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The Australian Army is Australia's military land force. It is part of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) along with the Royal Australian navy and the Royal Australian Air Force. While the Chief of the Defence Force (CDF) commands the ADF, the army is commanded by the Chief of Army (CA). The CA is therefore subordinate to the CDF, but is also directly responsible to the Minister for Defence. Although Australian soldiers have been involved in a number of minor and major conflicts throughout its history, only in World War II has Australian territory come under direct attack. logo
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WHEN was the last time we enjoyed Anzac Day, Christmas, Australia Day, or even Easter without extreme elements from the Right or Left going off like frogs in socks about politics, religion and identity?
Battalion or Regiment: Australian Army Nursing Service. Battlefields: Egypt, India. Outcome: Returned to Australia, February 10, 1917.

At the heart of the Australian Army modernization effort is ensuring enhanced lethality and survivability for the modular force packages being shaped by a 21st century approach to force development and integration. The objective of army modernization ...
After decades of waiting, an African refugee who fled terrible conflict has been granted his wish of becoming a soldier in the Australian Army. Theogene Ngamije, from war-torn Rwanda, has become one of the army's newest recruits and is beside himself.
Resettled in Australia with his uncle and other family members in 2011, Private Ngamiji on Friday marched out from the army Recruit Training Centre as one of the newest soldiers in the Australian Army. He was given the honour of leading 23 and 24 ...
Use this content. An Australian Army Blackhawk helicopter comes in to land at Camp Rocky during Exercise Talisman Sabre in 2013.

The Indian links at Melbourne's Anzac Parade are many and varied. SUDHIR SAKHUJA reports.
Australian Army soldiers clear a roof top at the Urban Operations Training Facility, Shoalwater Bay Training Area, during Exercise Southern Jackaroo/Diamond Sprint 16.
HONOURED: Gisborne woman Ruth Newton attended a commemoration recently in a small town in France in honour of her uncle who died there in World war 1. She was treated like a VIP and was overwhelmed at the welcome she received.
The Lithgow 220 Australian Army Cadet Unit was a core part of the services in the region. It was an early start for the cadets, as they marched at the Portland Dawn Service.
VITAL SERVICE: Australian Army soldiers Corporal Ian Wilson and Warrant Officer Class 2 Cameron McKenzie with the army Logistic Training Centre's "bushmaster" tank at Bandiana.
The village has held a service every year since late December 2013, when 31-year-old Australian Army Capt. Paul McKay traveled to Saranac Lake for unknown reasons and, a few days later, committed suicide by hypothermia on Scarface Mountain in Ray ...
Fort Benning, GA (WTVM) - Australian Memorial Day was recognized as part of a tradition in a sunrise service at Fort Benning Tuesday morning.
LTGEN Campbell said the Chief of army Seminar was a shared opportunity for the Australian Army, together with its national, regional and global partners, to discuss contemporary subjects relevant to land forces.
By 1914, a Wiradjuri boy was enlisting in the Australian Army. He was part of a new country, and he carried the blood of white and black - his grandfather an Irish convict later wealthy, landed gentry.
Australian scientists are using specialist DNA technology to identify the remains of soldiers dating back to World War I. Bone fragments from 10 soldiers who served in France and Papua New Guinea are being tested in a process that until now was ...
I know these basic facts and much more because the Australian Army then, and probably now, had a fundamental bureaucratic trajectory: If possible paint it; if not possible, fill out a form.

