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updated Sat. June 24, 2017

Apparently concerned that his elevation of Gorbachev to the political heights of Abraham Lincoln did not express sufficiently the full measure of his own devotion to Stalinism, Tariq Ali humbly dedicated his volume to "Boris Yeltsin, a leading member ...
Nearly 26 years ago, the then president of Soviet Union, Boris Yeltsin, had issued a decree that effectively banned Communist Party organs from operating in factories, universities and all other workplaces across the Russian Federation.
American and Russian officials are quietly working together to bury Cold War ghosts.
From Nehru to Indira and from Rajiv to Rahul, Gandhi family has seen control of Indian National Congress as its birthright. Moscow: Nearly 26 years ago, President Boris Yeltsin issued a decree that effectively banned Communist Party organs from ...
Nearly 26 years ago, President Boris Yeltsin issued a decree that effectively banned Communist Party organs from operating in factories, universities, and all ...
It depicts a smiling Boris Yeltsin, the first Russian president, holding the American flag. The headline is: "Yanks To The Rescue: The secret Story Of How American Advisers Helped Yeltsin Win.
In 1990, Boris Yeltsin chose Glinka's Patriotic Song to be Russia's anthem despite it having no words, something that made it doomed from the start (Vladimir Putin brought back the Soviet anthem almost as soon as he came to power).
Putin became prime minister in 1999 under President Boris Yeltsin and then was elected president in 2000, serving in the position until 2008, with term limits preventing a third consecutive term.
Nemtsov, former deputy prime minister under then-President Boris Yeltsin, co-chairman of the Parnas party and lawmaker of the Yaroslavl regional legislature, was gunned down in downtown Moscow on February 27, 2015.
Nearly 26 years ago, President Boris Yeltsin issued a decree that effectively banned Communist Party organs from operating in factories, universities, and all other workplaces across the Russian Federation.
These non-Rotarians so honoured include Saint Mother Teresa, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, former Russian president Boris Yeltsin, U.S. astronaut James Lovell and entertainer Pearl Bailey. In 1978, the 25,000th Paul Harris Fellow was named.
This effort came to be known as the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program, and June 17 marked 25 years since the signing of the first general framework agreement for CTR-funded projects by presidents George H.W.
There is at least one truly unguarded moment in The Putin Interviews, Oliver Stone's new four-part documentary series: Putin is showing Stone aerial spy footage ...
But he became friends with Russia's first president, Boris Yeltsin - even going to the bathhouse together. Yeltsin dreamed of a Europe that would include Russia as it included Germany.
WASHINGTON - President Bush and Boris Yeltsin today concluded a summit capped by a sweeping arms accord and fresh congressional support for Russian economic aid.
On June 17, 1972, five burglars were arrested inside Democratic national headquarters in Washington, D.C.'s Watergate complex.
Having led the German government for 16 years, from 1982 to 1998, Helmut Kohl was able to work with the last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the first Russian one, Boris Yeltsin. Both men spoke of the German leader in excellent terms, despite the ...
In 1992, President George H.W. Bush and Russian president Boris Yeltsin signed a breakthrough arms-reduction agreement. In 1994, after leading police on a slow-speed chase on Southern California freeways, O.J.
Boris Yeltsin and Helmut Kohl were friends, she said. "Germany's chancellor had personal, friendly, rather than just partner relations with Russia's first president.
The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center and Sinbad Publishing House have published "A Personal Life," the memoirs of the wife of Russia's first president, Boris Yeltsin. RBTH is the first online media to publish excerpts related to the presidential ...
In 1996, Russian voters went to the polls in their first independent presidential election; the result was a runoff between President Boris Yeltsin (the eventual winner) and Communist challenger Gennady Zyuganov. In 2015, real estate mogul Donald Trump ...
But exactly one year later, on June 12, 1991, Russians elected Boris Yeltsin, a Communist Party functionary gone rogue, to be their president.
In 1996, the White House and President Bill Clinton personally mounted a massive campaign to secure the reelection of Boris Yeltsin, whose comprador regime had been installed in the first place to oversee the dissolution of the Soviet Union and ...
Boris Yeltsin was very unpopular, but the '96 election of Yeltsin was a complete fraud; the U.S. supported the election to make things work, and gave him an [International Monetary Fund] loan before the election.
After Sobchak's defeat in 1996, Putin moved to Moscow where his organizational skills and KGB experience caught the attention of Boris Yeltsin's administration. He was selected to head the Federal Security Service (FSB) and Yeltsin's Security Council.
A peace treaty was signed in 1997 between then-Russian president Boris Yeltsin and Chechen leader Aslan Mashkhadov, but it did not stop the unrest.
