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updated Mon. March 27, 2017

The March 15 request by the United States for Jordan to extradite Ahlam Tamimi, the Palestinian woman involved in the 2001 Sbarro pizzeria suicide bombing, ...
Jerusalem - The founder and chairman of the Ir David Foundation, which assists Jews in settling in Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem, will be ...
Internationally acclaimed artist Colin Davidson has painted the portraits of Brad Pitt, Liam Neeson, Queen Elizabeth and Ed Sheeran.
"Every year, I am newly invigorated to see the thousands of runners, young and old, who come from all over the country and around the world to participate in the Jerusalem Winner Marathon. "Each year, participants run through the very streets where ...
There is a scene in Danae Elon's remarkable and highly personal documentary, PS Jerusalem, in which her eldest son Tristan is walking at night with his best friend, a Palestinian named Luai.
Jerusalem (JTA) - The founder and chairman of the Ir David Foundation, which assists Jews in settling in Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem, will be awarded an Israel Prize for 2017, one of the country's highest honors. David Beeri will receive ...
In "P.S. Jerusalem," the filmmaker Danae Elon moves back to the city of her youth, where her father, the Israeli author Amos Elon, begged her never to return.
The criminal charge for Al-Tamimi, which had been under seal since July 2013, was for involvement in a suicide bombing at a Sbarro pizza restaurant in Jerusalem that left 122 injured, including four Americans. According to the U.S. affidavit, Al-Tamimi ...
Jerusalem (AP) - Israeli police have raided the East Jerusalem office of a prominent Palestinian cartographer, accusing him of working illegally on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.
There's no worry that Israel - and specifically Jerusalem - will ever disappear from the news. So let's talk about how Jerusalem has appeared through the ages. Amos Elon's older, but certainly not outdated, book Jerusalem: City of Mirrors (1989) gives ...
Tamimi had been sentenced to 16 life terms for her involvement in a suicide bombing attack on the Sbarro Pizzeria in Jerusalem in August 2001. On March 14, the FBI added Al-Tamimi, who served eight years in prison after pleading guilty in an Israeli ...
The Knesset has, for the first time, proposed a government body focused on strengthening the connection between the Jewish State and its holiest site.
Ultra-Orthodox protesters have threatened to disrupt the Jerusalem marathon on Friday unless the police release a Haredi army defector.
Startup Genome released Tuesday its 2017 report on the world's top startup economies, including some interesting additions and changes.
Israeli police on Tuesday burst into the offices of a Palestinian cartographer who tracks Jewish settlement expansion in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and detained him for several hours, accusing him of illegally working for the Palestinian Authority.
This image provided by the FBI is the most wanted poster for Ahlam Aref Ahmad Al-Tamimi, a Jordanian woman charged in connection with a 2001 bombing of a Jerusalem pizza restaurant that killed 15 people and injured dozens of others. The case against ...
An Orthodox streimel hat made of popcorn seems to have popped up (apologies) as one of the most popular (sorry) costumes in Haredi Israel this Purim.
Jerusalem (JTA) - Effigies of haredi Orthodox soldiers were hung in the Jerusalem haredi neighborhood of Mea Shearim.
Two human skeletons, military uniforms and combat helmets were unearthed Wednesday in southern Jerusalem, adjacent to kibbutz Ramat Rachel and the Arab-majority neighborhood of Tzur Baher.
A Palestinian was killed by Israeli police on Monday morning in occupied East Jerusalem after wounding two border guards with a knife, police said.
Richard Gere says Jerusalem "will get past the problems" at a press conference about his new movie Norman. Popular.
Israeli Jerusalem municipality crews on Wednesday uncovered the remains of two unidentified soldiers during excavation works in the occupied East Jerusalem ...
Israeli soldiers abducted, on Wednesday evening and on Thursday at dawn, six Palestinians, including children, in Shu'fat and Qalandia refugee camps, in addition to Silwan town, in occupied East Jerusalem. On Thursday at dawn, the soldiers invaded ...
Volunteers from ZAKA, the haredi Orthodox search and rescue organization, recovered the skeletons Wednesday at a construction site on the outskirts of the capital.
Cairo - Arab Foreign Ministers renewed their countries' full commitment to the Arab peace initiative of 2002. The ministers resolutions came during the 147th session of Arab League Foreign Ministers Council on Tuesday at the organization's general ...
