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updated Mon. March 27, 2017

STOCKTON - The UC San Joaquin Master Gardeners will offer a free workshop on summer vegetable gardens on Tuesday.
You may think your yard lacks extra space to contain a large garden, but you can grow an efficient garden in a smaller space.
Even though the Ninth Ward of New Orleans has never fully recovered from the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, this man has created a lush oasis of free food and Sustainability right in the heart of the community. Fred Young founded a volunteer-run ...
Latest news from South Africa, World, politics, Entertainment and Lifestyle. The home of The Times and Sunday Times newspaper.
After many years of experience at vegetable gardening, April 1 is my green light to plant the spring garden. Most people wait until Easter but after chomping at the bit all winter I can't wait any longer.
All ages can manage container gardening, according to the event organizers, who state that food can be free of herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and GMOs, and only requires a sunny driveway, front steps, patio or porch.
But making a start by learning how to identify family characteristics can help you manage a healthier garden. "It's important for gardeners to be aware of how to ID plants," said ... Just as human families exhibit resemblances, so do plants. Each of ...
Martin Hutchinson, named Secretary of gardens by city Mayor Jake Day, came out on a tractor to help with the cause at the Richard Hazel youth Center.
... students at Rambam Day school joined elderly citizens at Buckingham South Assisted Living to make their "Better Together" program come alive through planting a garden. They're hoping to have a bountiful harvest of more than just herbs and vegetables.
Food for thought: Alan Titchmarsh on growing your own veg. MAKE this the ... You don't need a large garden, or an allotment; you can grow veg in one square yard of ground or even on two or three growing bags positioned in a sunny spot on a terrace or ...
Getting ready for this year's garden planting. Columns ... If the seeds I save last year produce fruit as well and true as the original seed, I will save enough this year to supply my readers with Giant Syrian seed for 2018.
If you're looking for a spring activity to enjoy this weekend, the Heart of Lubbock community garden has a way for you to get your hands dirty.
Before you know it, we will all be out working in our gardens and complaining about the heat. Wish we could borrow some ... We no longer are able to plant live memorial trees as was done in the past. Pick up an ... For more information about The ...
We let the mustard bloom for the pollinators for about two weeks or so, but finally we had to remove them and feed them to the sheep in order to make room for the beginning of our warm season garden. Over the course of ... We keep records of what we ...
So, you want to plant a vegetable garden. ... So, when do you plant what? First, divide your choices into cool-season and warm-season vegetables, and consider their differences. Cool-season crops are mostly leafy or root vegetables: spinach, lettuce ...
... food in the garden this year? You'll find these UC Food Observer stories packed with advice about supporting genetic diversity, protecting pollinators, building community gardens and donating your surplus to those in need. ... We all can help ...
If you've never had the experience of eating fresh sweet corn right out of your yard, now is the time to plant it. Sweet corn is not one of the more commonly planted home garden vegetables, and there are reasons for this. Although it rarely grows as ...
The once-private garden in the northern Philadelphia suburb of Abington Township is now a nonprofit affiliate of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, the sponsors of the Philadelphia Flower Show.
There are lots of great reasons to grow your own food: You know exactly where what your family eats comes from. By working the soil ... If planting in the ground, choose a well-drained area (no big puddles after a rain). To prevent critters from ...
Given our hot, dry summers, it's best to plant this understory tree, which grows 15-20 feet tall when mature, in a partially shady spot and give it regular summer water.
In fact, the following herbs, salad, vegetables and fruit are so simple and low-maintenance to grow that the total beginner will look like Monty Don in no time (braces not compulsory).
Harvesting rainwater and storm water has really caught on, but often it's done without much thought about how the water will be used.
Give your immediate attention to cool-weather vegetables if you have not done so already. Leaf lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage should go into the garden by early April at the latest. ... After you've given attention to these food crops, snip ...
This week started out with a change of the season and beautiful weather to cheer everyone up. Soon, if not already, we will see life popping out of the ground.
The lack of access to affordable, nutritious foods makes Maryvale a food desert, and local stakeholders will gather today to plant seeds for the first of several new community gardens, officials say. The first garden's roots are at Pueblo del Sol ...
