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Various East European leaders such as Vaclav Havel of the Czech Republic and Boris Yeltsin of the Russian Federation cited RFE/RL's importance in ending the Cold War.
This led to the temporary reign of the drunken Boris Yeltsin who - as recounted in Strobe Talbott's memoirs - was putty in the hands of Bill Clinton.
Welcome to the Yeltsin Center, dedicated to this Urals industrial center's most famous native son, Boris Yeltsin. There are few things that get Russians hot-under-the-collar faster than bringing up Yeltsin and the stormy transition he presided over in ...
... the House of the government, also known as the "Russian White House". A paradigm of Soviet constructivism, the building suffered severe damage during the 1993 Constitutional crisis when Boris Yeltsin ordered a tank shelling of his parliament opponents.

Boris Yeltsin, the first democratically elected president of Russia, then a subordinate part of the Soviet Union, called for resistance.
In 1998, then Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto made what became known as the "Kawana proposal" to then Russian president Boris Yeltsin. Under the proposal, a border would be drawn north of the four islands, while Japan would for the time being cede ...
WHEN Boris Yeltsin walked out of his office for the last time, at the end of 1999, he famously told Mr Putin: "Beregite Rossiyu!
I heard numerous Russian journalists say things like that after the 1996 presidential election, in which President Boris Yeltsin defeated Communist challenger Gennady Zyuganov. Yeltsin started far behind in the polls, but his campaign, run by his ...
I heard numerous Russian journalists say things like that after the 1996 presidential election, in which President Boris Yeltsin defeated Communist challenger Gennady Zyuganov. Yeltsin started far behind in the polls, but his campaign, run by his ...
Obama also failed to remember Bill Clinton comparing Boris Yeltsin to Abraham Lincoln, back in the nineties. The high praise was for suppressing the Chechen rebellion.
When he succeeded Boris Yeltsin, he inherited an economy in tatters. democracy may have given the Russian people freedom, but it could neither feed them nor clothe them.
Moreover, the "unusual" public behaviour of such figures as former Russian president Boris Yeltsin or his Polish counterpart Aleksander Kwasniewski often reinforce these stereotypes.
"But here too it's necessary to remember Serbia's betrayal by Boris Yeltsin and his entourage. In 1999, Yugoslavia was not accepted into the Russian-Belarusian union state, Yeltsin refused to arm Milosevic with S-300s, and Russian airborne forces were ...
A paradigm of Soviet constructivism, the building suffered severe damage during the 1993 Constitutional crisis when Boris Yeltsin ordered a tank shelling of his parliament opponents. Credit: Alexander Shalgin/TASS, Lori/Legion Media. Today, Russia's ...

