. He gave that up some time ago when he traded fashion for something less glamorous, but more mesmerizing: telescopes. He's photographed ...
Holstine is well-acquainted with the telescope often referred to as the GBT, or the "Great Big Telescope." He's been with the observatory for 25 years, hired on when construction of the telescope commenced in 1991. He was offered the business manager ...
The location for the telescope on Mount John was chosen because it is at 3,376 feet. This means it is high above any artificial lights and has the darkest atmosphere of any place near the bottom of the world.
It will be the fourth big telescope stationed at the site, the Stansbury Park Observatory Complex, and the largest of the group.
First deployed in 1990, The Hubble Space Telescope was the first of its kind. Unencumbered by light pollution and our planet's atmosphere, it has in its tenure achieved an impressive list of discoveries.






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