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updated Thu. March 23, 2017

The 28-year-old lost six years chasing the drug. Numbing the pain. He knew if he were to save his life, it wouldn't be with methadone, an opiate used to treat withdrawal symptoms.
Therefore, instead of pursuing happiness, a vast number of disillusioned Americans have decided to pursue alcohol and drugs, which has led to an addiction epidemic. For some, the addiction epidemic is good news because it is another opportunity for ...
As heroin and its man-made cousins continue to kill Ohioans at record rates, frustrated law enforcement officials warn of the re-emergence of methamphetamine and cocaine.
Some of the youngest victims of the nation's opioid epidemic are children under age 5 who die after swallowing opioids.
Columbus, Ohio -- Hamilton County Commissioner Denise Driehaus testified this week before the Ohio House of Representatives finance Committee, asking for the state to invest nearly $1.5 million to fight the county's heroin epidemic. "I think the heroin ...
CBS46 is digging into a startling new study about renters in our region. Researchers say Fulton County is in the middle of an eviction epidemic, leading the ...
"By creating this program, we hope to help these 14 counties give the silent victims of the opioid epidemic - the children - the best care possible, while also helping their parents recover from their addiction.
The opioids addiction epidemic sweeping this country is staggering. It's a travesty, and it doesn't discriminate. It affects us all.
Shame on God! Yes he did! He created an illegal plant! marijuana! According to society and the Christian population in West Virginia.
By Emma Fabian Proposed cuts to Medicaid that will be voted on this month by our elected representatives contradict what we know about public health and ...
The researchers discovered that they only needed to expose a small percentage of a bedbug population to their new fungal-based biopesticide to achieve nearly 100 percent infection.
Instead, it is an epidemic of trauma passed from one generation to another, one neighborhood to the next. The perpetuation of trauma has been documented in the families of those who survived the holocaust, Hiroshima, the Vietnam War and Cambodian ...
These are some of the youngest victims of the nation's opioid epidemic - children under age 5 who die after swallowing opioids.
But the opioid epidemic was well underway by 2010, starting in the late 1990s as doctors began prescribing opioids in droves.
We selected the topics for the first four columns, and the topic of the fifth column was left open to the candidates to make their final cases.
TIPP CITY, Ohio (WDTN) - For the third time this month, 2 NEWS attended a community discussion on the opioid epidemic. First in Centerville, then in Waynesville and now Tipp City.
NEW YORK (FOX 5 NEWS) - Health officials say ground zero for New York City's opioid epidemic has shifted from Staten Island to the South Bronx.
"This growing opioid epidemic has caused a great increase in the need for people to be trained in how to recognize and effectively respond to an overdose," said P1 student Jennifer Lee, who was one of the students that partook in the training.
Sue Kruczek, of Guilford, Conn., holds the last photo taken in 2013 of her entire family during a May 27, 2016, news conference at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford before Gov.
An opioid is an opioid, whether you get it from a doctor or a dealer.
United Campus Ministries on Sunday held a walk to raise awareness of the global hunger epidemic. Sunday's event was part of an annual "Crop Hunger Walk".
People's personal healthcare data is coming under fire from both external and internal threats - could the cloud be the solution?
The opioid epidemic sweeping the nation was one of the topics discussed by members of the Eastern Ohio Pharmacists Association this past weekend.
There's a health tech tool that has the potential to staunch the scourge of opioid addiction and overdoses in America. The trouble is, doctors aren't using it.
Officers step up patrols after horrifying video emerges showing users of former legal high looking like zombies.
Give addicts every possible chance at recovery. That thinking is behind a robust new push to get the life-saving drug Narcan into the hands of every public.
A new study finds that poison control centers across the country field 32 calls a day from families with a child who has been exposed to opioids - that is about ...
A DRUG at the centre of an epidemic where addicts are left wandering the streets like 'zombies' was innocently invented by an American scientist while examining the effects of cannabis on the brain.
PIERRE, SD (KELO.COM) Drug crimes soared by over 12 percent in South Dakota in 2016. That number sticks out like a sore thumb in the State Attorney General's Annual Crime Report.
No apologies, no regrets, no learning from experience.
Locals including current and former drug addicts and shop owners admitted the use of heroin and other drugs is a problem but insisted that it isn't nearing ...
Open borders, government crackdown on pills causing heroin epidemic - but Trump has plan to The metal fence between Mexico (R) and the United States (L).
"This" is the epidemic of opioid addictions. One American dies from an opioid-related overdose every 15 to 20 minutes, Kelly explained.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions, left, shown meeting March 16, 2017, with major-city police chiefs including Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, second from right, says marijuana is "only slightly less awful" than heroin.
"Elderly abuse is an epidemic and it is an issue that deserves much more attention. It is shocking how management in these horrible places shamefully ignores abuse.
One Community Council member, Jayme Ferry, of the Crawford County Drug and Alcohol Executive Commission, said the coalition is working with churches to address the opioid epidemic. Ferry invited the public to attend the coalition's meetings, which are ...
According to its news release, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has launched Business Pulse: Opioid Overdose epidemic, a digital publication that examines how the agency is working to protect individuals from the epidemic. An interactive ...
Hampton Roads Heroin Working Group meets quarterly to discuss ways to tackle the opioid crisis locally. The meeting at Eastern Virginia Medical school ...
Chinese health care system and clinical epidemiology Yuelian Sun,1 Hans Gregersen,2 Wei Yuan3 1Department of Clinical epidemiology, Aarhus University ...
The Columbia County Health and Human Services Committee approved a response plan that outlines how the county will combat its opioid epidemic Thursday.
Author's note: This series has explored questions about the opioid epidemic in Wilmington. It has focused on the basics: what are opioids, who are the people using them?
Drug epidemic 'killing people in our communities'. Amy Dalrymple Forum News Service; 8 hrs ago. 031717.N.FNS.OPIOIDTALK.
WAYNESVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) - Earlier his month, the city of Centerville held a forum to talk about the growing threat of drug abuse in their community.
ELLSWORTH - Dr. David Haluska has only been practicing dentistry since 2012, but he's treated enough patients to know that there's something rotten in the state of Maine's dental health. recently spoke with Christine Leinonen, whose son Christopher "Drew" died last year in the Pulse nightclub shooting, about President Donald Trump, ...
"The truth is, we enjoy our battered tarakihi. We like the taste of L&P," David Seymour writes. For our Food for Thought series, we asked each party currently represented in Parliament how to improve Kiwis' diets.
That's higher than the more than 36,000 who died in car crashes, the more than 36,000 who died from gun violence, and the more than 43,000 who died due to HIV/AIDS during that epidemic's peak in 1995. This latest drug epidemic, however, is not solely ...
Those of us who lived through the AIDS epidemic retain one singular memory: The plague that ravaged our lives was largely invisible to others.