Published Oct. 17 at 2:40 pm. Russian president Vladimir Putin listens to journalists' questions during a press conference with his Turkish counterpart in Konstantinovsky Palace outside Saint Petersburg on August 9, 2016.
Once Boris Yeltsin's post-Soviet Russia ceased military support for the Kabul regime, Washington got its wish. Yet the incoming Clinton administration did little to fill the vacuum and allowed the Taliban to assume power and harbor al Qaeda.
Additionally, they have the same "minor angst of a teenage band" sound as Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Final thoughts: From Indian Lakes is one of those bands where you know, even before the album comes out, that it's going to be good.
It was the winter of India's discontent. Boris Yeltsin was in power in Russia. In his rare sober moments, he used to rail against India.
TV rottweiler Jeremy Paxman has an anecdote in his memoirs that neatly illustrates how international relations work. When John Major was PM he asked then Russian president Boris Yeltsin: "Well, Boris, in a word, how is Russia?" Yeltsin replied: "Good.".
He has a reputation for drinking like he misses Boris Yeltsin, chain-smoking, and fighting tooth and nail to defy the United States.
One sign of Russia's growing disillusionment with the West was seeing a series of generally pro-Western prime ministers under President Boris Yeltsin succeeded by the enigmatic but decidedly more nationalistic Vladimir Putin. And as Yeltsin's successor ...
This was the name given to Kiriyenko in 1997 when President Boris Yeltsin suddenly recommended him to the Russian parliament, or Duma, as the youngest Russian prime minister in history.
Relations with Russia, which were strained for the duration of Boris Yeltsin's presidency, warmed again when Vladimir Putin took office.
Washington wants Russia to capitulate to its global hegemony, to revert to its pathetic vassal status as was seen under the weak post-Soviet leadership of Boris Yeltsin. When Putin assumed power 16 years ago, Russia stopped being an American shoeshine ...
In a ceremony in 1998 attended by Russian president Boris Yeltsin and 50 or so Romanov relatives, the remains were reburied in the family crypt in St. Petersburg.
The Kremlin published a decree on the appointment of Kiriyenko, who briefly served as prime minister under Boris Yeltsin in 1998 during an acute financial and economic crisis.
... Starbird encountered him in the 1940s, become the symbolic hope for those wishing to restore some form of democracy in the Soviet Union, something that would not occur until the accession of Boris Yeltsin in 1991, 21 years after Kerensky's death in ...
Had Trump not fan-boyishly extolled Putin - whom I encountered when I was trying to help Russian liberal reformers back when he was Boris Yeltsin's new intelligence chief and still ostensibly part of the big pro-democracy family - as anything more ...
"The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center and Museum in Yekaterinburg is an architectural wonder. The mayor is a lanky 6-foot-5, 54-year-old runner straight out of central casting, vibrant and impressive, who began his career as a poet," the analyst said.
He created the modern protocol procedures for USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev, advanced it during Russian president Boris Yeltsin's rule and became the presidential advisor of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. In an interview to, ...
Thousands of youths protested the hard-line Aug. 18-21 coup, demonstrating and building barricades at the Russian parliament building, headquarters of the resistance led by Russian president Boris Yeltsin. 50 years ago: 1966. Memphians impressed by the ...
Nemtsov, who was 55, served as first deputy prime minister under President Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s. But after falling out of favour with Yeltsin's successor, Mr Putin, he became an outspoken opposition politician, attacking the government over the ...
"Our best guys, the most honest guys, they all died during the first Chechen war," he said, referring to the war launched in 1994 by Russia's then-president Boris Yeltsin. Looking at one of the few remaining buildings in the Chechen capital of Grozny ...
In others, there was simply no appetite to challenge the newly elected President Putin when the hope was that he could be a more viable and reliable partner than his ailing and alcoholic predecessor Boris Yeltsin. Whatever the reason, the lesson ...
During the 10 years from 1991 to about 2001, while taking many bows for its Cold War "victory," Washington worked with the new Moscow government led by pliable alcoholic President Boris Yeltsin to eliminate the last vestiges of socialism and to in time ...
(AP Photo/ Mohamed El-Dakhakhny, File). FILE - In this Oct. 1996 file photo, Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, right, shakes hands with former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres at the Sharm el Sheikh resort in the Sinai Peninsula for talks on the Mid.
On the one hand, Putin has allowed the FSB to absorb pieces of the old KGB, chopped off when Boris Yeltsin tried to dismantle the once all-powerful Soviet security apparatus in the early 1990s.
The Soviet Union was dissolved on Boxing Day 1991 after Mikhail Gorbachev, the eighth and final president, declared his office extinct and handed power to Russian president Boris Yeltsin. But Mr Putin said the Communist Party should have transformed ...
If such a move happens, it would resurrect the old structure of the KGB, which was split into separate agencies after the 1991 Soviet collapse as Russia's first president, Boris Yeltsin, sought to limit its clout. Naryshkin reportedly has known the 63 ...
... Kyiv Mohyla Academy, which included a lecture given by Satter to first-year political science students, the author said the main reason for writing his fourth book was to create a truthful chronicle of key events in post-Soviet Russia - Boris ...
He resigned and handed over leadership to Boris Yeltsin. Do you know that 13 other associated republics followed suit? It was humiliating for the central government, and may account for Putin's modern threats to re-acquire some of these territories ...
1993: Russian president Boris Yeltsin dissolves Parliament. Hard line lawmakers subsequently vote to impeach him and hole up in parliament building.
The city where Russia's first elected president, Boris Yeltsin, arrived on the political scene, serving as mayor in the late 1970s, Yekaterinburg has great infamy as the location for the execution of the last Tsar and his family in a basement in 1917 ...
The policies being pushed on Russia by the unpopular President, Boris Yeltsin, who was backed and funded by the Clinton administration, had catastrophic economic results.
This past Sunday, as most of Russia focused its attention on parliamentary elections, the country's most popular daily, Kommersant, broke news of a story that, if true, could have consequences that last far beyond this latest round of Duma reshuffling ...
1993: Russian president Boris Yeltsin suspends parliament and scraps the then-functioning Constitution, although he didn't have the constitutional power to do so, thus triggering the Russian constitutional crisis of 1993.
In 1991, he urged Russian president Boris Yeltsin to reserve the right to revise borders if the Ukrainians were to declare independence.





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