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Non-exhaustively, we are looking at Privacy Enhancing Technologies, de-identification, differential privacy, distributed ledger technology, the Semantic Web1, and other technological approaches together with security controls, legal controls at the ...
The sensors of the Internet of Things, the semantic web and the good old www are creating a massive and exponentially growing flood of data that can not be stored and analyzed by traditional means.
However, those of us that watched its early growing pains in light of historical flops of paradigm-shifting efforts like ATM (the networking kind), Openoffice and the Semantic Web (3.0) can be forgiven our skepticism. After a typically turbulent trip ...
Earlier this year, the announcement that Siri's creators had successfully placed an order for pizza with voice commands made a splash in the technology community.
GraphQL is designed specifically to allow the querying of data models, while REST is designed to act in a similar fashion to the semantic web - allowing us to have agile, changing, and versionless APIs. In many respects, that means when we are ...

Sixteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories such as Graphics, Monetization, and Semantic Web. One highlight today is the PerimeterX Bot Defender API, which helps protect applications from malicious bots. Here's a ...
The Semantics conference is one of the biggest events for all things semantics. Key research and industry players gathered this week in Leipzig to showcase and discuss, and we were there to get that vibe.
Aquiire leverages Vinimaya's depth in advanced search and Semantic Web technology. It's not simply a "me too" e-procurement solution.
PoolParty Semantic Suite is integrating improved machine learning capabilities to support the most critical knowledge engineering tasks.
Machine-learning and natural language processing are key components to the eventual shift from web 2.0 to web 3.0 or semantic web. I believe Intel's unique platform provides a strong alternative for companies that cannot afford to design custom silicon ...
technology is changing more rapidly than ever before - with old buzzwords getting quickly replaced by new ones (do you still remember buzz words like "grid computing" and "Semantic Web"?). Recently I came across what Craig Larman (respected for his ...
including support for Handlebars.js, the Semantic Web template system, support for syntax checking in Angular files and Gulp integration has been extended to support Gulp.
Held at Montreal's tech hub, Notman House, participants worked to create a more intelligent space by deploying sensors, powering screens through human activity on each floor, and harnessing the power of the semantic web to build connections between ...
... of The Philippines, for international librarianship and contributions to leadership across Asia, and to Gordon Dunsire, for his distinguished service to IFLA, international librarianship, and advancing bibliographic data, linked data, and the ...
You may have heard the phrase "Semantic Web" and wondered what it meant. As it turns out, it's all about the organization of information across the Net, and making it more people-friendly, as opposed to the chaotic mishmash that has basically defined ...
Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, ezDI, Inc. focuses on developing healthcare IT solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies including natural language processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Semantic Web, and High Performance Computing.

