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Just a few days before the earthquake last year, the government's way of tackling the swine flu outbreak, or rather its half hearted response, in Jajarkot had put the lives of thousands of people living in and around the area at risk. This had raised ...
The districts with the possibility of olive cultivation include Bajhang, Achham, Rukum and Jajarkot. Oil produced from olive seeds are used for the treatment of cancer and various skin diseases and fetches up to 2500 rupees in the Nepali market.

The EWARS was established in 1997 to improve the disease reporting mechanism. The EDCD has often been criticised for its slack response especially during the 2009 cholera outbreak in Jajarkot that took more than 300 lives. A team from the department, ...
Pratap Bali, 68, of Punma VDC, convicted by District Court, Jajarkot for the rape, has been arrested on Sunday. District Court, Jajarkot had announced a three-year jail term on Bali for raping a woman in 2041 BS. Bali was arrested and presented before ...
Jajarkot, Oct 18: A man here was arrested by the police and sent to prison in a rape case dating back to 32 years ago. Pratap Oli, 68, of Punma-5, Jajarkot who had been convicted of rape and sentenced to three years in prison 32 years ago, was ...
police apprehended Oli from his current residence in Bherimalika Municipality-6 in the district. Oli was convicted of rape and sentenced to three years in prison.

An issue that troubles elderly Sher Bahadur Khatri of Khagenkot VDC-6 is the gradual decline of traditional folk culture and practices during Dashain festivities in the district.
Bohora was arrested from Musikot Municipality in Gulmi district while Devkota from his hideout at Magma of Rukum district, the District police Office, Jajarkot said. Bohora had been running an eatery at Patukhola in Musikot Khalanga of Jajarkot district.
Jajarkot, Oct 14: One thing that hurts elderly Sher Bahadur Khatri of Khagenkot VDC-6 here is the gradual decline of traditional folk culture and practices during the Dashain festivities in the district.
The dearth of rice at the Nepal Food corporation depot in Jajarkot has forced hundreds of locals to return empty-handed. Lok Bahadur Singh, a local from Nayakdanda, said he was sent back empty-handed from the food corporation depot yesterday.
Jajarkot, Oct 5: The festive mood in Jajarkot district has been dampened as the rice depot in the district has run out of stock in the midst of Dashain festival.
According to Pathak, traders bring goats from districts like Udayapur, Sindhuli, Khotang, Siraha, Salyan, Dang, Kailali and Jajarkot. The association estimates that traders and Nepal Food corporation (NFC) will sell around 50,000 goats in the Kathmandu ...
"We recovered three rounds of bullets used in Chinese pistol, nine rounds of INSAS rifle bullets, and 568 rounds of bullets for AK 47 rifle," informed police Inspector Hikmat Bahadur Bohora, acting police chief of District Police Office (DPO), Jajarkot.
Jajarkot: police on Sunday said that they arrested a woman for fleeing after deserting her newborn in a bush in Bherimalika of Jajarkot. The newborn was already dead when police found it today, police added. According to police, Kamala BK (26) of ...
Local Dilli Bahadur Singh said they have been carrying patients in the District hospital in stretchers and traditional bamboo baskets after landslides triggered by heavy monsoon rains blocked the road.
Jajarkot, Sept 18: The dairies at eight locations in the district have shutdown after milk production shrank in wake of increasing deforestation which in turn has forced many to abandon animal husbandry.
Sep 14, 2016- Smuggling of medicinal herbs from the northern region of Jajarkot district is on the rise. Villagers from the region claim that herbs like Panchaaule, Katuko, Samayo, Gucchichayu, Padamchal, Latchuk, Satuwa, Atis and Sunjari are being ...

