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updated Sun. October 22, 2017

"What we really need to really make this big leap forward in this fight against gun violence is we need the public to step up and call us when ...
Vigil held for man killed by police, more information on shooting ... police said two officers fired at McShann after he pointed a gun at them.
The three wounded in Greektown were among 14 people shot ... Other shootings: ... A struggle for the weapon ensued, and the gun discharged, hitting the ... Two people were seriously wounded in a shooting in the West ...
The mass shooting at Las Vegas concert that killed 58 and wounded 540 didn't ... tighter gun laws would lead to a reduction in mass shootings. ... by the Las Vegas shooter to make his semi-automatic guns mimic the more ...
Suspect in gun sting wounded in officer-involved shootout ... injuries after an officer-involved shooting near the Lowes parking lot in Kent on Friday. ... Neither of the two agents was injured, nor any other officers on scene. ... "This is a high crime area, there's guns all over in south King County, and we're ...
Two men in Renton were injured Thursday night when a gun ... The shooting was reported as accidental but police are investigating.
Chicago (CBS) -- Nine people were injured in shootings Tuesday ... The day's latest shooting happened about 11:30 p.m. in the ... On Monday, one man was killed and six others were wounded in shootings across the city.
Prince killed several co-workers and wounded others before fleeing the ... A police chief in Delaware says the suspect in the shooting of six ... Radee Labeeb Prince remained at large Wednesday after the morning shootings. ... Siason told the court that he was aware that Prince illegally possessed guns.
At least 59 people were killed and 527 injured in Las Vegas Sunday ... Terrified bystanders ducked and ran, while some sprang into action, frantically caring for the wounded. ... It is unclear is Michel is the gun dealer referenced by police. ... hall with guns drawn through the peephole in his hotel room door.
The weekend's latest fatal shooting happened about 12:30 p.m. ... killed and at least 30 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago.
There have been at least nine mass-casualty shootings in the city since 2013. Here's how you can help The Trace report on gun violence's forgotten survivors.
Chicago police officers found three guns at the scene of a shooting late Monday in the Back of the Yards neighborhood.
West Palm Beach, Fla. (CBS12) - Bullets flying Tuesday afternoon on a busy West Palm Beach street in broad daylight forcing nearby schools into lockdown.
Salinas police are searching for a gunman after a shooting outside the Applebee's on North Davis Road.
OCHELATA, Okla. - Authorities are investigating after an 8-year-old Oklahoma boy was killed in a tragic shooting. On Sunday, deputies said 8-year-old Kade Minor asked his 15-year-old cousin if he had any guns. That is when the teenager showed the young ...
Houston - police are searching for two brothers who allegedly killed two and seriously injured four in a Sunday shooting at the Haverstock Hill Apartments. Jeremy Jones, 28, and Harvey Jones, 34, have been charged in connection with the shooting.
Authorities believe the gunman who killed the Seaside sergeant, Philip Ferry, 55, had swiped the .380-caliber pistol from Jones while Jones was passed out from a drug binge, according to court records.
... What We Know So Far: Fetty Wap shooting incident | 1:11. Paterson police detectives arrested a 36-year-old city man on assault and gun charges early Monday morning in connection with the shooting involving Paterson hip-hop star Fetty Wap ...
A local activist is decrying a "culture of violence," after weekend shootings claim four lives in Cleveland.
SANFORD - A shooting spree that ended with a woman dead and five others injured began with an argument over keys. It was just after 3:30 a.m.
A 13-year-old boy and an 18-year-old man were injured Sunday afternoon after they were hit in separate pellet gun shootings in North Waco neighborhoods, ...
"It's a level of criminal activity that we didn't see 20 years ago -- the frequency with which juveniles have guns to commit criminal acts," Cuyahoga County prosecutor Michael O'Malley said. A one-day ... Both O'Malley and Cleveland police Chief Calvin ...
Cameo's facebook profile said it caters to college students on Friday nights, when anyone over 18 is allowed in, while Saturdays are "grown and sexy night" for ages 21 and older.
One person was injured in an apparent shooting in East Baton Rouge Parish on Sunday, according to police.
