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updated Mon. April 16, 2018

Although "Jewberg" has often been quoted as being a Pentagon insider by Ukrainian and Russian media, he is evidently a fake composite character and "the U.S. Department of ... "Jewberg" is best known for running a popular Facebook page used to post anti-Kremlin, anti-Trump sentiments in the Russian language. Pentagon official
Monday was the deadline for the Russian Consulate to close in Seattle. Security officers from the U.S. State Department stood guard outside the office suite, which was the last Russian Consulate on the West Coast. A sign with orange writing behind officers, in the entry of the consulate, read "Closed.".

The officials went even further, saying only a person with key training involving the nerve gas could've carried out the attack. U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and other world leaders already blamed Russia for the poisoning. More than two dozen countries -- including the U.S. -- have expelled ... Kremlin Spy
British officials say sophistication of chemical attack is proof of Russia's involvement: Report ... British authorities investigating the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal on U.K. soil believe the sophistication of the chemical attack demonstrates that it was likely approved by the Kremlin, a ...
The Kremlin foreign policy adviser, Yuri Ushakov, said in Moscow that Mr. Trump, in a telephone call with Mr. Putin on March 20, proposed that the two leaders meet at the White House in the near future. Mr. Ushakov made clear that the Russian leader would like to take him up on the suggestion. "This is ...
Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has accused the UK and US of seeking to stop her country hosting this summer's World Cup. Speaking in a lengthy interview with a Russian TV channel, she said their "main aim" was to "take the World Cup out of Russia". The UK has been ...

LONDON -- British officials investigating the poisoning of Sergei V. Skripal, a former Russian double agent, believe it is likely that an assassin smeared a ... This operation is seen as so risky and sensitive that it is unlikely to have been undertaken without approval from the Kremlin, according to officials ... Spy UK
WASHINGTON – Russia's alleged use of a chemical weapon on British soil is a sign that the United Kingdom and its allies must rethink what deterrence ... a chemical agent developed under the Soviet Union; in response, the U.K. and its NATO allies have expelled a number of Russian officials from their ... Spy UK
Preparations for the road to Russia kicked off in September 2014 not only for the 32 participating teams, but also for the initial group of 53 FIFA referee trios from around the world. The choice of the final group of match officials selected to officiate at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ was based on each ... Spy UK
The U.S. move was in response to the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy and his daughter in an English city, which British authorities blame on Russia. ... It was not immediately clear if her condition would allow her to talk with British or Russian officials about the March 4 poisoning in Salisbury, England. Spy UK
Yet when the president finally authorized the major policy shift, he told his aides not to publicly tout his decision, officials said. Doing so, Trump argued, might agitate Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the officials. "He doesn't want us to bring it up," one White House official said. "It is not ... Spy UK
U.K. officials believe Russia is behind the attack, which they say deployed high concentrations of a military-grade chemical weapon known as Novichok. ... The Kremlin, for its part, has dismissed the claims as "as part of a large-scale political provocation," saying the U.K. has failed to adequately provide ... Spy UK
MOSCOW, March 28. /TASS/. Official representatives of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Russia are working for the Embassy and have a diplomatic status, Russian MP and former head of the Federal Security Service Nikolai Kovalev told TASS. Earlier, a number of countries claimed that some of ... Spy UK
Approvals are still needed from Russian, Finnish, Danish and Swedish authorities. Nord Stream 2 AG, the company behind the pipeline and a subsidiary of Russian state-controlled energy firm Gazprom, said it was "pleased" with the result and hoped to secure the outstanding permits "in the coming ... Spy UK
WASHINGTON — A top Trump campaign official had repeated communications during the final weeks of the 2016 presidential race with a business ... for Mr. Gates and Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump's campaign chairman, as part of their earlier representation of Russia-aligned parties and politicians in Ukraine, ... Spy UK
The Kremlin said in a statement that Putin and the Serbian president discussed the issue of Kosovo "in the context of the provocative action by Pristina authorities" against Djuric. Earlier on March 28, Kosovo's Serb minority demanded that the country's interior minister and police chief resign over the arrest ... Spy UK
Several Russian officials and pro-Kremlin commentators have accused the country's opposition of trying to take advantage of a blaze at a shopping .... Members of a “citizen's action group” who met Putin said they believed hundreds had been killed in the fire, although the official death toll remained at 64. Spy UK

