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If you are a fan of Detroit Techno, you are not going to want to miss this.
They act like hamster balls, except the thing running around is a magnet. This setup helps you visualize the forces that hold atoms together, while also acting as brilliant time-wasters.
This combination of magnetic power and gyroscopic engineering creates limitless possibilities for fun interactions with metal objects, other magnets, and additional Gyro Duos.
Nathan Hylden's paintings are at once austere and magnetic. His solo exhibition at Midway Contemporary Art in Minneapolis juxtaposes two main elements: 32 monochrome canvases painted in a gradient of blue-gray, and eight aluminum panels that portray ...
The challenge with cosmic magnetic fields is that they can't be seen directly. Instead, they can only be detected by observing their effects on surrounding celestial bodies.

scientists have been able to achieve magnetism in TI by doping, i.e. introducing magnetic impurities to the material, which also made it less stable, Shi said.
However, when an applied magnetic field reaches a critical value, (bottom image), an electron completing a circuit has a different physical state its original one.
scientists just released a pile of more than 40 scientific papers discussing some stunning data from NASA's mission to Jupiter.
As evidenced by the alignment of observable magnetic minerals, we know for a fact that several magnetic reversals have already transpired throughout Earth's history, with the last reversal - known as the Matuyama-Brunhes reversal - occurring about ...
Dynamos turn kinetic energy into magnetic energy by transforming the rotation of an electrically conducting fluid or plasma into a magnetic field. In the VKS dynamo, two impeller blades on either side of a cylinder filled with liquid sodium create ...
Calvin Harris has been on an absolute tear this year. After dropping songs with Frank Ocean, Migos, Young Thug, Ariana Grande and Pharrell, he's back with a brand new summer banger with Future and Khalid.
When June NYMEX crude oil futures oil hit $43.76 per barrel on May 5, many market analysts were calling for the price to continue to fall and at the very least to test critical support at $42.20 per barrel, the November 2016 lows.
For the first time physicists have experimentally simulated a long-predicted relationship between two kinds of magnetic monopole. Robyn Arianrhod reports.
Via a pin, the leds can be set to come on when the magnet is near, or off when the magnet it near - it works with either a north or a south magnetic pole. . Led driver is up to 150mA, set by a resistor, and an optional capacitor sets fade on and fade ...
Researchers have developed a new magnetic material that is showing promise for future quantum technologies. A team led by the University of Basel in Switzerland have developed a wafer-thin ferrimagnet where molecules with different magnetic centers ...

The great white whale of backpacks is the one pack that fits any occasion. Buy a bag that's perfect for the daily commute and it probably won't fit all your camera ...
Achieving magnetic order in low-dimensional systems consisting of only one or two dimensions has been a research goal for some time.
Here are some new integrated circuit transducers for AC and DC isolated current measurement up to 300 KHz that offer full isolation, despite their small size, by integrating the primary conductor for nominal current measurements of up to 30 A. The ...
London five-piece Pumarosa don't sound like much else that's around, sporting a flamboyant tendency to space-rocking, electronically garnished epics.
Ask any expert on child development, and they will tell you that the best way to enhance your child's brain is to introduce them to blocks of some kind.
A magnetic field appears to span the space between the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, the two dwarf galaxies being consumed by our Milky Way Galaxy.
Of the many 'white whales' that theoretical physicists are pursuing, the elusive magnetic monopole - a magnetic with only one pole - is one of the most ...
Sandra Faber has won the 2017 Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize for her significant contributions to the modern understanding of galaxies and dark matter.
YouTube channel Veritasium got a look at how magnetic levitation works on a smaller scale. Host Derek Muller, talks to Casey Handmer, Levitation engineer at Hyperloop One about how it works and how it is being applied at Hyperloop.
On the heels of one failed drug trial after another, a recent study suggests people with early Alzheimer's disease could reap modest benefits from a device that uses magnetic fields to produce small electric currents in the brain. Alzheimer's is a ...
Not only migratory birds use a built-in magnetic compass to navigate correctly. A new study from Lund University in Sweden shows that non-migratory birds also are able to use a built-in compass to orient themselves using the Earth's magnetic field.
Known as the Magellanic Bridge, it's a huge stream of neutral gas stretching 75000 light-years between the 2 Magellanic Clouds, satellite galaxies orbiting our.
Throughout our planet's history, the magnetic field of Earth has constantly reversed. The last time this happened was 41,000 years ago - and if you were to travel to then, your north facing compass would point south.
For the first time in the world, scientists have explored the magnetic field in the upper solar atmosphere by observing the polarization of ultraviolet light from the sun.
Australian and Canadian researchers have finally observed the magnetic field generated by the Magellanic Bridge. This vast stream of neutral gas connecting two galaxies can help explain just how they were formed and evolved.
If you could travel back in time 41,000 years to the last ice age, your compass would point south instead of north. That's because for a period of a few hundred years, the Earth's magnetic field was reversed. These reversals have happpened repeatedly ...
For the first time, scientists have detected evidence of a magnetic field that's associated with the vast intergalactic 'bridge' that links our two nearest galactic neighbours.
Such cosmic magnetic fields can only be detected indirectly, and this detection was made by observing the radio signals from hundreds of very distant galaxies that lie beyond the LMC and SMC.
Even if this modern-dress version makes no attempt to push the contemporary parallels, it boasts a magnetic central performance from Greg Hicks.
OFRA Cosmetics knows how to make a statement with their launches. But this time, the brand is taking a break from their lipstick creations and collabs for a beauty staple that you need to see in action.
Photo by Marcelo Krasilcic For 50 Song Memoir, The magnetic Fields' latest project, singer/songwriter/frontman Stephin Merritt took on the daunting task of writing and recording 50 songs, one for each year of the first half-century of his life.
Senior scientist Tamara M. Rogers of the Planetary science Institute has discovered that substantial variability in the winds on the hot giant exoplanet HAT-P-7b ...
The two masks they tested are ones that you have probably seen in beauty magazines: magnetic and charcoal.
Geoscientists have discovered that regions on top of the Earth's core could behave like giant lava lamps, with blobs of rock periodically rising and falling deep ...
(a) Schematic diagram of a heterostructure comprising organic molecules and a superconducting atomic layer. (b)-(d) Scanning tunneling microscope images of samples.
The FDA has authorized the use of Cook Medical's device for the treatment of infants born with a defect that causes a gap in the esophagus.
But the same processes also produce magnetic fields, and these have the potential to be just as useful in diagnosing disease, perhaps even more so.
The Kursk magnetic Anomaly gets its name from the unusual behavior of magnetic compasses in this region of Kursk (530 km south-west of Moscow).
For the first time, Astronomers have detected a magnetic field associated with the Magellanic Bridge, the filament of gas stretching 75 thousand light-years ...
This pole seems to have some kind of magnetic attraction for intoxicated drivers. Both times the Xcel crew worked through the night with wind, rain, thunder and lightning.
Officials say two civilians were also wounded and that the target was a water supply department vehicle. Thumbnail. At least two civilians were killed and two others were wounded when a magnetic bomb was detonated in Kabul early Saturday morning, ...
... IMS, NINS, and Kazuyuki Sakamoto, professor, Graduate school of Advanced Integration science, Chiba University, succeeded in precisely controlling the transition temperature of atomic-scale-thick superconductors using magnetic organic molecules.
James Bell-Booth has come up with "magnetic" earphones that won't pop out while you run. Two friends are turning to Kickstarter in their efforts to mass produce a superior earbud for Athletes.