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updated Tue. June 27, 2017

If the product becomes a hit, you might be looking at outages due to running over capacity. cloud computing now offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) which offers quick scalability.
Nutanix unveiled a cloud OS based on its HCI software capable of unifying public, private clouds under a common hybrid cloud computing architecture.
cloud computing is a crucial technological trend and has become an important technology during the fourth industrial revolution, according to Nguyen Thanh ...
Preakness victor cloud computing breezed on Belmont's main track Sunday morning, covering a half-mile in :49.40 for trainer Chad Brown.
Over the next few years, we will learn whether cloud computing is a nice little business that will settle into maturity by the end of the decade or a once-in-a-generation business opportunity.
As an investment theme, cloud computing used to be greeted with skepticism. Then it got red hot, benefiting stocks like Amazon.
CIA + Amazon's 'cloud computing'. Spokesman for Trump's Lawyer Keeps Nailing Trump ; Could music Be Your Next Prescription Drug?
businesses are spending more on cloud computing as improved technology eases concerns about security, but users must guard against overspending, ...
cloud computing, increasing mobile usage and IoT are some factors contributing to rising bandwidth needs. optical fiber meets these needs.
Joyce: I think cloud computing is probably the most exciting one. If it's done right, it has enormous potential. We're just standing up our first Amazon-hosted environment.
cloud computing is revolutionising the way business is done. For the companies that have taken up this technology, the insights that are being extracted from the data they have spent years collecting are creating efficiencies and inspiring innovations ...
s push into cloud computing is picking up momentum, sparking a fourth straight quarter of revenue gains for the software maker.
Vietnam recorded the fastest growth among ASEAN countries in cloud computing spending in the 2010-2016 period, Dr. Vu Minh Khuong, Associate Professor at the Lee Kwan Yew school of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore told the ...
Walmart, the US's biggest retail chain, has been accused of trying to coerce its technology suppliers into shunning Amazon's cloud computing service. Amazon has accused its rival of attempting to "bully" the IT companies into picking a rival platform ...
WHEN John Chambers ran Cisco, the world's biggest maker of networking gear, his hyperactivity nearly matched that of the high-speed switches and routers that made the firm's fortune.
The company also changed the way it reports its cloud-computing business. Oracle is mixing its nascent infrastructure-as-a-service business, where it provides computing resources and storage on demand, with its more tenured business of selling access ...
Over the next decade, the Internet will reinvent itself yet again in ways we can only imagine today, and cloud computing will be the primary operating platform of this revolution.
businesses have become less skeptical of cloud computing, more confident in its security, and more inclined to invest money in it, according to new findings.
Cloud-Computing Business Lifts Oracle's Profit -- 2nd Update. By Jay Greene Published June 21, 2017 Features Dow Jones Newswires.
MSPs know that customers expect both scale and economics when it comes to the cloud. For most, this means public cloud options like AWS, Google and Azure.
That's according to Pacific Crest Securities which late Friday said Azure, the cloud computing unit of Microsoft, could have more revenue that its main rival for the first time in 2017.
Kicking off a week in which it plans to encourage American businesses to invest in China, Alibaba Group announced plans to give something back to the cloud computing community: Alibaba Cloud is now a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation ...
Morgan Stanley raises its price target for Microsoft to $80 from $72, saying the company will report profits above expectations next year.
When it comes to selling online, many of the most successful retailers take advantage of enterprise cloud computing solutions.
cloud computing services playing the influential role in the business organizations, the system is powered by the servers and the computing services that are not touched or seen.
The company has an extensive track record in suppling HPC solutions. In fact, over the last two years, E4 Computer engineering and QCT have worked in close collaboration to supply CERN with thousands of server systems, cores and Petabytes of storage.
While the newer versions of the good old mobile phones are now becoming store houses of data, cloud computing, content creation and data cataloging are gaining popularity among young Indians who are pursuing it with rigour, armed with latest technology ...
Within the insurance industry, cloud technologies have been successfully deployed in ancillary areas of the organization such as Human Resources, Accounting, e-mail, and other non-core areas of the business.
Though a hoof abscess denied juvenile champion Classic Empire a start in the final jewel of the Triple Crown, in which he would have likely been the favorite, ...
During their earnings calls last month, tech giants Alphabet, Amazon, and Microsoft all acknowledged their cloud computing businesses as catalysts of their Q1 revenue growth.
More than half of respondents in a survey carried out by managed cloud provider 2nd Watch say at least half of their deployment pipelines are automated, with 63% saying they can deploy new applications in less than six weeks.
China is set to accelerate its steps to expand the domestic cloud computing sector, as the cloud computing technology has become a strong support for the manufacturing and internet industry, experts said on Wednesday.
The cloud-computing unit of said the new AWS GovCloud Region - which can include one or more data centers - is expected to open in 2018.
In April, it emerged that AWS planned to open a new infrastructure region for its cloud computing services in the Stockholm region in 2018.
Much has been promised from this research field over several decades, but the enormous amount of data now moving into cloud computing services like AWS and others allows researchers like Sivasubramanian to make real breakthroughs that weren't ...
Just a few years ago, billion-level funding would be beyond the imagination of Chinese cloud computing companies. But now it is becoming more and more ...
cloud technology is catching up in India and the considerations for adopting it have evolved too. Customers today are looking at deploying public and private cloud capabilities in one infrastructure.
The partnership between Alibaba Cloud and Tata Communications will assist both of us to become true digital transformation partners for our customers, said ...
Crackdown 3 is one of the most highly anticipated games on the Xbox One's lineup, not least of all because it's one of the few exclusive titles coming to the marginalized console.
cloud computing is one of the most disruptive forces facing the information technology sector. This statement is not without justification.
Following his longshot win at the Preakness Stakes, cloud computing isn't running at the 2017 Belmont Stakes, but why is that the case?
Watson, which uses a mix of artificial intelligence and cloud computing on the back end, analyzed medical data and images pertaining to 1,000 cancer patients last year and returned diagnoses that concurred with a human doctor's assessment in 99 percent ...
This blog develops the themes of our February piece on cloud availability risks from software patent claims. It shows how the patent cloudscape is changing; how PAEs are increasingly active in Europe as well as in the USA; and how CSPs are starting to ...
The cloud computing industry is still in its early stages. In 2016, the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) segment recorded just $22 billion in annual revenues.
REITs fell 0.3% on the week as the 10-year yield climbed 10 bps. Hotels and retail REITs were the best performers. This week was the annual REITWeek conference in NYC.
NEWS ANALYSIS: Cloud customers are dealing with confusion over cloud computing costs and the complexity of the services they are paying for.
Its mission is to introduce a new way for robots to collaborate via cloud computing. The C2RO developed a robot-agnostic software platform that streams in real-time data processing to provide cloud server-based artificial intelligence (AI) -enabled ...
We compare the extent to which managed services are built into each major cloud platform, how easy it is to obtain third-party managed services and which cloud platforms are most in need of additional managed-service help.
For the improvement in the data transportation and the data storage and to avoid the clerical activities the cloud computing technology is implemented in the healthcare sector. cloud computing basically improves the accessibility of the data and its ...





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