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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

But it also must reflect the reality that just 0.4 per cent of UK journalists are Muslim, according to a study by City University in London.
Over the past few weeks, UK journalist Andy Kelly has been showing us just how deep the rabbit hole goes with @darkstockphotos - a collection of the most bleak and bizarre pictures available on sites like iStock and Shutterstock.
In January, British journalist Craig Williams conducted research and presented the idea that the guerrilla artist Banksy is Del Naja in a blog post.
The film was to begin with a shot of the Houses of Parliament. Patriotic music on the soundtrack ("Land of Hope and Glory", probably).
... a venue U2 played about nine times. Being able to attract regular crowds of about 1,000 enthusiastic punters in Cork - more than in their hometown - meant the band would use the Arc as a showcase venue for visiting record labels and British ...
Editor's note: Rob Crilly is a British journalist living in New York. He was The Telegraph's Afghanistan and Pakistan correspondent and was previously the East Africa correspondent for The Times of London.
The website, run by British journalist Martyn Williams, has been deemed a risk to national security in the democratic South, one of the most tech-savvy and connected countries on earth.
Why would the Queen be subtly hinting to Brexit during her speech? Because she cannot specifically address it. As the royal website states, the Queen "has to remain strictly neutral with respect to political matters.
Why? Because I'm female. Throughout the entire week we were in the Midlands, I don't recall ever meeting another female British journalist. There were maybe three or four, at a push, from overseas. I was introduced to a few reporters who were described ...
Martin Jay is an award winning British journalist now based in Beirut who works on a freelance basis for a number of respected British newspapers as well as previously Al Jazeera and Deutsche Welle TV.
He quoted British journalist Ben Judah of The Jewish Chronicle, who wrote of Trump's penchant for coded anti-Semitism and of a country jarringly transformed by the 2016 campaign - American Jews, who had rarely experienced the degree of discrimination ...
Another post-war British journalist was Kim Philby, who used work for various U.K. outlets as a cover for working for Mi6. In fact, that was not the only cover: Philby was working as a double agent, ... As recently as 2000, the longtime Guardian ...
I hate it when journalists write open letters to chief executives and powerful people, claiming to know more than they do. But, because I'm a massive hypocrite, I felt obliged to write.
The seeds' unfortunate side effect is well established, but an incident a few weeks ago served as an especially clear reminder: Angela Rippon, a veteran U.K. journalist, ate poppy-seed baked goods for her BBC show Rip Off Britain: Food to see if she ...
At the start of his speech, which he held in English, Schaeuble joked that it was "fantastic" to be introduced by a British journalist to speak about the future of Europe. He said border controls in Ireland were one of biggest problems in Brexit ...
The Grenfell Tower fire in Kensington has led to blanket media coverage raising serious questions over safety regulations since it left at least 79 people dead.
Piers Morgan was born March 30, 1965 and is a British journalist and television personality. Piers began his journalism career in Fleet Street as a writer and editor for several tabloid papers, including the sun, News of the World and the Daily Mirror ...
Built by the ever-excellent, Sinroja Motorcycles - based in Leicester, UK and just a few miles away from Royal Enfield's new UK HQ - the two new bikes have been revealed at the wheels & Waves festival in Biarritz, France.
British journalist Roger Boyes published an opinion piece June 7 in The Times newspaper titled "Banning the Brotherhood will make us safer.
Who is Sean Fletcher? What's his background? Sean is an American-British journalist who has become a popular face on ITV and BBC.
Taleban are the greatest people on the earth according to WITNESS Yuvone RIDLEY, the British journalist, who went to Afghanistan to report about AFGHANISTAN, TALEBAN captured this woman and treated w... Read MoreTALEBAN are the greatest ...
British journalist Will Storr's "Selfie: How We Became So Self-Obsessed and What It's Doing to Us," explores how Westerners became a bunch of selfie-shooting strivers trapped in a cycle of trying to perfect themselves - or, at least, project a perfect ...
However, the death of the journalist W.T. Stead, one of the most prominent British journalists of the time and a loud, eloquent supporter of the suffrage movement, dealt a major blow to the movement.
