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Iran's Gholamreza Aghazadeh felt free to ignore all diplomatic and protocol codes and openly accused Saudi Arabia's Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani of betrayal and receiving orders from Washington.
This was much less than the capacity of the Natanz site, which was developed to accommodate 54,000 centrifuges, according to Gholamreza Aghazadeh, the former head of the Iranian Atomic Organization. But the proposal was rejected. Hoping to reassure ...

[3] To illustrate this point of lack of expertise, Rouhani uses the example of the head of the AEOI, Gholamreza Aghazadeh, who believed that Iran could enrich under 20% lawfully without reporting it to the IAEA.
Ali Akbar Salehi, Gholamreza Aghazadeh, and Hossein Freidoni are said to be the candidates for heading the country's Atomic Energy Organization.
Iranian atomic energy chief Gholamreza Aghazadeh at the Natanz nuclear enrichment facility, 217 miles south of Tehran, on April 8, 2008.

Even before the official launch of the Bushehr nuclear reactor, Iranian officials have been lauding it as a victory for the Islamic republic against its enemies.
The next wave comes in mid-2006, right after AEOI chief Gholamreza Aghazadeh gave some detailed figures during an interview with Iranian TV.

According to unclassified U.S. government talking points, the clandestine facility near Qom is "intended to hold approximately 3,000 centrifuges" of an unknown type.
Tehran, Iran - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad railed against the U.S. in a speech Thursday, showing little indication of embracing Washington's offer of engagement, a day after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said time was running out ...
... a total contract estimated to be worth about $1 billion. * Sergei Kiriyenko, visiting head of Russia's state nuclear company, and his Iranian counterpart Gholamreza Aghazadeh were at the plant on Wednesday to inspect work to test how the reactor works.
"The construction stage of the nuclear power plant is over, we are now in the pre-commissioning stage," Mr Kiriyenko said.
Gholamreza Aghazadeh, the chief of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, said Iran needed to produce fuel for a second plant under construction.
The head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency, Vice-President Gholamreza Aghazadeh said in January of this year that the equipment had been "manipulated.





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