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updated Mon. August 21, 2017

In December, Roshani Tiruwa, 15, suffocated in a poorly ventilated mud-and-stone hut in Achham district after lighting a fire in an effort to stay ...
Pashupati Kunwar, a campaigner against Chhaupadi from the western district of Achham, told the BBC she was "very happy" that the law had ...
In December, another girl suffocated to death in a poorly ventilated shed in neighbouring Achham district. activists welcomed the new law as a ...
Achham: A 58-year-old Motiram Bhat died of viral fever at Kalekada in Panchade-bal Binayak Municipality-9, Achham on Monday. Prajapati ...
developer is also going to acquire 1,000 ropanis of private land in Dailekh and Achham districts for permanent structures and other facilities.
Community healthcare nurse and worker walking to a home visit in Achham. The actions of the US embassy in Nepal directly harm their work.
The rural roads of Bajura, Achham, Bajhang, Darchula among other hilly districts of the far-west region were obstructed following non-stop ...
This is an example of a hut where a woman in Nepal who is menstruating will spend the night. The photo was taken in Achham district, in the ...
In Achham, 26-year-old Dambara Upadhyay died of suffocation during her time in a chhaupadi shed. She was found bent over, with blood ...
Almost all female candidates in Achham have prioritised compulsory education to girls in their election agenda. Many of them have pledged ...
The government has launched the health security programme in Ilam, Baglung, Kailali, Baitadi, Achham, Kaski, Myagdi and Palpa districts.
BHIMDUTTANAGAR: The newly elected chairperson of Mellekh Rural Municipality-5 of Achham district died due to high altitude sickness on ...
However, experts say it's too early to call election results anywhere in the province as the election is happening as per the new structure.
If the Korean company agrees to inject capital in the project, the fund could be used to settle payments of private landowners of Achham and Dailekh districts whose land is being acquired to develop the project. The project developer has to acquire 1 ...
The expansion will include the following eight districts: Palpa, Baglung, Myagdi, Achham, Bardiya, Surkhet, Makawanpur and Rautahat.
Drugs against Filaria will be administered in Lalitpur, Bhojpur, Ilam, Dhankuta, Terhathum, Panchthar, Baglung, Myagdi, Parbat, Lamjung, Dang, Banke, Bardiya, Jajarkot, Surkhet, Dailekh, Baitadi, Dadeldhura, Doti, Kailali, Kanchanpur, Achham, Bajhang, ...
Lower Hongu Khola and Inkhu Khola are the second and third hydropower projects handled by the DoED after the Achham-based Budhi Ganga project.
Bajura, Bajhang, Kalikot, Humla, Achham, Jajarkot, Rolpa and Mugu are the other eight districts in this category. Similarly, Sarlahi, Siraha, Dhanusha and Saptari are among the 19 districts with HDI values 0.4-0.449.
On a recent trip to Achham, a dozen young girls and I sat around, sucking on sweet-sour titauras and talking about our dreams.
In Achham Distirct hospital, 42 women underwent free surgery during a 6-day health camp that ended on Thursday. Women who gave birth to children between two to 16 in number went through the operation.
In Achham Distirct hospital, 42 women underwent free surgery during a 6-day health camp that ended on Thursday. Women who gave birth to children between two to 16 in number went through the operation.
Kathmandu: An elderly woman died on the spot after being hit by a passenger bus in Chaumala-4 of Kailali district on Saturday. The deceased has been identified as Chana Parki (65) from Sokat-5 of Achham. Parki was hit by the bus (Na 4 Kha 2115), ...
On the occasion, District Health Office, Achham, District Health Office, Surkhet, and District Health Office, Baitadi were honoured for their outstanding contribution in health services.
According to NC central member Bir Bahadur Balayar, who has been deployed in Achham, mass meetings have been convened in over half-a-dozen place.
Dadeldhura, Doti's Tele Lekh, Achham's Chaukhutte, Bajhang's Satbajh, and Baitadi's Khopde are known for the sale of wildlife meat.
This practice is widely observed in Humla, Kalikot, Jumla, Dolpa of the mid-west and Bajura, Bajhang, Achham of far-west Nepal.
