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Speaking at a roundtable event in Sydney today hosted by Oracle, Kotatko said its recent adoption of the software company's cloud technology has fundamentally changed the day-to-day role of its marketers. "What they came in and did on the Friday before ...
The Alan Turing Institute in the UK has been awarded $5 million worth of Microsoft Azure cloud computing credits to support its research into data science.

Seattle Times technology reporter. The founders of Union Bay Networks are back in action with a cloud technology startup that just reeled in $2.9 million.
We've obviously devoted a lot of virtual ink to cloud computing, so I'm not going to rehash all the elements here. But it's important to realize that both cloud computing providers and public utility providers are the keepers of the physical ...
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Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services' Office for civil rights (OCR) provided guidance for HIPAA covered entities and business associates that use or want to use cloud computing services involving protected health information (PHI).
Researchers at The Alan Turing Institute have been given a cloud computing resource with the award of $5m worth of Microsoft Azure cloud computing credits to support their research into data science.
cloud computing is a very broad term when it comes to using the internet to maintain seamless information sharing and storage.
Whether huge or miniscule, global or local, businesses of all shapes and sizes continue to grapple with the complexity of their supply chains in increasingly diverse marketplaces.
... Lakshmi Narayana, Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing service provider, is keen on training students of the State in cloud computing technologies on the lines of Google which plans to train one million students across the country in cloud ...
The modern world is universally acknowledged to have begun with the Industrial Revolution of the late eighteenth century. Harnessing the energy of water and steam to power machines enabled workers to produce goods much more quickly, changing the ...
The new Trends in cloud computing report from CompTIA states that "many large IT departments see the cloud primarily as a great way to cut expenses.
At&t and Amazon Web Services have forged a multi-year partnership to integrate cloud and networking services. special feature.

When it comes to the different types of cloud technologies that businesses are using, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), is the most popular -- a finding that supports other recent studies that show IT departments are increasingly adopting SaaS.
FirstWave cloud technology Ltd (ASX: FCT) is a recent backdoor listing on the ASX through Crestal petroleum Ltd earlier this year.
healthcare cloud computing facilitates faster accessibility of electronic medical records and large storage of medical information in hospitals and clinics.
Over three quarters of UK organisations only make limited use of cloud - if at all - a new report from Computing Research has found.
Over $200bn will be spent on public cloud services in 2016, marking a notable 17.2 per cent rise over 2015. Data from Gartner found that infrastructure-as-a-service offerings will account for the biggest chunk of the market at 42.8 per cent.
During the Huawei Connect Conference 2016, holding the name "Shape the Cloud", Huawei's Rotating CEO Ken Hu expected the coming ten years to witness the launch of the cloud computing second generation. Hu sees that by 2025, enterprises ...
Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is a comprehensive cloud computing platform that first launched in 2006. Since its debut providing online services for websites, AWS has expanded its availability to many international markets and within the business world.
In 2015, Infor's acquisition of GT Nexus for $675 million signaled the rising importance of cloud technology in supply chain management.
China's leading technology firm, Huawei Technologies Co. recently announced plans to beef up its efforts to compete against Western rivals in the data-storage market.
There are two principal classes of data center customers. First, there's service providers, whose consumption patterns are relatively rigid and whose requirements are spelled out in the SLAs.
Why are companies jumping straight to the public cloud? CIOs are now so committed to on-demand IT that many are not just ditching in-house provision but are ...
Enterprise content management platform Box relaunched its service this week with changes designed to make it easier for the company's enterprise · Relevant Products/Services clients to collaborate on documents stored in the cloud.
Raj noted that channel partners' ability to get the best results from collaborating in a cloud computing ecosystem will depend on several factors including how well they evaluate their customers' needs, their companies' overall cloud capabilities and ...
More on cloud computing. 7 essentials of well-connected hybrid clouds · Connected, cloud era needs better networks · Hybrid infrastructure rising for EUC deployments, says new VMware report (TechRepublic).
It's called the Cloud 100 and it's purpose is recognizing the top private companies that concentrate on cloud computing. This list was created on the criteria of "financial health and growth of their business alongside exceptional qualitative factors ...
At this fast and furious pace, there is a real concern that organizations racing toward the adoption of cloud computing aren't taking a methodical approach to updating their network infrastructures.
businesses are hungry for storage and there are plenty of options available to meet this insatiable need. One rapidly growing option is cloud storage, an Internet-based service that allows businesses to maintain, manage, work with, and back up data ...
Sept. 7 - Huawei signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Paris-based ESI Group (ESI) at HUAWEI CONNECT 2016 in Shanghai recently.
Google recently conducted a roundtable of in-house experts discussing how Google uniquely provides a secure platform for businesses to store their data online.
cloud computing in simple terms can be defined as storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive.
Sterling, Va.-based startup ParkMyCloud has closed a $1.65 million seed round to scale up and expand its cloud...
Like many start-ups, naturally sugar-free soft drink company Nexba has made full use of technology to streamline its operations, accounting, logistics, workflow and communications.
German carmaker Daimler said today it would pilot a project to allow sensor-studded, networked cars to share information about available parking spots to save drivers time.
Small businesses are fleeing to cloud computing and mobile apps, says new study. Small businesses around the world are increasingly relying on cloud computing and apps to run their operations and solve business problems. Here's why. By Alison DeNisco ...
So it is in a number of small towns across the country, as technology giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft race to build networks of unprecedented size to provide services through cloud computing. Local people, along with many Economists and ...
That total is 23 percent higher than Forrester forecasted in 2014, with the increase attributable to increases in demand for all three major forms of cloud computing: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a ...
U.S. government agencies are moving to cloud computing and away from their own data centers faster than private corporations, according to several integrators and tech companies in both sectors.
The future of cloud computing depends on the trust and acceptance businesses place in the industry to store their critical data, but a recent survey of four key markets in the Asia-Pacific region might give the $18.9 billion global market a reason to ...
Google (Nasdaq:GOOG) is aggressively pushing for cloud computing dominance by landing a marquee with PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL) in an effort to go head to head with rivals Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT).
VMworld: Security, Network, Cloud Are Top IT Concerns. At VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas, customers of VMware took to the keynote stage to talk about adapting their data centers through changing times, with virtualization and vCloud Air.
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So it is in a number of small towns across the country, as technology giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft race to build networks of unprecedented size to provide services over the internet, a technology trend known as cloud computing. Local people ...
Apollo, the private-equity company run by Leon Black, is leading a deal to take Rackspace, a cloud computing company, private after it struggled to compete with Amazon, Microsoft and other technology giants.






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