Jajarkot: A man, who was injured in a fire that broke out on Sunday in the district, died this morning in course of treatment at Kirtipur, Kathmandu.
Jajarkot, Sept 9: Mansingh Khatri of Karkigaun-6 of Jajarkot who was injured in a fire that broke out on Sunday in the district died this morning in course of treatment in Kirtipur, Kathmandu.
Speaking at a programme organised at Dadeldhura headquarters Baghkhor, Joint-secretary Tikaram Ghimire at the Land Reform Ministry said a huge amount of the budget allocated for the rehabilitation of the freed Haliyas of the districts of Humla ...
Jajarkot, Sept 8: Former Minister for Home Affairs Shakti Bahadur Basnet provided financial assistance worth Rs 500,000 to a local school in Jajarkot on Wednesday. The aid will be spent for the installation of a modern drinking water facility and ...
Jajarkot, Sept 7: Representatives from the Nalsing Gadh Hydropower Project Development Committee (NGHPDC) today called on Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal at latter's private Secretariat in Baluwatar and submitted a memorandum to him, ...
Jajarkot, Sept 6: police have arrested two youths on the charge of attempting to rape a 13-year-old schoolgirl of Bheremalika Municipality-2, Temele.
Kathmandu, Sept 5: Rescued from bonded labor in India, Ekraj Biswakarma, 15, of Jajarkot district, reached Kathmandu on Thursday, his dream of studying in a boarding school and improving his family's lot presumably shattered.
Jajarkot, Sept 4: A woman was burnt to death at Shanti Chautara in Jajarkot district today. The deceased has been identified as Sangita Khatri, 19, of Nayakbada-2, according to officiating police Chief, Hikmat Bohara.
man Singh Khatri of Karkigaun-7, Gokarna Chand of Bheri-malika municipality-4, Ramesh Shah, police personnel, serving at the District Police Office DPO Jajarkot, and Prem Prakash Bohara of Chaurjahari, Rukum, have been injured in the incident. Injured ...
He added that they are facing difficulties to send medicines in the remote districts like Dolpa, Humla, Jajarkot, Kalikot, Jumla and Rukum due to obstructed road networks since mid-July.
"The market place for Kalikot, Accham, Jumla and Jajarkot, Rajapur Bazaar's permanent mapping has stalled for a lengthy period, so we have demanded immediate distribution of the land documents", Morcha leader Santa Kumar Chaudhary said.
The children were trafficked to India from Salyan, Jajarkot and other districts, according to the Ministry. Secretary at the Ministry, Madhu Prasad Regmi, said that the children would be handed over to their families after the identification of their ...
Dhansara Nepali of Dasera village, Jajarkot is 59 now. She has been living with a prolapsed uterus for the last 18 years. Her agony, she says, cannot be described in words.
Jajarkot: An expectant mother in Pajaru-3 of Jajarkot district reportedly died for want of timely treatment, on Wednesday.
Kathmandu: Laxmi Bank has added two more branches in the mid-western region of the country, at Chaurjahari (Rukum) and Khalanga (Jajarkot). The bank now has 52 branches, including seven in mid-west, three extension counters and 71 ATMs across ...
"The instances of Lamjung, Jajarkot and Manang are not very encouraging. If the party leadership does not realise this in time, in a few years, we will be nowhere in national politics," said Chand, warning the leadership of the dangers of not taking ...
Likewise, Jajarkot, Rukumand 11 Tarai districts can benefit from this model. This approach is based on an established principle which has made capability and identity as the main bases.
NEPALGUNJ, Aug 22: A girl has been raped in her rented room at Nepalgunj-5 on Sunday night. According to police, Shiva Shahi, 30, of Jajarkot allegedly raped the 14-year-old girl. District Police Office, Banke said that Shahi allegedly raped the girl ...
Kathmandu, Aug 22: The Federation of Nepali journalists (FNJ) today launched the education Scholarship to Journalists' children program from Jajarkot. children of the district-based journalist late Bir Bahadur Shahi are the first beneficiary of the ...
Jajarkot: A man allegedly killed own mother and buried the body without notice of anyone, following a domestic dispute, in Jajarkot district.Buddhi Bahadur Khatri (38) of Laikham, Sakle VDC had killed own mother Deuti (65) and buried her body into a ...
Locals of Dolpa heading toward their home from Bagara of Jajarkot carrying daily consumables on their back, on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.
Locals of Dolpa heading toward their home from Bagara of Jajarkot carrying daily consumables on their back, on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.
Jajarkot: Two children have died, while another sustained critical injuries, after being stung by hornets in Bherimalika-7 of Jajarkot district on Sunday. Rijan Pun (5), son of Niroj Pun, and Bhawana Pun (3), daughter of Kalawati Pun, both residents of ...
Cholera outbreak in Jajarkot in 2009 had led to significant loss of human life, spreading panic in the whole community. Thus we need a different strategy to contain cholera cases in such areas.
Aug 10, 2016- students of Janata Primary school in Lahan VDC-4 of Jajarkot district have been studying under the open sky after their classrooms were destroyed by last month's floods and landslides.
Aug 7, 2016- An under construction road connecting Jajarkot to Dunai of Dolpa district was inaugurated on Sunday by Nepal army Chief Rajendra Chhetri.
Karna Budha (18) of Thala Raikar VDC in Jajarkot district had gone to India after not being able to afford his higher studies after Grade X. Budha says that he did not have any option than to begin working after the 10th grade. Along with him, seven ...
Kathmandu, Aug 5: journalist Janak KC from Jajarkot has received this year's 'NAJA Rural Outstanding Journalism Award'.
After seventeen years, staffers have been deployed to depots of Nepal Food corporation located in different places of Jajarkot. Non-gazetted second class officer Chetman Kathayat, first class officers Dipak Aryal and Kamansingh Rana have been ...
The dire socio-economic conditions in Jajarkot inspired him to join politics, in order to help uplift the poor. On the other hand, due to lack of opportunity and weak economic condition of his own family and surroundings since his early childhood, he ...
The dire socio-economic conditions in Jajarkot inspired him to join politics, in order to help uplift the poor. On the other hand, due to lack of opportunity and weak economic condition of his own family and surroundings since his early childhood, he ...
"This is only the first stage of a much larger planned airlift. Of the 10 districts we're hoping to feed, only Bajura, Dailekh, Kalikot and Jajarkot have benefited so far. The other six hard hit areas of Rolpa, Rukum, Dolpa, Humla, Jumla and Mugu won't ...
Aug 1, 2016- The Local Level Restructuring Commission has recommended the numbers local level bodies in line with the federal set-up in all 75 districts.






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