Yemeni journalist Abdulaziz Muhammad al-Sabri details the dangers of reporting in his country. Interview by Laura Silvia Battaglia.
He was awarded the prestigious prize at a ceremony in University College London on Thursday evening. O'Toole, an assistant editor and columnist at The Irish Times, won the award ahead of several leading British journalists. The Orwell Prize for ...
"Europe is committing suicide," says Douglas Murray in the opening words of his book. The British journalist thinks cities such as London or Malmo in Sweden have been irrevocably changed by migration.
Reni Eddo-Lodge's book, Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race, is one of the most important books of the year.
For many Northern Irish people, waking up (or in my case, staying up) on Friday morning felt almost like entering an alternative universe.
The best study of the social media shame-game is So You've Been Publicly Shamed, by the British journalist Jon Ronson, published in 2015.
When the A-level results are released a great many well-connected British journalists dare to publish articles boasting about how, with no real qualifications, they rose to become restaurant critics or society columnists.
In Washington, D.C., we're joined by Mehdi Hasan, an award-winning British journalist and broadcaster at Al Jazeera English.
Within days, May backtracked, leading one British journalist to quip it was "the first time in modern history that a party's actually broken a manifesto policy before the election.
It's not the first time the mysterious, cylinder helmet-wearing political hopeful has had a tilt. In 1987, he - or she - also ran against Margaret Thatcher.
The bespoke Blues haka which was performed prior to their win over the British and Irish Lions on Wednesday night was both "tasteless" and "inappropriate", according to a British journalist. James Corrigan of the UK's Telegraph wrote a scathing review ...
If newspaper journalism is history's rough draft, the second draft is written by journalists too, acting as quasi-Historians a few years after the fact, pumping out books like "The Exile.
A few days back, a British journalist asked me how many civil and army high ups charged with corruption and other crimes have been convicted to set 'historic' examples?
... questions · Directors · Trustees · Advertise · FAQs · Get Involved · Support Premier · Work for Us · Campaigns · Team Premier · Volunteer with Premier · News > UK > journalist Rev Giles Fraser moved to tears by support after heart attack. Giles ...
Piers Morgan was born March 30, 1965 and is a British journalist and television personality. Piers began his journalism career in Fleet Street as a writer and editor for several tabloid papers, including the sun, News of the World and the Daily Mirror ...
THE British journalist who was hailed as a hero for fending off the London Bridge terrorists with his martial arts moves has revealed what really happened during the attack.
Did this British journalist really expect him to disclose the exact date on which Israel would pounce?5. Winston probably hoped that the historical bonds between the Churchills and Zionism would work in his favor.
... policy objectives of the UAE", and that "all the activities as part of this agreement will be carried out in strict confidence".
Last week, left-wing British journalist and activist Paul Mason, formerly of the BBC and Channel 4, spoke by Skype with New Republic contributor Sarah Jaffe from Wales, where Labour is surging.
After the "One Love Manchester" concert on Sunday, the British journalist tweeted Ariana to apologize for his previous remarks about her.
Sunday newspapers changed their front pages yesterday as the scale of the London Bridge terror attack unfolded. News UK's offices are adjacent to London Bridge and Borough market where the attack happened meaning that journalists on the Sunday ...
The AMCA aims to engage the local Muslim community and help to bridge the gap between themselves and the city government. The event's keynote speaker, British journalist Mehdi Hasan, shared some ideas on how to get that process started. "I think from ...
Speaking with well-respected British journalist [Sir] Alan Cathcart for Motorcycle Magazine, Siddhartha Lal - the CEO of Eicher Motors (Royal Enfield's owners) has spoken openly about his plans for the popular brand.
A group of Scottish journalists has claimed that Freedom of Information requests north of the border are being "screened for political damage by special advisers".
Just a few weeks ago, Britain's ruling Conservative Party looked headed for a landslide victory over its rival, the Labour Party, in upcoming national elections.
In February 2008, British journalist Edward Lucas published a book titled The New Cold War: Putin's Russia and the Threat to the West.