If the seeds I save last year produce fruit as well and true as the original seed, I will save enough this year to supply my readers with Giant Syrian seed for 2018.
Learn how to design your own native garden from fellow homeowners, landscape designers and docents at Los Angeles' premier garden tour - the Theodore Payne Native Plant garden Tour - on April 1 and 2. Spanning Altadena to Venice, the two-day, ...
The first thing they did on arrival was to have another breakfast. Just as if she had known what they would like Bella had made popovers for them; as well there was the most amazing fruit. Blueberries, the size of gooseberries, served with thick cream ...
"This is much more than a plant sale," said Andrea Fonseca, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service agent for horticulture, Williamson County.
With spring officially here, it's time to get outside and spruce up your garden. And if you're not sure where to start, then take heed: Three groups are holding plant sales and offering plenty of helpful information about the plants and vegetables that ...
Claregalway Castle will host Ireland's Specialist Nurseries (ISNA ) and rare plant specialists at the Spring garden and Food Fair on Sunday week April 2 from 11am - 6pm. Get along and get all your gardening questions answered and enjoy coffee and cakes ...
The-6-Most-Pesky-garden-Pests-and-How- Tatiana Ayazo/ Butterflies are welcome creatures in most gardens; we even add certain plants to attract them.
VERNON -- More than 30 volunteers helped create a place in Mt. Vernon where many organic fruits and vegetable can be shared.
Hibiscus is in the Malvaceae family of tropical plants and are known worldwide as the poster plant for tropical islands. You can hardly see an advertisement about an island getaway that doesn't feature one of these lovely flowers.
Eventually, everything we use in our gardens winds up in our rivers. A couple of weeks ago, I was asked ... It's especially important to thin your vegetable seedlings when sowing directly into containers. Space is at a premium. Follow the ... Don't ...
With Franklin County's help, it has grown to 300 community gardens, growing flowers and vegetables on plots that range from a small city lot to the 2 acres in Franklin Township.
FORT MYERS, Fla. - Get ready to uncork the perfect weekend adventure! The Busch gardens Food & Wine Festival is back, where you can feed your appetite with delicious foods and fine wines.
Giggling like schoolgirls, these two old friends can't stifle their laughter after finding a marijuana plant in one's orchard.
But early in my career, I learned from University of Alaska Professor Don Dinkel that if you can, push your planting date up by as many as two weeks.
More recently, my interest in tiny gardens and plants has been reignited, probably due to running into some inspiration such as adorable garden ideas in photos online, the Miniature calendar guy's work, and admiring a friend's model railroad scenery. I ...
The Whole Enchilada Mexican food is building a location in Winter garden with a rooftop bar.
WHILE some people display paintings in their living room, for Evangeline Finnis the enormous zucchini she grew takes pride of place.
An on-campus garden is still in the works by the Food Justice Coalition at St. Kate's. The garden is close to being planted, with the plan being to have beds in the ground for Earth Week.
The Williamson County Master gardeners teaches attendees how to enhance their garden with native, adapted plants and herbs sold by Williamson County Master gardeners Association at an event 9 a.m.
DENVER - Colorado families who use SNAP benefits to buy food products for their families can also use those benefits to grow a garden. Under the state's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), eligible families are able to buy food for their ...
Philip Beck, pastor of First United Presbyterian Church of Tarentum, and Lindsay Fraser plant Swiss chard in a garden box at the Friendship garden on First Avenue in Tarentum on Tuesday, March 21, 2017. Sidney Davis ... vegetables. May 20 will be the ...
Avoid these problems by planting spring vegetables as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring since light frost will not injure them.
drought-tolerant plants are in abundance at the 3-acre Clovis Botanical garden - and around 600 will be on sale during a Spring Into Your garden event on Saturday. Plant sales and admission to the event is a fundraiser for the volunteer-run garden ...
Beneath the shade of several towering trees, behind a small rock wall and a hedge of shrubbery, is the dignity Kitchen garden, an urban garden comprising several herb and vegetable beds and a nursery. Step in and be greeted by a verdant abundance of ...
A community garden with healthy vegetables for employees has landed at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.







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