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updated Sun. April 29, 2018

Caught in the bright beam, the pacas' eyes gleam red, revealing the animals' hiding places along the banks of the river. ... hunting is currently threatening 301 land mammals with extinction and endangering the food security of hundreds of millions of people across parts of Africa, Asia, and South America.
There are places on this river that remind me of South America," said houseboating enthusiast Susan Bradley of St. Augustine. Renting a houseboat from Holly Bluff Marina in DeLand, you can travel this north-flowing river for several hours through forest and swamp before reaching Astor, a rustic ... Florida

Unique in South America, the company operates a private guide system - with one adventure expert and vehicle allocated to each guest - tailoring a ... a blond, wiry gentleman who takes care of several kayaks, which we use to paddle along a calm, quiet tributary of the Iguazu river, where dragonflies ...
A top predator, the river otter is known to some local people in Brazil's Pantanal as the "aquatic jaguar"--and indeed in this showdown, the otter's ... that in the water they can escape jaguars," notes Esteban Payan, a National Geographic explorer and northern South America program director for Panthera.
This year's Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival music lineup includes British pop, South American rhythms, funk, hip-hop and country. And it all kicks off June 1 with legendary R&B/soul singer Mavis Staples. She provided the soundtrack to the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s with her family's ...
The morning fog-afternoon sun weather pattern almost perfectly mirrors the weather in Sonoma's Russian River Valley. Cruzat, winemaker for Chile's Vina San Pedro 1865, believes these patterns and geographic parallels make South America perfect for high-end Pinot Noir. In Elqui, where 1865 ...

The Amazon in South America is the longest river in the world--or so says a recent survey by the government of Brazil, which has a vested interest in staying a few steps ahead of the Nile. The Amazon has a vast jungle basin, breathtaking waterfalls, and the world's largest river dolphins, but it might be ... Amazon River
SHE had not long returned from touring South America, but no jet lag was apparent when Tash Sultana took to the stage for her first gig at Bluesfest. The self taught singer-songwriter, looping genius, multi-instrumentalist and former Northern Rivers resident was for many a highlight throughout the festival. Patagonia
“Once successful in Southeast Asia, such a pattern, a key part of the 'Belt and Road Initiative', could be introduced to other places, such as Africa and South America.” On Saturday, the six nations through which the Mekong flows adopted an ambitious investment plan to develop 227 projects worth US$66 ... Patagonia
Examples include agreements in South America involving Amazonian rivers and the River Plate, as well as a deal for the Nile that supplies water to 11 countries in Africa, he said. Outside the gathering, hundreds of people attending the Alternative World Water Forum protested against water privatization. Patagonia
Clary, who has organized and led numerous study abroad trips to Central and South America, said students learn on multiple levels during a trip like this. ... Bordering Peru, Madidi National Park encompasses an area of 1.9 million hectares of South American rainforests, glaciers and Andean peaks. Patagonia
Flowing 6,992 kilometers through South America's rainforest, the "jungle highway" is a transport route for everything. DW's Lukas Stege chronicles his ... The policeman tips the contents of the bag into the river, closes the backpack and leaves the 22-year-old on the ship. The Swiss tourist has arrived from ... Patagonia
However, my husband David and I were standing at Cape Froward, the southernmost tip of South America, after having forded four glacier-fed rivers, .... improved did we realise the error of our judgment as we battled in this arid, wind-torn land; translating them to: Dry River, Salty River and Dead Goat! Patagonia
Located at 661 N. Lasalle Blvd. in River North, the steakhouse is the most popular high-end South American restaurant in Chicago, boasting 4.5 stars out of 1,423 reviews on Yelp. The churrascaria -- founded in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, with a focus on roasting spears of meat on an open fire -- has ...
Even today, evidence of the ancient rock dams still exists along tributaries of several South American rivers. At the present day in the modern world, rising water levels have occurred along several navigable waterways internationally including sections of the Lower Mississippi River and sections of ... Engineering
There are places on this river that remind me of South America,” said houseboating enthusiast Susan Bradley of St. Augustine. Renting a houseboat from Holly Bluff Marina in DeLand, you can travel this north-flowing river for several hours through forest and swamp before reaching Astor, a rustic fishing ... Engineering