Thousands of people have protested in the Siberian city of Kemerovo, angry at Russian officials over the leisure complex fire that killed at least 64 people, 41 of them children. President ... Many demonstrators said they did not trust the authorities and did not believe the announced death toll was accurate. Spy UK
GREENE: All right, so that's one thing we're watching - Russia's next move here. But also, what does this tell us about President Trump days after he gave Vladimir Putin a friendly congratulations for winning another six years as Russian president? I want to bring in Kori Schake. She worked on the White ... Spy UK
Venezuela owes Russia some $3.15 billion over the next 10 years, but the South American nation will not be paying its debt using its petro cryptocurrency. ... However, this report is "fake news," Kozhin claimed, saying that Russian financial authorities never "participated in this project," adding that a meeting ... Spy UK
After the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain, the Trump administration had been largely silent until the actions against Russian officials on ... spoken words of congratulations to President Vladimir Putin after his re-election and its acknowledgment of the strong actions taken toward Russia by the ... Spy UK
MOSCOW, March 26. /TASS/. Chain stores offering paper bags instead of plastic ones to consumers should be supported, Russia's Special Presidential Representative for Nature Protection, Ecology and Transport Sergei Ivanov said on Monday. "I already said that chain stores should be stimulated to offer ... Spy UK
Yoshkar-Ola city hall officials threatened to seize Sokolova's two underage children, the RFE/RL news website affiliate Idel.Realii cited the head of a local teachers union as saying Monday. The outlet reported that the local human rights ombudsman was unable to solve the disagreement, while the deputy ... Spy UK
The Russian authorities looking into the cause of the fire in Kemerovo, an industrial city of about half a million people more than 2,000 miles east of ... The Investigative Committee of Russia, a law enforcement agency, said that five people involved in the ownership and maintenance of the building had been ... Spy UK
“Two Russian diplomats identified as undeclared intelligence officers will be expelled by the Australian Government for actions inconsistent with their status, pursuant to the Vienna Conventions,” Mr Turnbull said in a joint statement with Ms Bishop. “The two officials will be directed to depart Australia within ... Spy UK
Of the roughly 100 Russian diplomats and officers stationed in Canada, four will now be expelled in retaliation for Russia's involvement in a chemical attack that left a former double agent ... For years, British law enforcement asked for help from Russia in identifying those responsible but the Kremlin refused. Spy UK
While a half dozen former State Department and NSC officials who spoke to CNN all agreed more should have been done to counter Russian misinformation in the lead-up to the 2016 election, they disagreed on what tactics could or should have been implemented to deter it. "I would have loved to have ... Spy UK
Growing hostility from US President Donald Trump means Iran must strengthen its ties with Russia and China, a top official said on Saturday. "The use of radical elements hostile to the Islamic Republic shows that the Americans are trying to increase the pressure against Iran," said Alaeddin Boroujerdi, ... Spy UK
"In no way, have the Russian financial authorities ever participated in this project. During the course of the meeting held on February 21, 2018 in Moscow, Venezuela's Minister of Economy and Finance Mr. [Simon] Zerpa indeed handed over a booklet on the cryptocurrency to the Russian Finance Minister ... Spy UK
Russia's Foreign Ministry says Moscow is not aware of immediate plans by any European countries other than Britain to expel Russian diplomats. Several European Union countries say they plan to take measures against Russia over the poisoning of a former spy in the English city of Salisbury, and some ... Spy UK
"Maybe they are not even Russians, but Ukrainians, Tatars or Jews, but with Russian citizenship, which should also be checked," he said. Throughout the interview, which was conducted on March 1 and 2 in Russia, Putin rejected the notion that the Kremlin was involved in the election process. When asked ... Spy UK
It's Julia Samoylova's time to shine today as the official Russian entry for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest has been unveiled and released! ... The artist was internally selected following the debacle of Russia's 2017 bidding participation, which saw the nation eventually withdraw from the competition. Spy UK
The US legislation, passed in 2012, was designed to punish Russian officials involved in the death in custody of the lawyer Sergei Magnitsky while he was investigating official corruption. It has since been extended to apply worldwide, with the US authorities publishing a list of "gross violators of human ... Spy UK
Mattis, speaking late Saturday on a military plane en route from Washington, D.C., to the Middle East, said he saw no change in Russia's military capabilities in Putin's presentation, which showed cruise missiles that could strike U.S. cities. Regardless of ''how much money they want to put into this arms race ... Spy UK