Touted a success, the campaign faces a persistent challenger in the centuries-old tradition of chhaupadi, in which menstruating women are kept outside the house.
It usually takes three days from Kathmandu to reach this remote nature-filled destination that is perched at an elevation of 3,100 metres.
On December 17, 2016, a 15-year-old girl in the Achham District in western Nepal died from suffocation 2 in the shed where she was forced to sleep in because she was menstruating.
A few days before the mass killing took place, the then Maoists had launched a vicious attack in Achham headquarters Mangalsen and fled from the site.
On 22 February, 2002, a week after the Maoist attack on Mangalsen of Achham, soldiers in hot pursuit of the attackers killed 35 civilian workers, mistaking them for Maoists.
Chennai: Recently, we saw Simbu playing a bike enthusiast going around on a trip in his bike in the fim 'Achham Enbadhu Madamayada'.
"The main reason telemedicine has not spread is because of lack of connectivity or slow bandwidth," says Bikash Gauchan who uses video conferencing consultations regularly for his mental health program at Bayalpata hospital in Achham, where the group, ...
However, a 2011 UN report of Achham district estimated that about 95 per cent of women still practiced chaupadi. This staggeringly high figure alone shows that changing age-old traditions and social attitudes requires more than legal reforms and ...
Regmi works with Possible, which runs hospitals in Achham and Dolakha, and is engaged in convincing one woman at a time to stop the practice.
Similarly, Janaki Saud, a lawmaker from Achham, said that the Rakam Bridge over Bheri River has remained incomplete for years.
The government has announced nutrition allowance programme for all the children in Bajhang, Achham and Rautahat districts. In the past, only Dalit children were provided the monthly nutrition allowance of Rs 400.
The Ministry of Health (MoH) offered short-term contracts to NGOs to assist with the reconstruction of health posts - Nyaya Health Nepal (NHN), known for their public-private partnership (PPP) running Bayalpata hospital in Achham district, committed to ...
The government on May 14 began the health insurance programme from Kailali and expanded it to Baglung and Ilam and then to Achham, Baitadi, Kaski, Myagdi and Palpa districts. Under the programme, a household of five has to pay an annual premium of ...
The government on May 14 began the health insurance programme from Kailali and expanded it to Baglung and Ilam and then to Achham, Baitadi, Kaski, Myagdi, Palpa districts later. Under the current health insurance programme, a household of five has to ...
DFSNs predicted that 179 VDCs in 14 districts (15 in Achham, 14 in Baitadi, 20 in Bajhang, 19 in Darchula, 11 in Dhading, seven in Dolpa, 18 in Doti, 11 in Gorkha, nine in Humla, 23 in Kalikot, 15 in Mugu, nine in Nuwakot, two in Rasuwa, and six in ...
According to the statement issued by FNJ, on March 5, the conventions of Kailali, Kanchanpur, Dadeldhura, Doti, Achham, Bajura, Baitari, Darchula and Bajhang will be held.
"You can imagine the cost that people traveling, for instance from Achham or Mugu, may have to incur, and the hassles they may have to undergo just to file an application," said Director General at the Department of Consular Services Gahehdra ...
Recently, two young women died in menstrual huts in Achham, a hilly district in far-west Nepal, in less than a month. On 18 November, Dambara Upadhyay, 21 from Timilsen village was discovered dead in the shed while a fifteen-year-old girl Roshani ...
Jan 9, 2017- Snowfall has affected life in high-altitude areas of various districts in the farwestern and the midwestern regions. While Bajura, Achham, Dadeldhura, Darchula and Baitadi districts have witnessed snowfall since Saturday, Jumla saw its ...
Memakan korban jiwa. Jelang tutup tahun 2016, tradisi Chhaupadi di Nepal, kembali memakan korban jiwa. Seorang gadis yang diasingkan karena sedang menstruasi atau datang bulan, ditemukan tewas di gubug pengasingan di desa Gajra, Achham.
Basti, Achham, Nepal. 2016.Credit Poulomi Basu/Magnum Emergency Fund. In addition to meeting menstruating women, Ms. Basu has encountered women in confinement just after childbirth - also considered impure - in huts with their babies.





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