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She said UKIP needs to shed its "toxic" image and warned it risks becoming a Donald Trump-style party under the leadership of Nigel Farage and his allies.
I ALMOST feel sorry for Tom Hanley in his lonely attempts to represent the 'working class' by promoting a socialist utopia as the solution to everything.

Suzanne Evans has announced she is standing to be leader of UKIP - and vowed to make the party less "toxic". Ms Evans warned UKIP risked being turned into a Donald Trump-style party by Nigel Farage and his allies, but dismissed this strategy, insisting ...
UKIP's Suzanne Evans announces leadership candidacy. 23 October 2016 Last updated at 11:40 BST. UKIP's Suzanne Evans has announced her candidacy in the party's leadership race, saying there has been "too much testosterone" in the party in the past.
The YouGov survey found 46 per cent of members agreed with the statement "intelligence services like MI5 have been working to undermine UKIP". The poll echoes an earlier finding that almost a third of UKIP supporters believed MI5 was involved in a plot ...
And they're off! Yesterday Suzanne Evans and Paul Nuttall declared their bids to run UKIP, and already the party's second leadership election in two months looks far stronger than the first.
UKIP's most high-profile donor has backed a former aide to Nigel Farage for the party leadership amid speculation ex-deputy leader Paul Nuttall was poised to enter the race.
There is no suggestion UKIP has broken the strict restrictions on using the funds for domestic political purposes and some of these simply are simply constituency case workers.
Since Nigel Farage's latest resignation as UKIP leader, it has become clear that he is the only person who can hold the party together.
"You only have to cast your eyes along those green benches to think this place doesn't really represent modern Britain," said Caroline Lucas, the UK's only Green MP, of the House of Commons.
UKIP insiders have confirmed the party has vacated its central London office and no one has "bothered looking for a new one", leaving the troubled party without a headquarters.
The former deputy chairman, who has yet to say whether she will stand in the leadership race, aims to knock out the larger parties and see UKIP buck the recent polls and win over the voters. In her personal film for BBC1's This Week, she said: "If ...
On Monday, leadership favourite Steven Woolfe quit the party claiming UKIP is in a "death spiral" and "ungovernable without Nigel Farage leading it and the referendum cause to unite it".
Support for the UK Independence Party has has halved since the Britain voted to leave the European Union while Theresa may has extended her lead over Jeremy Corbyn, a new poll has found.
Steven Woolfe, the UKIP MEP who collapsed in the European Parliament after an altercation with a colleague earlier this month, announced on Monday he was quitting the party, calling it "ungovernable" and "riddled with infighting.
Steven Woolfe of the United Kingdom Independence Party in London in 2015. He was a favorite to lead the party until he quit on Monday.
At a meeting of our National Executive Committee this afternoon, the process was agreed for selecting who will become the new Leader of UKIP. These next few weeks will be incredibly important, in deciding which direction our party will now travel. We ...
He stood by his claim that he had "received a blow" from UKIP MEP Mike Hookem during the fracas at a private meeting at the European Parliament building in Strasbourg and revealed he had made a police complaint about the incident.
This file photo taken on March 4, 2015, shows United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe addressing supporters and media personnel in central London.
As reported by Independent UK, in an interview with the BBC's Panorama, acting leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), Nigel Farage, has walked back some of his support for United States' Republican nominee for President, Donald ...
Steven Woolfe is in a · United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage (R) arrives with the · Steven Woolfe shakes hands with party leader Nigel Farage in Central London.
UKIP MEP David Coburn has offered his support to a Russian TV network which has had its bank accounts frozen in the UK. Russia Today, which was rebranded RT in 2009, has had its accounts in the UK frozen by NatWest.
Earlier this month, Woolfe and Mike Hookem of the UK Independence Party were involved in an "altercation" in Strasbourg, France that landed Woolfe in the hospital.
Or UKIP for short." The 46-year-old leader said Theresa may's position on EU workers "shames her and it will be a stain on her government each and every day" and described the rhetoric at the Conservative conference as "stony hearted" towards foreigners.
A TEENAGE UKIP supporter has stuck his neck out for under-fire US presidential hopeful Donald Trump on national television, saying of the Republican candidate: "I like him, he's nice.
In a separate statement, William Dartmouth, UKIP MEP for the south-west of England, said he wished to "strongly disassociate myself" from Farage's seeming defence of Trump's remarks, adding that many of his fellow MEPs shared his view.
A UKIP councillor and former parliamentary candidate has announced he is defecting to the Conservative Party. Chris Wood was the UKIP group leader at Hampshire County Council but said the party had become "thoroughly embarrassing". He said his ...
Steven Woolfe is seen within UKIP as having destroyed his chances of becoming the party's next leader in the wake his much-publicised scuffle and a flirtation with the Conservatives, according to senior UKIP figures. Woolfe, the telegenic barrister ...
... declare: "I got food poisoning today." I try to look sympathetic before he added: "Don't know when I'm going to use it.
As British politicians waded into the furore over the Presidential candidate's shocking remarks, the UKIP leader admitted they were "ugly".
"UKIP the party often painted as a party of rogues and shady characters some of whom drift ever nearer to a textbook definition of daft racists has disgraced itself once again.
The rise of Donald Trump in US politics is not dissimilar to the June 23 vote in Britain to leave the European Union, according to UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage. Given the historical "special relationship" between the US and Britain ...
Looking at those expected to stand for the next UKIP leadership race with Liz Jones who sits on UKIP's National Executive Committee.
An inquiry into an altercation between two UKIP MEPs that landed one of them in hospital will begin on Tuesday, stand-in leader Nigel Farage has said.
A UKIP councillor from the Westcountry has spoken out in defence of Donald Trump after a recording emerged of the American presidential hopeful boasting about kissing and groping women.
UKIP's former deputy chairman has announced she is considering a bid for the party's leadership contest 'very carefully'.
The leader of Thanet council could throw his hat in the ring in the battle to become the next UKIP leader, we can reveal. Cllr Chris wells is pondering what would be an audacious move for the top job after a week which has seen internal divisions ...
The interim UKIP leader admitted the Presidental hopeful's lewd remarks about TV host Nancy O'Dell, which surfaced last night, were "ugly".
'This idea that companies should provide lists of foreigners - if we had suggested that, if UKIP had suggested that, they would have been shouting "fascist" up and down the street.
UKIP leadership contender Steven Woolfe has been discharged from a hospital in Strasbourg after collapsing following an altercation at a party meeting.
We're not interested in discriminating against foreigners," he said. "I'm frankly a bit shocked. I mean I really think that this proposal to publish lists is a bit totalitarian it's a bit Nineteen Eighty-Four.
john-CLEAR.png UKIP has won a crucial Council by-election in Hartlepool from Labour. The Headland and Harbour campaign was one that focused on local issues, and local policies.
Jeremy Corbyn is taking Labour ever further away from its traditional working class voters in the north and the midlands. As I say in the sun today, the party now has a leader who didn't sing the national anthem at St Paul's, a shadow Chancellor who ...
Medical examinations suggest Steven Woolfe has bruising on his face not consistent with just a fall or seizure, a spokesman for the UKIP MEP has said. Mr Woolfe was taken to hospital on Thursday after an altercation at the European Parliament in ...
UKIP's Tim Fleming was elected to the Headland & Harbour ward seat, recently vacated by Labour's Peter Jackson, due to work commitments.
UKIP's Steven Woolfe has 'reached out a hand of friendship' to fellow MEP Mike Hookem, according to a statement from Nathan Gill MEP.





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