In those days, Amazon was just a river in South America. To check out a library book, you had to go to the card catalog and look up the Dewey Decimal number. That first sale consisted of 3,000 books spread across several tables in the center court at Westgate. The two-day event raised $1,673.52, which ... Engineering
The stevedore Lakes & Rivers Logistics, formerly at the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor, has set up operations at Gary's Buffington Harbor. ... Over the course of a long maritime career, Dillman has worked in Australia, India, Indonesia, Asia, South America, New Zealand and at Ceres Terminals in Chicago. Engineering
... and the clear negative implications of the UK exit from the EU for the Irish beef sector". He said the beef industry is "the most exposed to Brexit fallout" and Ireland, as the largest exporter of beef to the European market, would be worst hit by an increased volume of South American beef entering the EU. Engineering
I rebalanced three elements: which sections I felt comfortable navigating in the dark, when I'd need the mental boost sunrise gives me, and how I should cross rivers. For example, crossing the Vacas river is usually safest in the early morning before nearby snow melts. But this season has been dry. I greeted ... Engineering
The first in a series of stories on those we have lost while experiencing the outdoors, and those we lost before their dreams were fulfilled. Machu Picchu is one of those mystical places on the planet, often masked behind a haze of clouds at close to 8,000 feet, and forever shrouded with intrigue over its origin ... Engineering
ELVASTON, Ill. -- Traveling to South America with the Illinois Farm Bureau convinced Jeff Dowdall of one thing. "Farming's farming no matter where you're at," the Elvaston farmer said. "There will always be hiccups, headaches and trials, but you figure out ways to go on and succeed." Farmers in Brazil and ... Engineering
There she did a stint bathing these huge creatures, and then rode one back from the river. The Whitmer High School ... She had learned she was pregnant shortly before leaving for South America, and thought the pregnancy might be the cause of the chest pain and general malaise that had come over her. Engineering
From poor border towns along the rivers across stretches of prairie, megabandas are now the de facto law. ... Both brutal videos were sent by a South American friend via Whatsapp to Australian journalist Paul Corcoran and his wife. The couple have been travelling around South America for 13 months. Engineering
Body found in hunt for Brit missing after South American kayak tragedy that killed two others. Adam Vaughan, 22, was on a trip in ... A body has been found in the search for a young British adventurer caught in a kayaking tragedy which killed another two men in South America. Adam Vaughan, 22, was on a ... Engineering
On a river cruise, you can view the pyramids and temples of Egypt while traveling down the Nile, or see the beautiful wildlife of the Galapagos islands in a South America river tour. The United States and Canada also have options for river cruises, allowing you to travel down the Mississippi, catch some real ... Engineering
Gangetic river dolphins, primarily found in the Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers and their tributaries in Bangladesh, India and Nepal, are categorised under Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act and have been ... The other two are found in the Indus in Pakistan and the Amazon in South America. Engineering
Thomson Reuters Foundation – Unless countries urgently boost their flood defences, millions more people will be at risk from river flooding in the next 20 ... The numbers at risk in South America also will double, to 12 million, and Africa will see a rise to 34 million facing flooding threats, up from 25 million, ... Engineering
With its South American setting, contemporary style and adventurous ethos, there are clear parallels with Mashpi Lodge in Ecuador's, which featured in the ... areas and guest rooms, the latter of which are divided between the main hacienda and several Villa Suites on the bank of the passing Liucura River. Engineering
The trainee kayaking instructor was crossing the Abanico river on Saturday when he got into difficulty. The 19-year-old was part of a five-man expedition traversing the river in a remote part of Ecuador . ... He had set off for Ecuador earlier this month to fulfill his dreams of a South American adventure. Engineering
FALMOUTH — For 25 years, Robert “Max” Holmes has worked on river systems around the world — the Mekong in Southeast Asia, the Amazon in South America, the Congo in Africa, the Lena in Arctic Russia. “I ignored the rivers around here for most of that time,” said Holmes, the deputy director and a ... Engineering
UPDATE: After this story was published Thursday morning, numerous reports out of South America surfaced contending that River Plate has continued to pursue Quintero. A revised bid from the Argentine club today has given Porto an alternate to the Fire's bid and it is yet unclear which has been accepted. Engineering
The Gamtoos Irrigation Board (GIB) is forging ahead in the Swartkops River with the removal of vast swathes of alien water hyacinth that deplete the water of oxygen, reducing an important fish ... Characterised by glossy dark green leaves and lilac flowers, water hyacinth is indigenous to South America. Engineering