Eric Fey, the Democratic director of elections for St. Louis County, will serve as a short-term observer of the Russian presidential election. file photo | Stephanie Lecci ... On election day, they'll watch the communication with election officials, the polling stations and the counting of ballots. While the election in ... Spy UK
British authorities have advised members of the public who may have been in attendance at a pub or a restaurant in Salisbury, England to wash their ... The elder Skripal was imprisoned in Russia in 2006 for spying on behalf of the British but traded to the UK in 2010, and British officials suspect that the ... Spy UK
An official from Slutsky's Liberal Democratic Party has proposed pulling TV Rain's parliamentary accreditations. The accusations around him have grown into an unusual scandal in Russia, where such allegations around senior officials have rarely been reported and the groundswell of anger against sexual ... Spy UK
Russian officials have considered a number of amendments to the draft law “On Digital Financial Assets” during a meeting of the Ministry of Economic ... 1, German authorities have made a similar decision to exempt cryptocurrency transactions from taxes when they are used as a means of payment. Spy UK
Several dozen people, including children, emerged from Russia's west London embassy on Tuesday morning, carrying suitcases, bags and pet carriers. .... Glushkov, 68, was an associate of Boris Berezovsky, a Russian oligarch and strong Kremlin critic who died under disputed circumstances in 2013. Spy UK
Russia's top court ruled Tuesday that the Telegram messaging service, with 9.5 million active Russian users, must hand over encryption keys to authorities. The Britain-based messaging app company, with 100 million global users, now has 15 days to provide communications regulators in Russia with the ... Spy UK
"We regret that instead of a proper official clarification on the issue the foreign secretary chose to threaten Russia with retribution," it read. Russia had not received an official request from British authorities to assist in the investigation, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters ... Spy UK
He was on a recent Treasury Department roster of prominent Russian officials and oligarchs. Tuesday's court hearing ... The Ukrainian authorities had begun their own investigation into payments for the report after Mr. Yanukovych fled Ukraine for Russia amid a popular uprising in 2014. Mr. van der Zwaan ... Spy UK
Dengov said at the Valdai Discussion Club in Moscow Tuesday that Russia is focusing on solving Libya's crisis and backs UN-led efforts in that regard. "We have to discuss the Libyan crisis with those players in order to reach a solution and as President Putin said (Libya is a country filled with knots that ... Spy UK
Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin is one of the Russian officials who will remain under EU sanctions. ... The entity list is dominated by Russia-backed battalions operating in eastern Ukraine and Crimea as well as companies from the Ukrainian peninsula, which was annexed by Moscow in 2014. Spy UK
Cairo - The planned resumption of Russian flights to Egypt over two years after they were banned by Moscow over security concerns has been ... in Cairo as part of the reopening of the route, initially planned for February, they said, hinting that the main requirements placed by Russia have been met and the ... Spy UK
Both Sozin and the official statement from the delegation claimed meldonium would not help a curler. The delegation said ... Although Russia is technically banned from the Pyeongchang Games, there were 168 Russian athletes cleared by the International Olympic Committee to compete. And Russia also ... Spy UK
Instagram said it had no comment on Russia's threat. YouTube didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. YouTube told the Times it hadn't yet figured out how to react. Navalny, in an interview with the The Times of London published Wednesday, called for both companies to resist the demands ... Spy UK
The United States is also targeting several Russian officials, including Andrey Cherezov, a deputy energy minister in Russian President Vladimir Putin's ... “If U.S. authorities prefer to break economic and other ties with Russia, it is their right — just as we reserve the right to respond,” the Foreign Ministry said ... Spy UK
This article is part of our partnership with OVD-Info, an NGO that monitors politically-motivated arrests in Russia. Please remember that you can get advice about what to do if you are arrested via our telephone hotline 8-800-707-05-28, this cartoon, and our detailed instructions. We also provide a bot in the ... Spy UK
A Russian cinema has stopped screening UK comedy The Death of Stalin, which was earlier banned by the government. Moscow's Pioneer Cinema said it had been forced to act for "reasons beyond our control" and promised to refund customers who had bought tickets. Hours earlier police visited the cinema, without giving ... Spy UK


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