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updated Tue. May 23, 2017

By now we've all become screen typing experts, but no matter how fast you can tap away on your tablet or smartphone, nothing beats typing on a dedicated ...
Put your hi-fi in the bin. Take an axe to your floorstanders. Snap that vinyl over your knee. It's news flash time: portable speakers actually sound good these days.
It's not easy to find a good bluetooth sports headset. The units either end up being too big, or have an additional control box dangling, making the headset feel heavier than it should.
The regular price for the headphones is $89.99 and they are on sale for only $12.79 at HERE. That's a great deal for wireless bluetooth headphones! The description indicates that they have noise reduction technology, are sweat resistant and ...
New York May 22 settled allegations that bluetooth-enabled door manufacturer Safetech Products LLC left locks vulnerable to hacks by failing to secure passwords and other security information.
For not having any gimmicky features that are so prevalent in bluetooth speakers these days, the Element T2 has surprisingly solid specs all around.
Computer-controlled locks are some of the more popular Internet of Things devices making it into the home, and in the first settlement of its kind, the New York ...
Mellow, as the Kickstarter page so aptly describes, is a bluetooth speaker / power bank / table from Team Creatio, a hardware company with a couple crowdfunding campaigns under its belt.
The speaker is made out of a vinyl record, which can be personalised depending on your music taste.
If you've been considering making the move to bluetooth headphones but don't want to spend a ton to try them out, this may be the perfect set for you.
No outdoor summer scene is complete without a portable bluetooth speaker, the quintessential good-weather gadget. Their popularity is due largely to the fact that they're affordable, and, like most technology these days, mobile-friendly.
Toreto, a portable technology manufacturer, has announced a compact, affordable, and easy to use Waterproof bluetooth Speaker, "Aqua".
Remember the days when you waited in line for the midnight release of an album by your favorite band? If you don't, you're either so old that your memory is going or too young to have used CDs, cassettes, or records.
For a limited time, and while supplies last, TechRabbit has the JBL Clip 2 portable bluetooth speaker for $34.99 shipped. It's new, not refurbished, but in OEM packaging (here referred to as "hassle-free").
A talented 11-year-old boy shocked security experts when he hacked into their bluetooth devices to control his robotic teddy bear during a cybersecurity conference at the World Forum in The Hague on May 16.
That is five times the speed of bluetooth 4.0. It also has an improved coding system that provides longer range using the same amount of power.
JAM Audio makes a wide variety of bluetooth speakers; most are very inexpensive and super portable. I just wrapped up a few weeks with something a little different from the company, the JAM Xterior Max.
Typically, scammers will break into smartphone using a device that allows to find open networks and bluetooth devices left on continuously and in "discovery mode" - visible to all.
Essentially a bluetooth receiver dongle that's shaped like an LG Tone, JLab's Gravity earbud adaptor offers a way to breathe new life into your old workout buds.
Since its launch nearly a decade ago, V-MODA has been steadily putting out high-quality audio products, namely around headphones and amplifiers.
Razer might target gamers first and foremost, but the Hammerhead BT bluetooth headphones are a great buy for anyone and everyone.
Introduced by California-based Herb & Body, Smalt is a "smart" seasoning tool that uses bluetooth to double as a tabletop speaker.
Anker makes good stuff, and this itty-bitty bluetooth speaker has great reviews on Amazon. It's on sale today for $15. SHARE / TWEET / 0 COMMENTS · bluetooth speakers. report this ad. GET THE BOING BOING NEWSLETTER. Keep your electronics charged ...
It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of a "smart salt shaker" called "The Smalt." Oddly, the shaking aspect of this shaker is still decidedly ...
The Cobb County Department of Transportation (CCDOT) in Georgia, USA, has activated six full-colour dynamic message signs (DMS) in the metropolitan Atlanta area in a bid to improve travel times and enable motorists to choose less-congested routes.
JLab Audio has just introduced a new pair of bluetooth accessory that audiophiles will love. Officially called as the Gravity bluetooth Neckband Adaptor, this.
Recently, to prepare for a long plane flight I bought a pair of Sony MDR-1000X bluetooth noise canceling headphones. While I won't get into the specifics of these headphones other than that I have been really satisfied with them, when I returned from ...
The Illuminati is the world's first bluetooth light and color meter that works wirelessly with smartphones. It's a battery-powered device that connects to your iOS device, Android or smartwatch over bluetooth, allowing you to take live readings without ...
Salt, a necessary ingredient in kitchens across the world, is getting a technology upgrade thanks to a lifestyle company that has created a bluetooth-equipped saltshaker. Called SMALT, the smart saltshaker has been in development since 2015 and ...
The bluetooth version of the Xelento are said to be the world's most expensive wireless in-ear headphones.
Asthma attacks come with little warning and are often triggered by invisible particles in the air. Now, thanks to advances in bluetooth technology, smartphones have become the newest weapon in the fight against asthma. Propeller Health, a Wisconsin ...
The secret Service says these new bluetooth data skimming devices are being used by thieves to rob you right at your local gas pumps.
Have you ever thought about your salt shaker? Like, taken a second to pause and really contemplate how basic and lo-fi your sodium chloride applicator truly is ...
Beyerdynamic wants to woo audiophiles with its newly announced Xelento Wireless, a bluetooth version of the Xelenteo Remote in-ear headphones.
If you've thought about ditching the wires on your headphones and giving bluetooth a try, this may be the pair for you.
The device combines a saltshaker with a bluetooth speaker, creating a kitchen gadget that you didn't know you needed, because honestly, you don't.
A banana-shaped handset ripens on Indiegogo with the promise of bringing a sense of casual absurdity to your phone.
The fundraising campaign has not started yet, but people who are interested in buying a bluetooth-enabled salt shaker can sign up to be alerted when the campaign begins.
You might use a saltshaker. But that shaker probably doesn't play music. Or change colors. Or have bluetooth. Your saltshaker is trash, frankly.
Speaking of bluetooth devices. My recent bluetooth speaker column really made waves. I have received many questions from readers as well as emails from manufacturers telling me about their own unique bluetooth and wireless speaker products. There is a ...
For Mother's Day, Anker has discounted their SoundCore nano bluetooth Speaker to just $15.99. That's down from its regular price of $24.88.
808 Audio is back with two new portable bluetooth speakers in the sub-$50 market that expand on the company's standard Canz speaker.
Wireless headphones are finally enjoying their time in the limelight, but prices for many cordless cans are still higher than your average pair of headphones.
Every day, Amazon highlights the best deals and limited-time sales on their site, but with endless pages of products, no one has time to scroll through them all.
Picture this: you're sitting around the pool, it's 98 degrees outside and it's completely quiet. What would make this situation better?
Through bluetooth sensors stitched into the jeans' waistband, the smartphone stays out of sight. "Sensors will vibrate right if you need to turn right, left if you need to turn left," said Spinal's innovation director Romain Spinal.
The whole splitting earbuds with your girlfriend thing seems romantic, but it's awkward. It's cramped. It's also gross because you're sharing nasty earbuds.
Q: I have a tabletop internet radio and an OontZ bluetooth speaker. I would like to send sound from the radio to the speaker.
The devices are called bluetooth trackers and you may not notice them, but they notice you. Palm Beach County has 39 permanent boxes stationed around local roads like Northlake Boulevard, New Southern Boulevard, and throughout Downtown West Palm ...






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