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updated Thu. February 23, 2017

It created the Virgin Pledge on sea mammals back in 2014, in which the company committed to only working with attractions that agreed not to take animals from the wild.
Julie Meachen, an assistant professor of anatomy at Des Moines University who is leading the new excavation of mammal fossils in the trap cave, asked Mark Clementz, a UW associate professor of geology and geophysics and director of the UW Geological ...
In 2012, the International Union for conservation of Nature listed the Madagascar natives as the most endangered mammals on the planet.
It was a furry family day at the Museum of arts and sciences in Macon on Saturday. Kids got the chance to get up close and personal with the museum's newest mammal family. They had llamas, miniature horses, lizards and more. Not only did kids get to ...
East Java, Bali and Jakarta: We have spent the past few weeks combing Indonesia for an elusive sighting of the world's most trafficked mammal. To be quite frank I had never heard of this prehistoric-looking creature before I came to Indonesia. But the ...
Marine researchers have made sure that their research drones aren't disturbing their research subjects, shows a report in Frontiers in Marine science.
Fifty-six dolphins and whales have washed up on beaches in Ireland so far this year making 2017 the worst on record for such strandings.
Waukon, Iowa (AP) - The Iowa natural resources Department has reported a rare, confirmed sighting of a predatory mammal known as a fisher.
The pangolin may not attract as much attention as elephants or tigers but these scaly-skinned creatures are the planet's most trafficked animal.
An analysis of 130 studies reveals that the threat of global warming to wildlife has been underreported.
The Jan. 26 edition of the Light featured a photograph of a badger "headed to the old Pine Cone Diner" in downtown Point Reyes Station.
If confirmed, it would make this rodent the first arboreal - or tree-climbing - mammal known to use echolocation, reports New scientist.
When you're a small pre-mammalian creature, sometimes the only way to protect yourself against fearsome predators like saber-toothed carnivores is to turn ...
WAUKON, Iowa (AP) - The Iowa natural resources Department has reported a rare, confirmed sighting of a predatory mammal known as a fisher.
"Fishers are a mammal that belong to weasel family - Mustelidae - so they have some of the same characteristics of some of our weasels and otters that are established in our state already," Evelsizer explains.
When mammalian middle ear bones develop, they begin as part of the arch of cartilage that makes up the embryonic jaw. In reptiles, these structures remain ...
The Iowa Department of natural resources is confirming the sighting of a mammal not seen in Iowa in about 150 years. Advertisement.
Say hello to an old relative of yours: Euchambersia mirabilis. An ancient cousin of the mammals, it may not seem too unusual from the outside - about half a metre (1.5 feet) long with a mouth full of sharp teeth.
The Iowa Department of natural resources is confirming the sighting of a mammal not seen in Iowa in about 150 years.
If that's confirmed, it would be the first arboreal mammal known to use echolocation. Apart from bats, dolphins, whales, rats and shrews - which use calls in the audible range - few mammals echolocate as vision is usually more efficient. But Aleksandra ...
[In Photos: mammals Through Time]. "This is the first evidence of the oldest venomous vertebrate ever found, and what is even more surprising is that it is not in a species that we expected it to be," the study's lead researcher, Julien Benoit, a ...
That includes about half of the mammals and almost a quarter of the birds on the "red list" kept by the International Union for the conservation of Nature (IUCN), according to a study published in the journal Nature climate change.
A trail camera captured this photo of a fisher in November in Allamakee County. It's the first official sighting of the mammal in Iowa since the 1800s. (Ryan Cross/ Iowa Dept. of natural resources). By KCRG-TV9 News Staff |. Posted: Wed 4:57 PM, Feb 15 ...
Google worked with the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness of the mammal's struggles. According to the WWF website, the pangolin is the only scaly mammal in the world. That features makes the pangolin one of the most trafficked animals in the world.
Africa is a tough place. It always has been. Especially if you have to fend off gigantic predators like sabre-toothed carnivores in order to survive.
That is exactly what a distant, pre-mammalian reptile, the therapsid Euchambersia, did about 260 million years ago, in order to survive the rough conditions offered by the deadly South African environment.
New Zealand is no stranger to beached whales. Every year, rescuers help refloat many disoriented mammals that get stuck in the coastal waters or sand during low tide.