This conference will feature keynote presentations, talks and tutorials around the topics of Semantic Web in educational and research environments, Open Data, collaboration, knowledge management, Internet of Things.
In response to BCBS-239, the Enterprise Data Management Group (EDM) has developed a Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) based upon Semantic Web open specifications W3C Web Ontology Language (OWL). Developing ontologies ...
Due to developments ranging from cheaper storage to IBM's Watson and the semantic web, AI technology has advanced. Much of the recent emphasis on AI has been in the context of people concerned that they will be replaced by robots or software.
It's time for the digital Asset Management industry to step up and look to the next generation of digital assets. We're already half way through the "Semantic Web," and with the upcoming predicted Web 4.0, there are exciting and challenging ...
By linking datasets together using semantic web technology, identifies and adds information about the concepts within the datasets, which makes them easier for people and machines to work with.
Sir Tim Berners-Lee recently said he believes the next 'big thing' will be the "Semantic Web" - when machines can analyse the information online.
Leading_Lines_podcast_logo A new Vanderbilt-produced podcast on the use of educational technology in higher education has been launched.
Aside from just machine translation, EurActiv is experimenting with tagging and Semantic Web tools to create a more streamlined translation process and build a platform to facilitate translations.
"We are now in the age of the 'Semantic Web,' where machine learning and AI are heading to the forefront of SEO," says Ryan Rodden, schema.
Linked data technology is how the semantic web connects different datasets from the world wide Web. In this way, people and browsers can explore all the associated data located in the Internet and obtain further information to complement the initial data.
Linked Data is just the way how the semantic web connects between each other different data that are distributed in the World Wide Web, thanks to the use of metadata.
Mid-tier IT services firm Mphasis is taking the digital adoption to the next level by launching the first product built by its in-house start-up in the area of automation and Semantic Web. Mphasis' first in-house start-up NextAngles, which is based in ...
... of a multi-petabyte high performance storage system to support research and implementation of several major IT systems to support acquisitions, grants management, reporting and analytics and scientific portfolio analysis using semantic web ...
'intelligent' machines -- spirited forth through the current generation of the Internet of Things and the so-called Semantic Web -- are only as intelligent as the humility and self-doubt of those who write the code. cognitive science, mathematical ...
How should we use privacy enhancing technology like digital ledgers, the Semantic Web, and how do you integrate data protection issues with other priorities?
Semantic network and Semantic Web Semantic Network [16] is a network representing knowledge in terms of concepts and their semantic relations.
How should we use privacy enhancing technology like digital ledgers, the semantic web, and how do you integrate data protection issues with other priorities?
Semantic network and semantic web Semantic Network [16] is a network representing knowledge in terms of concepts and their semantic relations.
"Dr. Sheth knows this world so well in his understanding of the semantic web and machine learning technologies," Mainord said.
It ties data together with Semantic Web technology to add detail about what's in the data, saving the user time. C0-founder and CEO Brett Hurt explained how he and his team rallied around the concept during an interview at data.
Ireland has fast become a hub of exciting breakthroughs in the world of the Semantic Web to the development of the Internet of Things. From global companies like Google, Amazon, facebook and PayPal to exciting homegrown tech companies such as ...
Looking at one of the biggest structured data implementations in publishing, The New York Times, we made good progress to support the semantic web even more. Our take on this is quite easy: Our content is openly available anyway (no paywall), so why ...
Mediscribes also delivers cutting-edge CAC technology that combines natural language processing (NLP), Machine Learning, semantic web, and High Performance Computing into a single, cloud-based coding and Clinical Document Improvement (CDI ...
They applied semantic web and ontology approaches to greatly simplify the integration of the data contained in WikiPathways with other knowledge bases.
They applied Semantic Web and ontology approaches to greatly simplify the integration of the data contained in WikiPathways with other knowledge bases.
They applied semantic web and ontology approaches to greatly simplify the integration of the data contained in WikiPathways with other knowledge bases.
The participants, some of which are also involved in the original consortium of designers for the IF in IT2Rail, will perform work organised in specific work packages focused on fundamental industrial research in semantic web technologies. A ...
You may find it confusing as to what mobile has to do with Semantic Web. Today, online communications is dominated by "strings" instead of "things.
Easily build powerful user management, authentication, and authorization into your web and mobile applications.Download this Forrester report on the new landscape of Customer Identity and Access Management, brought to you in partnership with ...
semantic web is a relative new standard introduced into the HTML. The goal is to deliver a global, interconnected network of linked data to create databases on the web.
He/she will also be responsible for prototyping and delivering user-centered software solutions for search and discovery; serving as the Museum's primary expert on technical matters concerning web, semantic web, and other software applications ...
RDF is the format for the Semantic Web in general and fully resolvable in the web, internet, or in an application. To the end user, rather than operating in a silo, they can jump across all these different source containers to address a key business ...
Its technology is based on research conducted at MIT, where founder and CTO Shashi Kant (above left) researched Semantic Web and distributed computing technologies under Tim Berners-Lee, according to Kant's LinkedIn profile. The startup is wading into ...





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