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The sight of film crews in Cornwall is something we've got used to. The county's beautiful coastline regularly feature on our screens.
According to reports, the two young Germans arrived from Hamburg. They said that their grandfather once lived in Lubomierz and buried treasure in this area.

Patzelt noted that after the initial euphoria that followed the reunification of Germany, many Eastern Germans started to perceive the political system of Western Germany and its residents as something that deprives them of their own identity.
East Germans abandon their Trabant cars in Prague - archive. 07 Oct 1989: Many refugees hoping to settle in the west dump their communist built vehicles near the West German embassy.
BERLIN (AP) - The British Museum is serving Germans a view from London of centuries of their own history. Some 200 exhibits illustrating the complex political and cultural history of Germany, which didn't unify as a nation until the late 19th century ...
German prosecutors have dropped an investigation into a German comedian who was accused of offending a foreign leader after reciting an obscene poem about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on national television.

An investigation launched into a crime network disguised as an advertisement company uncovered that the personal information of 1.5 million German citizens were hacked, which were later used in a scam involving thousands of people.
The latest Yahoo revelations once again raise the question: Who reads all our digital communication? Marissa Mayer (picture-alliance/AP Photo/J.
The Germans also said their companies enforce strictly enforce policies against the misuse of unauthorised data access - a figure also significantly higher than in other three countries.
Germany's Muslim community opened the doors of its mosques to non-Muslims Monday to encourage dialogue and help overcome misunderstandings about Islam.
BUFFALO, NY - In 1895, when the game of basketball was just 4 years old, a group of kids from the German YMCA in Buffalo became just the second basketball team in the country.
A tradition: Henry Leschke travels from Vermont each year to play the button box at Zion German Evangelical Lutheran Church's Oktoberfest celebration in Brooklyn Heights.
If you work in an American office, you have probably eaten at your desk at some point in the recent past. We overworked, underslept, and overstressed American office workers are so paranoid about untethering ourselves from our cubicles that the "sad ...
Germans build virtual-reality death camp to help prosecute Nazi criminals. Published time: 2 Oct, 2016 11:42. Get short URL.
Deutsche Bank is getting rough treatment in the market. It is also having a hard time with its own public. The lender, founded in 1870, has turned from an object of patriotic pride into what critics on both sides of the political spectrum openly deride ...
The postwar yearning of Germans to atone for their nation's Nazi past through extravagant moral posing exacerbates the tendency.

Imagine a real-life version of "Inglourious Basterds," Quentin Tarantino's quixotic movie about Jewish avengers in World War II - but in this case involving a plot by a band of refugees to kill millions of Germans just after the war by poisoning their ...
They had a sweeper with more skill than a striker, a permed rocket-launcher who played where he chose, and a predator with 64-centimetre thighs.
Two Bangladeshi-Germans citizens were detained by Airport customs and taken into custody yesterday afternoon for allegedly carrying nine blank firearms.
Monir Ben Ali was detained with 4 of each Walther gas waffen (gas weapon) 9mm ppk and Zoraki gas waffen (gas weapon) 9mm PPK. Monir and Anisul Islam Talukder landed in Dhaka on an Emirates airlines flight around 8:40am yesterday.
The vast majority of Germans and German journalists would prefer to see a Clinton rather than a Trump presidency, and there was an unmistakable note of schadenfreude at Trump's perceived poor performance.
London - secret files released in Britain Wednesday shed new light on how a Spaniard dubbed the greatest double agent of World War II tricked Germany with false intelligence about the D-Day Normandy landings.
Charges await Danes and Germans for helping refugees. Transporting refugees out of compassion, even inside Denmark, is considered migrant smuggling.
Wakayama, Japan (September 23, 2016) - Daniel Frost's German team of Timo Chorrosch, Felix Leupold, Jeronimo Landauer and Daniel Schwarze on JJOne are the 2016 J/24 World Champions.
Through it all, Merkel, classically known as 'mutti' or mother to millions of Germans, played the role of the ultra-responsible parent, determined to keep her more wayward EU members in check.
With endless payment options from contactless to instant payments available in the western world, why is it that Germans insist on managing all their transactions in cash?
Renewable Energy News, Information and Analysis from reNEWS.
The headlines of the week of Sept. 18-24, 1916, in Galesburg were still dominated by news of The Great War. Monday the 18th told of the continued advance of British and French troops on the Somme Front.
Two women struggling with the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami in Japan, mafia in Moscow and the Swiss Alps in winter - from a look at the program, the festival coming to Portland this weekend might as well be called the Portland Worldwide Film Festival.
The first World Superseries tournament after the Olympics kicked off in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on Tuesday. German young players Lamsfuss and Seidel ...
Nearly six in ten Germans fear the Islamisation of their country, according to a new poll published by a leading Christian organisation.
Wakayama, Japan (September 21, 2016) - With five races now in the books at the J/24 World Championship, the German team on JJOne has strengthened their ...
All aboard the all-terrain! Mercedes-Benz, taking a page from the Audi Allroad, Subaru Outback and Volvo Cross Country playbooks, has kitted up the new E-Class wagon for some mild off-road adventures.
A new poll published by a leading Christian organisation reveals 57 per cent of Germans fear the Islamisation of their country - with more women (61 per cent), fearing it than men (51 per cent).
Prague, Sept 19 (CTK) - Young Czechs have invited tens of Germans deported from Czechoslovakia in the aftermath of World War Two to Prague within the reconciliation project, organiser Hana Spirkova told journalists on Monday.
Britons toasting Olympic and Paralympic sporting success helped the Big Four supermarkets enjoy their best run of sales growth for at least two years.
This included people who had immigrated to Germany themselves, people with at least one parent who wasn't a German national, and ethnic Germans or their children who had re-settled in Germany. Destatis said that this was a record level for Germany with ...
banks based in Britain will lose access to EU markets after Brexit unless the country remains in the broader European trading group that includes nations such as Norway, the head of Germany's Bundesbank warned yesterday.
Right-wing Alternative for Germany received 14.2% of the vote at the regional election in Berlin, almost catching up with Merkel's ruling CDU party which achieved its worst result in its history - namely 17.6%.
In the wake of Occupy and the best-selling "capital in the Twenty-First Century" from French economist Thomas Piketty in 2013, many Germans are actively grappling with the political philosophy of growth. Saturday's rallies, organizers said, were ...
Hundreds of thousands of people across Germany are protesting international trade deals they believe will have adverse effects on the country as a whole.
Goodwin was interested to see that popular prejudice against Germans took a different form in Victoria's day. Far from being caricatured as officious and expansionist, they were ridiculed as chaotic and ill-educated.
On the national level, Spain - a popular summer vacation spot for Germans - was the third most popular country, winning the thumbs up of 6 percent of respondents.
Germans are so fed up with Angela Merkel's open-door immigration policy they are moving to Hungary - which has built a fence to keep migrants out.
A majority of Germans support mandatory education for young unemployed refugees, and would be happy to pay for it through taxes, a new poll found.
The OECD's Health Statistics report for this year showed that Germans went to the doctor on average more than 18 times in 2008, while another OECD report showed that Germans visited the doctor about ten times each in 2013. This made Germans one of ...
Foreigners become naturalized Germans despite detractors. One million people have gained German citizenship since 2000, becoming dual nationals.
Germans flock to swim with friendly dolphin in Baltic Sea. mammal allows swimmers to embrace it and appears to beckon children to play by nudging them with its nose.
39 percent of Germans said they would be prepared to give up sex for a year., while only 27 percent said they would give up their driving licences.






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