Singleton says there will be all types of mammals on Saturday including lamas, monkey, dogs and goats. She said there will multiple demonstrations at mammal Mayhem including goat milking for kids and a demonstration with police dogs. There are games ...
... of threatened species have already been impacted by climate change, new research concludes. Alarmingly, this team of international researchers found evidence of observed responses to recent climate changes in almost 700 birds and mammal species.
To ensure that their research drones were inaudible to these mammals, Dr. Fredrik Christiansen (a post-doctoral fellow in Bejder's lab and lead author of the research) and colleagues measured how well the drone sounds carried into the water.
mammals? We're a varied lot. Some of us get dressed every day and head to the office, picking up a large latte on the way, while some of us climb trees in order to find a comfy branch, a perfect spot to wile away the morning.
One of our rarest mammals is thriving in some of the most unlikely parts of Essex. Dormouse numbers have dwindled dramatically in the last century but there are 35 known colonies in Essex and parts of Suffolk.
Working southwest of Wichita Falls, near the shore of Lake Kemp in Baylor County, the researchers have uncovered the skeletal remains of seven dimetrodons.
Mass Whale Death: Another 200 mammal's body surface on coast in New Zealand. Another 200 whales on Saturday were stranded on a New Zealand coastline, adding to frustration of rescuers who had battled through the day and some even defied shark ...
Working southwest of Wichita Falls, near the shore of Lake Kemp in Baylor County, the researchers have uncovered the skeletal remains of seven dimetrodons.
Researchers from the Whiteside Museum of Natural History in Seymour are unraveling an ancient mystery -- a mammal-like reptile that predates dinosaurs by 60 million years.
REIGNING Scunthorpe Rock Open champions Just mammals return to the scene of their triumph at Cafe Indiependent this Saturday (February 11).
The new scheme hopes to turn Portreath village on Cornwall's north coast into a safe zone for the UK's only spiny mammal. The project was launched at Portreath Community school recently and further meetings with residents are due to be held over the ...
In the play, the small town of West Sandy Bottoms was run by mammals. Every commercial always had a reminder of "mammals only." Then one day, a mammal went missing and the reptiles helped search. The mammals realized that they were wrong, ...
A battery made with urea, commonly found in fertilizers and mammal urine, could provide a low-cost way of storing energy produced through solar power or other forms of renewable energy for consumption during off hours.
The overbridge at Doranda, Ranchi, illuminated with LED lamp posts on Thursday and (below) IRB jawans patrol the mega sports complex in Hotwar.
Rodents sleep in bouts lasting minutes; humans sleep for hours. What are the universal needs served by sleep given such variability?
"Marine mammals and humans have interacted for at least 5,000 years," Forestell said. "During that time, humans have treated marine mammals with respect, compassion, utilitarianism and brutality. Marine mammals have generally treated humans with ...
Based on specific information that the school was keeping the mammals and birds, covered under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, the officials raided the premises in Gandhi Nagar and took into custody a Malabar giant squirrel, a ...
Doug Eckerty, R-Yorktown, wrote Senate Bill 352 after Tristan Fox, a young animal lover, contacted Eckerty after learning Indiana didn't have a state mammal. After some research, Tristan landed on the fox - coincidentally matching his last name - as ...
"Capacity, resources, roles, and responsibilities have been the focus of discussions, which will be defined in a collaborative and comprehensive New York Marine mammal Stranding Response Implementation Plan. At this time, we are pleased to announce ...
MUNCIE, Ind. - A bill authored by Sen. Doug Eckerty, R-Yorktown, to make the red fox Indiana's state mammal died. "I do not believe the bill was assigned to any committee to be heard," Eckerty told The Star Press.
His group and others had found that the genomes of bats were littered with small pieces of DNA, called transposons, that had invaded and copied themselves throughout the flying mammals' genetic material. In particular, this massive transposon ...
Missoula - Americans named bison our first-ever "national mammal" last spring. But this winter, 900 bison from the prized Yellowstone National Park herd will be shipped to slaughter.
Last year the Marine mammal Center in Marin rescued a whopping 232 elephant seal pups. Two weeks ago, the first elephant seal pup of 2017 (named Steinbot by the public) was brought in by a team of volunteers who spotted him alone on Kehoe Beach in ...