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In the frigid expanse of northern Greenland, paleontologists unearthed the fossilized remains of some behemoth, wormlike creature.
"For a paleontologist like myself, South Dakota is an absolute dream to work in," says assistant professor Darrin Pagnac, curator of vertebrate paleontology at the South Dakota school of Mines & technology in Rapid City. "We have fossils that span ...

museumoftheearth The Museum of Earth at the Paleontological Research institution (PRI) has been awarded $137,419 in federal grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) as part of the Museums for America program.
paleontologist Melissa Grey hopes a chance discovery by a park visitor at Joggins Fossil Cliffs in Nova Scotia will lead to the naming of a new species of centipede.
An international team of paleontologists, led by Carleton University researcher Bradley McFeeters, has added another ornithomimid dinosaur to the prehistoric catalog, and this one was found in the Canadian province of Alberta.

"I will be 70 next year. Before I die, I want to contribute my achievements to my country." An individual has donated some 1,300 fossil specimens of mammals in the Cenozoic era including woolly mammoths.
The study, published online ahead of print in the Journal of vertebrate paleontology, was coauthored by paleontologist Edward Davis and archaeologist Dennis Jenkins - along with paleo-horse experts Brianna McHorse of Harvard University and Eric Scott ...
Chris Organ, paleontologist, visiting research professor at Montana State University and MSU alumnus, is co-author of a paper published in the journal Nature Communications that connects the bony cranial ornaments of theropod dinosaurs to their body size.
At the Dinosaur Discovery Museum, an exhibit is dedicated to Carthage's paleontology dig and their finds. Here you will see different fossils and other specimens, including a Thescelosaurus femur and an Edmotosaurus fibula, all of which were collected ...
The team has identified fossil proteins in 3.8 million year-old ostrich eggshells. Image credit: Matthew Collins. Fragments of ancient ostrich eggshells are abundant in Africa, and often found at archaeological and paleontological sites. They were ...
"During the course of two 12-week missions, the crew will conduct a sustained program of geological, paleontological and micro-biological field exploration while operating under many of the same constraints that human explorers on the Red Planet would ...
Apparently, Neill believes that Dr. Grant eventually grew tired of paleontology and retired to Dayton, Ohio, where he now runs a successful accounting firm far away from the dangers of dinosaurs.
The specific name is from the Latin 'primus' (first)," the paleontologists explained. Triopticus primus belonged to a group of reptiles called archosauriformes.
Nevertheless, the reconstruction of Psittacosaurus is claimed the most accurate for the whole history of paleontology. It connects almost all pointy features of the old creature.
The discovery of fossil remains on Hornby Island of a cat-sized pterosaur, a prehistoric flying reptile, is turning some ideas in paleontology on their heads. Sandy McLachlan, 29, now taking a master's program in paleontology at the University of ...
Bogner plans to seek a master's degree in mammalian paleontology. Funding is being sought to study the fossils extracted from the quicksand deposit.

