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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

State Attorney Dave Aronberg speaks to members of the media during a news conference at the State Attorney's Office in West Palm Beach Thursday, May 11, 2017.
The opioid epidemic is real and it is terrifying. The statistics on the growth and frequency of overdoses in the past five years is shocking.
States that have legalized medical marijuana may soon find themselves in greater conflict with the US Department of Justice, as it seeks to end the country's "historic drug epidemic" ("Sessions seeks to prosecute cannabis dispensaries," June 14).
There is a hidden epidemic in Vermilion County, and more than 18,000 residents are potential victims. It is not a disease or a pollutant, but it is every bit as insidious.
Placards Muskegon police officers are leaving at residences and on vehicles remind residents to lock their vehicles in an attempt to combat an "epidemic" of ...
Barbara Goldner, wife of Hasbro Chairman and CEO Brian Goldner right, gets a hug from Gov. Gina Raimondo, at the May 11 groundbreaking for Brandon's Beach in downtown Providence.
A crowd hovered over the man lying on the grass as his skin turned purple. Chera Kowalski crouched next to his limp body, a small syringe in her gloved hand.
Lawmaker: Bill would strengthen tracking of pseudoephedrine sales to slow 'meth epidemic' Sunday, May 28, 2017. 'We have to wise up': Experts say no one is immune to heroin-opioid epidemic Thursday, May 4, 2017. DEA: Half of Wisconsin meth labs ...
I also can't help but think I was onto a very dark something when I called our addiction epidemic the millennials' Vietnam, except worse.
Saudi Arabia's crown prince has donated $66.7 million to combat a cholera epidemic in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition is fighting in a war blamed for causing a humanitarian disaster.
A cholera epidemic has killed some 1,310 people in war-torn Yemen since late April, the World Health Organization (WHO) said, warning that as many as 300,000 could get infected by the end of August.
NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Lynn Cooper, director of the Drug and Alcohol Division at Pennsylvania's Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association, about the Senate GOP healthcare bill.
Arkansas's pesticide regulators have stepped into the middle of an epic battle between weeds and chemicals, which has now morphed into a battle between farmers.
Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, pauses for a reporter's question as he arrives at a closed-door GOP strategy session on the Republican health care overhaul with Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell, R-Ky.
An important question for the nation as it struggles with its opioid epidemic is whether, or to what degree, Big PhaRMA is behind the disaster.
Surry County Commissioner Eddie Harris, county health director Samantha Ange, and emergency services personnel Eddie Jordon and Myron Waddell participate in a meeting Monday addressing the opioid epidemic at Partners Behavioral Health ...
teacher Arrests - A Quiet epidemic American Lens has been delving into the quiet epidemic of teacher arrests, background checks and what districts are doing - or in some cases, not doing - to ensure a safe learning environment for North Carolina children.
A former Detroit-area judge who specialized in sobriety, drug and veterans treatment is set to lead an educational presentation in Mt.
Area students are handing out free medicine timer caps at local events for a second year. An Erie County program aims to give people a better idea of what goes on in their medicine cabinets.
Seven years after its soldiers sparked the world's worst cholera epidemic in Haiti, the United Nations is finally preparing to close its MINUSTAH peacekeeping mission there.
PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) - Shannon Gilman knows all too well the dangers of distracted driving. Her daughter, Alexxys Therwhanger, died in a crash on February 19, 2016.
Out of the attempts to control the epidemic, there have been several unanticipated consequences, including substitution of heroin for the previously prescribed opiates.
A big drop in the numbers of gay men becoming infected with HIV in London may signal that the Aids epidemic in Britain can be brought to a close, public health experts believe.
Republican efforts to roll back "Obamacare" are colliding with the opioid epidemic. Cutbacks would hit hard in states that are deeply affected by the addiction crisis and struggling to turn the corner.
David Dermer/AP Niki Campana, left, and Paul Wright stand together outside the Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic, Thursday, June 15, 2017, in Youngstown, Ohio.
We applaud Williams and colleagues for highlighting the concept of the cascade of care as a useful framework to address the opioid epidemic. To make this vision a reality, there are important steps that need to be taken to develop the framework's ...
1 among 25 study states for long-term use. The impact on workers and employers is "quite literally an epidemic," says Jim Patterson, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry vice president of government affairs.
For the better half of a decade, the nation has been in the grips of an opioid crisis; the epidemic, fueled by highly addictive prescription painkillers and increasingly cheap, potent heroin, claimed more than 33,000 lives in 2015.
The most attention-getting news out of the food industry last week was Amazon's announcement Friday that it's buying Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion.
... and Santarella says the disease's current place in pop culture is an achievement in itself. "It's a good thing in that people are aware, but it's much more of an epidemic than we realized. Lyme is very real and very scary - and not going away ...
Between 2005 to 2014, emergency room visits stemming from opioid use rose 99 percent and inpatient stays jumped 64 percent, according to the Agency for healthcare Research and Quality.
Paul Wright shows a picture of himself in the hospital after a near fatal overdose in 2015, Thursday, June 15, 2017, at the Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic in Youngstown, Ohio.
Melissa Jones is on a mission to break doctors of their habit, and in the process try to turn the tide of the painkiller epidemic that has engulfed 2 million Americans. It was in doctors' offices where the epidemic began, and it's in doctors' offices ...
If there is one positive development to come out of the area's virulent opioid epidemic, it's that Greene County and Columbia County agreed to work together to combat the infiltration of narcotics in the future.
A research base has been established at a Scottish university to tackle the emerging epidemic of highly addictive new drugs.
GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) - A Grandville mom has a message to share amid the constant barrage of reports examining the overdose epidemic.
A record number of people died from overdoses last tear in Palm Beach County. What the numbers don't show is the families that are destroyed by the drugs.
It is a role Teresa Woolson never thought she would have to play - advocate to get synthetic drugs off the streets.Her son, Victor, was a student at Cayuga ...
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- As the drug epidemic continues to plague every corner of the country, more and more groups are stepping in to work towards a ...
A new analysis paints a map of the opioid epidemic. middle class Americans with private insurance are grappling with the crisis, too.
When the murder rate jumped by 5 percent nationally last year, helping Donald Trump stoke up fear of crime during his angry presidential campaign, it raised the prospect that the spiraling opioid epidemic might be birthing its own crime wave. But that ...
In this May 4, 2017 photo, Melissa Jones, right, a nurse educator with Alosa Health, speaks with Dr. Dorothy Wilhelm in an exam room at a medical office in Monroeville, Pa.
Emergency medical care providers are the front line of health care for the opioid epidemic, hourly rescuing overdose victims on the verge of death.
Twenty-four years later, Stephen Ellis still vividly remembers the struggles of alcoholism. He remembers the way it sucked him in and served as his escape.
A Kentucky community has a new resource to help fight the heroin and opioid epidemic.
Shefali Luthra/TNS Wilmington, N.C., native Kendra Williams previously used her own earnings to buy clean needles for friends injecting.
Given that CDI rates remain at epidemic levels in the U.S. and Canada, where fluoroquinolones remain unrestricted, experts agreed that antibiotic stewardship should play a major role in CDI control programs moving forward, but advocate a multi-strategy ...
That's one of the messages Chelmsford resident Jodi Tarantino hopes to convey as the new host of Airing Addiction, a weekly radio program on WTAG 580 AM ...
A research base has been established at a Scottish university to tackle the emerging epidemic of highly addictive new drugs.
Unit 104 is a 70-man pod in the Kenton County Detention Center and is part of a new approach to jail created to fight an epidemic of opiate addiction, according to the Times' report. Jail may be the last place in which to encourage or force an addict ...