Rotary club of Lunenburg President David Penney wrote in his letter to Blackman that "many recipients of the award serve humanity in relative obscurity, while some are internationally known, such as Jimmy Carter, Boris Yeltsin, astronaut James Lovell ...
Like thousands of other foreign Publishers, scholars and journalists who streamed to Moscow in January 1992, I had come to the state archive after Boris Yeltsin's proclamation in December 1991 that he would open the secret Soviet archives. (I went on ...
Russia's G-8 membership was seen to advance Boris Yeltsin's choice of pursuing democracy and a market-based economy, but was always tenuous, Baunov said.
The mess of intersecting investigations, leaks, pained howls and invective from pro-Trump and anti-Trump politicians is, to Putin and Lavrov, something right out of 1990s Moscow, in which President Boris Yeltsin - a big, clumsy populist not unlike ...
Vladimir Putin holds press conferences. Hassan Rouhani has a twitter account. Robert Mugabe might reply to politely worded letters.
But for every such episode of confrontation there are countless other examples of the US extending the hand of genuine friendship to Russia.
His work brought him contact with then-Russian President Boris Yeltsin and future President Vladimir Putin. Caputo also did work briefly for President Trump's campaign.
He was the only Western photographer in Russia's White House in 1993 during an attempted coup against the president, Boris Yeltsin. Trapped inside, amid shelling and gunfire, Mr. Greene continued to take photographs throughout the building, capturing ...
As he stood next to Russian president Boris Yeltsin in the Kremlin, came this question from a reporter: "Sir, you were just speaking of the challenges that we face as a nation.
In the words of Sergei Kovalyev - a human rights activist and politician who once served as a human rights adviser to former President Boris Yeltsin - punitive psychiatry is part of a long-standing effort by authorities to enforce political conformity ...
He was the only Western photographer in Russia's White House during an attempted coup against the president, Boris Yeltsin. Trapped inside, amid shelling and gunfire, Mr. Greene continued to photograph throughout the building, capturing two images that ...
At the time of his assassination, Boris Nemtsov, a former First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in 1998 under President Boris Yeltsin, was the co-chair of the PARNAS party ("People's Freedom Party for Russia without Lawlessness and corruption") and a ...
The United States has consistently created mischief in countries bordering the Russian Federation and within Russia itself in order to put pressure on a state which unlike the one headed by Boris Yeltsin has not been inclined to bow to the foreign ...
Conradi analyses the various facets of the slow decline in mutual friendship between Russia and the West since the late President Boris Yeltsin: the expansion of NATO among former communist countries; the problem of Ukraine, "almost equally divided ...
In the 1990s it resorted to nuclear sabre rattling in the face of Western criticism of its war in Chechnya. Boris Yeltsin, on his last foreign trip as Russian president in 1999, reminded Bill Clinton that Russia as a nuclear power "won't let the US ...
Some attempts were made in the early 1990s to build a closer relationship with Russia, particularly when it was under Boris Yeltsin. In 1997, Russia joined the G7. Earlier, in 1994, it had joined the NATO's Partnership for peace programme. Russia ...
Russia's tumultuous Boris Yeltsin era had come to an abrupt, shocking end on New Year's Day, when the Russian president who had brought down the Soviet Union and turned his country into a chaotic, fledgling democracy announced his resignation.
Abramovich was reportedly the first person to recommend Putin in the late 1990s as a successor to then-president Boris Yeltsin. He interviewed candidates for the Kremlin's first cabinet and served for more than seven years as governor of the remote ...
A team of US political consultants operating clandestinely in Moscow was paid $250,000 plus expenses to help a very unpopular Boris Yeltsin get re-elected as Russia's president in 1996. After Yeltsin's victory a Time Magazine cover story credited the ...
The ceremony was attended by the Russian president Boris Yeltsin. The British royal family was represented at the funeral by Prince Michael of Kent.
Then U.S. President Bill Clinton thought that admitting Russia to the exclusive club would lend international prestige and encourage its first post-Soviet leader, Boris Yeltsin, to consolidate democratic gains and hew more closely to the West. Clinton ...
Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have left a legacy that makes it hard for Trump to manoeuvre. They have trampled not so much on Putin but on Russia's core interests.
1999 - Russian president Boris Yeltsin dismissed Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov and named Interior Minister Sergei Stepashin as his successor.
There is a reason why every U.S. president has worked with unsavory regimes (think Carter and the Shah of Iran, Reagan and Central America's right-wing dictatorships, Clinton and Russia's Boris Yeltsin, and George Bush and Saudi Arabia): because ...




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