As reported this week, the predator usually found in the Amazon of South America, has found its way into the Pioneer near Dumbleton Weir, with an image ... Water Resources told the Daily Mercury that they were "not aware of any previous detections of Peacock Bass, a South American Cichlid, in the wild". Engineering
The Pilcomayo River breathes life into some of the most remote regions of Paraguay and Argentina, but it's also notoriously unpredictable. As one of the most heavily silted rivers in the world, it's congested by sediment to the point of being “suicidal”, meaning it will block its own path if left alone. Over the ... Engineering
He first interned at RAN, and eventually worked with Stand (then ForestEthics), International Rivers and the Non-GMO project. He was also an accomplished musician, and he leaves behind four children and his wife Michelle. His love for rivers and forests in South America manifested in everything Aaron ... Engineering
... from South America that could wipe out local species in just two years is an "act of environmental bastardry". Mackay Area Fish Stocking Association (MAFSA) founding chairman Keith Day says the Peacock Bass, which was caught at the Dumbleton Weir in Mackay's Pioneer River on Monday, was almost ... Engineering
Climate change will put tens of millions more people around the world at risk of exposure to flooding rivers over the next 25 years, an alarming new study ... Other regions around the world, including central Europe and parts of Africa, Central and South America, as well as large areas of India, Pakistan, ... Engineering
It is, without criticism, one of the South American states you are least likely to visit; a niche destination you might, perhaps, only consider once you have taken in Peru and its Inca legends, Ecuador and the ... In the last few months, it has reappeared on the River Salado, a tributary of the River Paraguay. Engineering
"It's incredibly rare," says Ben Potter, an archaeologist at the University of Alaska who is among the researchers on the project, at a site called Upward Sun River in central Alaska. "We only have a handful of human remains that are this old in the entire Western Hemisphere." The findings were published ... Engineering
Into the Amazon tells the remarkable story of the 1914 journey taken by President Theodore Roosevelt and legendary Brazilian explorer Candido Mariano Da Silva Rondon into the heart of the South American rainforest to chart an unexplored tributary of the Amazon River. With six American adventurers, ... Engineering
Bikinis were the last thing on the minds of North American revelers, who would follow Rio and South America in welcoming the New Year. ... In London more than 100,000 ticket-holders watched a spectacular pyrotechnics display from the banks of the River Thames, before dancing to Auld Lang Syne. Engineering
The leathery little creatures are native to Central and South America and the southern United States. Most of the 160 reported sightings in .... “The river otters being one, the bald eagles — the things that used to be here in abundance that disappeared and now they're coming back.” +1. Chalupa. Buy Now. Engineering
In this regard, Morales said that before he took power in 2006, Bolivia was the last country in South America and the second to last in the American continent ... In the program to increase the population of turtles, 210,000 individuals of two species were released this afternoon on the Ibare River of the Loma ... Engineering
South America's new transcontinental railway is considered to be one the biggest infrastructure projects of the century and is also known as the "Panama Canal on railway tracks. ... The transcontinental railway will connect three South American countries: Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. The line will run from the ... Engineering
Amazon is not just a river in South America. It turns out it's also a major target for thieves and scammers. The legitimate website,, is upending and reshaping consumer buying habits. Unfortunately, it's doing the same to a horde of scammers. A couple recently called me and reported they ... Engineering
We need to understand our rivers better before embarking on large-scale river transformations like river linking and inland water-ways which can change river ... of linking rivers vary from the spread of invasive fish like piranhas (native to South American rivers) to transferring pollutants to intact river systems. Engineering
Unlike painted rock art, which is mainly indicative of burial sites, these engravings pertain to daily life, like how people traveled and how their lives revolved around the Middle Orinoco River and its resources. The similarities to rock art in other sites across lowland South America are helping scientists ... Engineering
One commonly seen engraving shows what appears to be a flutist surrounded by other people. It may suggest a seasonal theme of renewal. Before the region's wet season, the Orinoco River becomes shallower, exposing some of the rock art. While this exposure was helpful for archaeologists, it may have ... Engineering


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