The penthouse in King David St. has been purchased by a foreign resident from France.
Members of the British Pilgrimage Trust walked from Haslemere to Chichester on their annual 'micro-pilgrimage' in honour of 'Jerusalem', the song of England, and the two men who created it, anthem composer Sir Hubert Parry and poet William Blake.
The women and Tales in Jerusalem project started with 28 women, including Giat, in Ein Kerem. Today, there are close to 60 women participating, in Jewish Orthodox neighborhoods and Arab neighborhoods around Jerusalem. The goal is to help women ...
Arab League foreign ministers adopted a resolution Tuesday against any attempt to move diplomatic missions to Jerusalem, following Donald Trump's ...
Relocating the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would be a "serious threat to world peace," foreign ministers of the Arab League said Tuesday, Sky News Arabic reports.
Jerusalem's One Ring is the Destructor, a torus-shaped waste incinerator built in the Boroughs (at the heart of Moore's Northampton) after World War I. Although this incinerator was replaced by low-income apartments during the 1930s, Moore depicts its ...
In a press conference held in Jerusalem, DeSantis said he expected US President Donald Trump to take a decision to move the embassy in May, when former President Barack Obama's suspension of the US Congress resolution to move it comes to an end.
Israel Railways said, "Due to legal procedures there has been a delay in in starting construction of three transformer stations for the Jerusalem fast rail link. In order to meet the timetable, Israel Railways plans buying two mobile transformer ...
(Vatican Radio) The Apostolic Administrator for the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa, O.F.M., has sent a letter to the people of the diocese at the beginning of the season of Lent.
Governor Cuomo, who is not running for president, took a 15-hour trip to Jerusalem over the weekend. The reasoning behind this, apparently, was to show solidarity for New York's Jewish population, which has been subjected to recent rise in anti-Semitism.
Jerusalem - He toured. He prayed. He visited an ancient tomb. He broke bread, cracked jokes and even wedged in some Albany arm-twisting.
US President Donald Trump repeatedly promised the move during his election campaign and pledged to recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.
Of all the places in Jerusalem, the Western Wall, better known as the Wailing Wall, is the most unsettling as well as the most indescribably overwhelming.
Jerusalem - As destination weddings go, it wasn't too shabby. Overlooking Judaism's holiest site, the 2,000-year-old Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City, some 30 Portland-area residents gathered on a brisk Tuesday evening to do the Israeli circle ...
Last Wednesday night, Jerusalem's First Station was the spot for the local scene's monthly HappyHourJLM meetup, organized by local non-profit Made in JLM in no small part thanks to the organization's Head of Events Rachel Rosenzweig.
The longstanding conflict is rooted in a question of ownership of the land, especially of Jerusalem. At the end of World War II the entire area was equally divided between Israel and the Palestinian territory - the Palestinians being a rather loose ...
The Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem, Suheil Dawani, in his sermon, expressed "happiness, gladness and gratitude" and said the revival of the church and its activities will be a beacon of hope and faith.
Tel Aviv (JTA) - Noah Roth likes to recall two moments from Israeli marathons in which he's raced: a competitor in Jerusalem breezing by him in 2010 wearing all-black, haredi Orthodox garb but for a white athletic shirt; and a Russian woman on this ...
Yehiel Levi, the head of the Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood administration said Kiryat Hayovel, a neighborhood in southwest Jerusalem, will not include ultra-Orthodox kindergartens in public building projects as a way to put a lid on the increasingly ...
Jerusalem is known as the eternal city, a holy site for the world's three main religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
The Israeli authorities in Occupied Jerusalem have committed another gross assault on the legitimate control of Al Haram al Sharif, Islam's third most holy site.
Ramallah: A Palestinian resident of occupied Jerusalem has torn down his own house with his hands after he received demolition orders from Israeli authorities who say he built the house illegally without a building permit.
I find this is the case even with all too many of my academic colleagues, not to mention a host of others, most with an Evangelical Christian bias, who regularly "trash" the idea that this Jerusalem tomb might arguably be that of Jesus of Nazareth. It ...
The 22-year old Jerusalem (11-1-0, 7KOs) of Bukidnon said that he is ready to face another world champion to fulfill his dream to become a world champion.
Ramallah: The Israeli regime has illegally annexed the Muslim Umayyad palaces in occupied East Jerusalem to be part of the Israeli Holy Basin, which manages the holy city's Jewish sites.





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