A woman was killed and two people were injured when they got in an argument with another group of people in the 900 block of West 76th Street, according to Chicago police.
He was shooting people on the bus. He was just contained to that location. He never exited the bus," Clark County Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts said.
... leaving one man dead and 15 other people wounded after a dispute among several patrons escalated into a shootout, authorities said.
If you were in that bar or restaurant and people start shooting in a crowded room, what difference does it make to you what the motivation of the shooter was?
3 men wounded after Flick's Tap shooting. Lauren Cross, ... were not immediately known Saturday, Kellogg said.
The first shooting occurred at 12:53 a.m. in the 1200 block of Philadelphia Street, according to Indiana County District Attorney Patrick Dougherty and Indiana police Chief William Sutton, who spoke at a press conference Saturday afternoon.
A 2009 file photo of casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken, File). CNN. Saturday, March 25, 2017 05:03PM. LAS VEGAS --.
police were sorting out how many guns were involved, and exactly who shot who.
Baltimore (WJZ) - A Waldorf man killed his two daughters and shot his wife before turning the gun on himself inside their home Thursday night, police say.
They were walking, biking, or jogging in the Roxborough, Upper Roxborough, or Germantown neighborhoods when they were approached by someone in a white minivan, then shot with a paintball gun. Four of the paintball gun shootings occurred March 7; ...
A man who was seen fleeing a Forestville home where another man was shot dead late Friday was detained minutes later by a sheriff's deputy who spotted the ...
El Paso, Texas - El Paso police say a 16-year-old girl and an 18-year-old man were handling a gun early Wednesday morning when the gun discharged, striking the 16-year-old in the upper torso. The girl was transported to a nearby hospital, where she ...
Three civilians and a police officer were killed Wednesday in a "shooting incident" in northern Wisconsin, Everest Metropolitan police Chief Wally Sparks said.
Two teens were arrested Tuesday afternoon following a series of incidents in which they shot at victims with a BB gun. Nicholas Coffman and Jaime Griffin, both 18, were arrested and charged with assault causes bodily injury after they were found to be ...
Houston - Witnesses tell Houston police that two people were shot and killed as they played with a loaded gun at an apartment on the southeast side.
Mayor Ras Baraka said Monday that an 11-year-old boy was holding the gun when it somehow discharged early Saturday, striking Josiah Coleman.
A 21-year-old man was shot and critically wounded Monday morning as he was walking to the Cook County criminal courthouse on the West Side, according to Chicago police.
"A 25-year-old male pointed a gun and threatened to kill a female and himself," said Chief Gordon Ramsay, Wichita police Department.
This is the third officer-involved shooting this morning in the area. Certainly a great cause of concern," McDonnell said.
At the Capitola Mall, they say a man shot and killed his 8-year-old daughter, then turned the gun on himself. The shooting happened around 3:15 p.m. Sunday. police say a family outing at the mall turned deadly. police investigating murder suicide ...
At least three American soldiers were wounded Sunday when an Afghan solider opened fire at them in southern Afghanistan. The incident happened during a training exercise at a military base in the Helmand province.
A man who fired shots in DeLand Sunday evening was killed by law enforcement gunfire after he fled and crashed into another vehicle.
Two homes in Speke were cordoned off this morning after three men were injured when a gunman opened fire on a home. Two of the victims suffered gunshot wounds while the third was injured by glass fragments as the window of an address on Ramsbrook ...
A man died in a St. Paul officer-involved shooting early Wednesday morning in the Dayton's Bluff neighborhood after St. Paul police responded to a call about "a domestic situation involving physical violence" at the apartment building.
The shooting comes after a similar incident last month at the Louvre Museum in which an Egyptian man attacked soldiers guarding the site and was shot and wounded. It also comes just days before the first anniversary of attacks on the Brussels airport ...
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation confirmed 59-year-old Nancy Lewellyn died at Regional Medical Center on Friday evening. The shooting happened in the 10000 block of Woodland Pine Cove West, which is east of Canada Road and south of Interstate 40.




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