These early body shapes were later mimicked by dinosaurs," said Sterling Nesbitt, an assistant professor of paleontology at Virginia Tech and co-author of the study.
The team will conduct a campaign of geology, microbiology and paleontology research in the area, operating under many of the same pressures and constraints that real-life Mars pioneers would face.
"People always think that these dinosaurs that you see in the Jurassic and the Cretaceous are so unique and so different, and there's nothing ever like that before or after," says Michelle Stocker, a vertebrate paleontologist at Virginia Polytechnic ...
"I think any time you have students practicing hands-on work in the field, you learn skills in paleontology, certainly, but you also learn the history and evolution of animals whose remains we encountered," Olori said.
A UF professor will take his fossil fascination to new heights after being nominated president-elect of the Paleontological Society. Bruce MacFadden, a curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Florida Museum of Natural History, found out in August ...
This year, for the first time, agencies from across the city, state, and country will come together to celebrate the unique scientific opportunities that make Moab what it is.
"In the early days, every [Erth] dinosaur was made was due to a relationship with one paleontologist or another, because we work quite closely with museums," Scott says.
Research describing the new species is now published online in the Journal of vertebrate paleontology. Based on a partial skeleton collected by the Royal Ontario Museum in 1934 from badlands adjacent to what is now Dinosaur Provincial Park, Rativates ...
22) issue of Current biology, a multi-institutional team of paleontologists including Virginia Tech College of science researcher Michelle Stocker have identified and named a new species of extinct reptile estimated to be 230 million years old ...
David Varricchio, associate professor of paleontology in the Department of Earth sciences at Montana State University, recently published a paper on his research about the evolution of modern bird reproduction.
David Varricchio, associate professor of paleontology in the Department of Earth sciences at Montana State University, along with Frankie Jackson, MSU assistant research professor (not shown), recently published a paper on the evolution of modern bird ...
Dr Mike Simms is Curator of paleontology for National Museums Northern Ireland. The story behind his momentous discovery will be told on Saturday, 24th September, in Walking Through Time at 8pm on Channel 4.
Visitors will also enjoy a dig box where they can use paleontology tools to unearth dinosaur bones, according to a news release.
A 90-million-year-old fossil discovered in Morocco is the oldest known iguanian lizard from Africa, which could help tell the story of lizard evolution in southern continents, paleontologists say. An artistic life reconstruction of Jeddaherdan ...
Ithaca, NY - The Museum of Earth at the Paleontological Research institution (PRI) has been awarded $137,419 in federal grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) as part of the Museums for America program.
"This new program will make our students highly valuable to a vast number of industries," said Lance L. Lambert, chair of the Department of Geological sciences and professor of paleontology. "This is a great example of the collaborative, innovative ...
But thanks to the rise of 3D imaging and 3D printing technology, the next generation of would-be paleontologists will have access to even more realistic dinosaur models.
LAWRENCE - If you stroll the halls of a natural history museum anywhere in the world and come face-to-face with the prehistoric fossil of a pterodactyl or mosasaur, the odds are good it was unearthed in Kansas.
According to new research, American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) have remained virtually untouched by evolutionary change for at least 8 million years - up to 6 million years older than previously thought.
"We are opening a new (permanent) exhibit on the 100 years of paleontology in the peace. That showcases the early geological explorations that yielded fossil finds for the last century," he said.
The scientific endeavors at the DLC span an array of disciplines, from behavior and genomics to brain sciences and paleontology. Over its history, the DLC has brought together scientists, conservation biologists and educators in North Carolina and in ...
An impressive toddler is showing the world he may have a real future in paleontology. Scottish mom Laura Hopkins posted an adorable video on YouTube of her 2-year-old son Noel identifying dinosaurs.
In August 1936, Robert Broom, a Scottish doctor with a keen interest in paleontology, visited a lime quarry in South Africa called Sterkfontein.
Part of a team of paleontologists and archaeologists, Wilkins spent the past week on Santa Rosa Island uncovering what might be a link in the evolution of a long-extinct mammoth.
Our team will seek sculls, jawbones and bones from giraffes, gazelles, apes, birds and turtles not discovered yet and have a special importance for paleontology. Theodorou's vision and dream is the establishment of a modern local museum in which will ...
Field Museum experts in zoology, paleontology, geology, and more are available to hopefully tell you more about your hidden treasure.
Now, thanks to a smattering of skull elements and other pieces found in the Hayden quarry, paleontology student Emily Lessner and coauthors have recognized that the species found there is one never seen before.
... the noted mammoth paleontologist who researched the Channel Islands and died in 2014 - has been jacketed with burlap and plaster to preserve it by the science team: National Park Service archaeologist Don Morris, paleontologist Justin Wilkins from ...
It was the greatest drama to hit the world of the dinosaurs since the asteroid hit. In the 1870s, European settlers headed west in search of land and riches found a different sort of treasure: ancient, enormous bones.
A University of Bristol-led international team of paleontologists has produced an accurate reconstruction of an exceptionally well-preserved specimen of Psittacosaurus, a Cretaceous ornithischian dinosaur from China.
"To hit this exact set of features in the American alligator, and for them to keep such a huge presence in the area that's now the Southeast U.S.
The festival will address many different branches of science - ecology, fisheries biology, geology, paleontology, soil science, astronomy, environmental remediation and botany - with presentations, tours and nature walks scheduled throughout the weekend.
Audi is working on its own self-driving car program, and it's advertising the project with a very cute, slightly poignant commercial about Tyrannosaurus rex depressed because his tiny arms are too short to do anything - but with piloted driving, he ...