"During World War II, nearly every eligible Torres strait Islander enlisted in the Australian Army even though they initially received just one third of the pay of white soldiers of equal rank," Mr Scullion said.
IT WAS taking a risk that inspired Mayor Tracy Dobie to join the Australian Army in 1977. Forty years on and Cr Dobie counts the discipline and mateship earned in the military as highlights of her service.
Mr Richards was one of the "forgotten fleet" of 3300 Australians who served with the Americans. They were "too young, too old, or disabled" to serve in the Australian Army, said Daniel O'Brien, the secretary of the US Army Small ships Association in ...
Yikang Feng was raised in Shanghai. His grandmother was on Mao Zedong's Long March, the famous military retreat by the communists that saved them from ...
The Australian Army's Unrecovered war Casualties unit and NSW Health Pathology's Forensic science Service have been working with more that 300 sets of remains thought to be Australian servicemen for the past few months.
Light Horse units continue in the Australian Army today, and their legacy is protected by the Australian Light Horse Association.
HEAVY MUSCLE: Australian Army soldiers Warrant Officer Class 2 Cameron McKenzie and Corporal Ian Wilson with the "bushmaster" tank at the army Logistic Training Centre's barracks at Bandiana.
MacKenzie will wear a medal belonging to Richie's wife Marilyn's late mother Margaret Twining who served in the Australian Army in World War II. Cooper will pin to his chest medals presented to Margaret's husband Colin Twining who also served in the ...
Photo: Esther MacIntyre. soldiers from Australian Army's 51st Battalion, Far North Queensland Regiment will be marching at the dawn and morning services as usual, but all services will have new aspects including Indigenous musicians and young cadets.
Australian Army Warrant Officer Craig Webb is deployed to the Sinai, Egypt, on Operation Mazurka. Picture: CPL Bill SolomouPicture: Picture: CPL Bill Solomou.
Australian Army veteran Betty Binnie gets her two remounted medals pinned to her chest by RAAF Squadron Leader Marcus Watson.
I had a wonderful time growing up with the best fun being while at Glengowrie high school where I joined the Australian Army Cadets, then the Australian Army Reserve. This began my 30-year relationship with the Australian Army. When I finished my ...
The fond appreciation for the nation's beans traces back to World War II, where Dutch and Australian commandos - known collectively as Sparrow Force - engaged in guerrilla warfare against the Japanese in what was then known as Portuguese Timor.
"At the moment we have what is called combat team Charlie, which is a mixture of army reservists that have volunteered to be part of the team who actually form part of the Australian Army short-notice readiness unit," he said. "So if we have a short ...
The event will see the Australian Army, together with its national, regional and global partners, discuss contemporary subjects relevant to land forces - the Land Forces international industry exposition will run concurrently to the seminar.
For example, in Darwin in 1920, there were sports and demonstrations on the oval and a procession comprised of returned soldiers, sailors, nurses, and school children.
Then just 17 years old, Muffy followed her friend in applying and so began the Wynnum woman's six years of service in the Women's Royal Australian Army Corp. "It was a separate corp. We were not involved with the men in any way at all," she said. "When ...
LEFT: Neil McLean during his service with the Australian Army in Vietnam. Picture courtesy N. McLean. RIGHT: At home in Russell Vale Neil McLean is a long way from Vietnam, where he was an M60 gunner.
MAJOR ROLE: Australian Army officer Captain Emma Palmer, from Repton, is part of. Captain Emma Palmer commemorates Diggers in the heart of Iraq.
Australian Army chaplain Monsignor Glynn Murphy rededicated the grave, and led a prayer for the soldier. "Today we name and honour the memory of Lance-Corporal Vivian George Taylor, whose mortal remains gives testimony to his devotion to duty and to ...
Corporal Blackhurst was killed in action on April 17, 1971 while serving with the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam. Private Thomas Douglas Blackhurst, with his dog Justin, and Lance Corporal Norman Leslie Cameron, with Cassius.
Andy Cullen speaks with former prime minister Tony Abbott during his time with the Australian Army. "It took over a year to decide to do this but I ended up getting sick of people doing what I had done - hiding, burying themselves in a bottle and ...
Glenda Humes, the eldest daughter of Captain Reginald Saunders, the Australian Army's first Aboriginal officer will be the guest speaker, while the Hellenic Presidential Guard, called the Evzones will be there.
The Japanese Imperial army had landed on the northern beaches of Papua New Guinea only days earlier and Les was part of the Australian Army's legendary 39th Battalion. The motley crew of under-trained, underprepared and under-resourced soldiers had ...
ELIJAH Ingram is an artist, a seasoned world traveler who has represented Australia abroad, and is on a path to become an engineer in the Australian Army and all before he's graduated high school. With three older brothers, a younger sister and a ...
Use this content. MAJOR ROLE: Australian Army officer Captain Emma Palmer, from Repton, is part of Task Group Taji 4 at Taji Military Complex, Iraq.
war veteran Simon Petley, 39, had a 20-year career in the Australian Army that included three deployments to East Timor, then to Iraq and Afghanistan with the 6RAR.
Maroochydore RSL president Michael Liddelow joined the Australian Army in 1974, aged 18. He spent nearly 28 years in the regular army and another 13 years in the Army Reserve before retiring in 2014.
The colorectal surgeon from Liverpool hospital is a Major with the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps of the army Reserve.
"The one thing I learnt is that an authoritarian, dictator-style of leadership doesn't sustain results." Former Australian Army major Edward Plant in uniform. Mr Plant spent 17 years in the army, training as a civil engineer before serving in a variety ...
"The one thing I learnt is that an authoritarian, dictator-style of leadership doesn't sustain results." Former Australian Army major Edward Plant in uniform. Mr Plant spent 17 years in the army, training as a civil engineer before serving in a variety ...
Australian navy Lt. Commander Kathryn McCabe, right, and Australian Army Maj. Paul Mostafa raise their country's flag while a group of Australian North Country Community College students hold up another one and local residents look on at Saranac Lake's ...
Private Jessie Starks of the Royal Australian Army 2RAR sets up a perimeter defense during a helicopter insertion exercise with US Marines in the Kahuku mountains training area during the multi-national military exercise.