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updated Tue. May 23, 2017

Gabriela Zapata, the 31-year old ex-girlfriend of Bolivian President Evo Morales, was sentenced to ten years in prison on corruption charges on Tuesday, capping a steamy case that also involved allegations of a hidden love child.
22 de mayo de 2017, 17:23La Paz, May 22 (Prensa Latina) About 9,000 community projects have been opened in Bolivia during the last 10 years, Bolivian President Evo Morales has today said upon opening a teaching institution at El Chaco community, ...
In 2015 the women's hospital of La Paz reported that every day, at least 10 women arrive in critical condition as a result of clandestine, incomplete or poorly performed abortions.
A second suspect has been arrested in connection to a March shooting in Bolivia that left one man injured. According to online records, Joseph Simeon Smith, 25, of Bolivia, was taken into custody Monday and charged with assault with a deadly weapon ...
It's one of our most basic vital needs. While humans can survive weeks without food, they can only live days without it. And in Bolivia, its scarcity is presenting a serious problem. The country's water is disappearing and what's left of it, is getting ...
The popular Bolivian president also has said that imperialism "constantly conspires and what we are seeing now - economic aggression, economic wars - have resulted in (imperialism) being able to again have geopolitical control in our region.
A recent study, primarily derived from an analysis of satellite photographs, alleges that soy and meat production is responsible for widespread deforestation across Brazil and Bolivia. The result ties American food products to environmental degradation ...
National Geographic geniuses have revealed the 10 destinations every curious traveller should escape to this year, as one million holidaymakers gear up to book their summer breaks over the coming week.
MINSK, 17 May (BelTA) - The House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus ratified an intergovernmental agreement on military and technical cooperation with Bolivia on 17 May, BelTA has learned. The agreement was concluded in La Paz ...
La Paz, May 17 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President Evo Morales asserted today that nationalizing hydrocarbons had changed for good the situation in Bolivia, putting the benefits of the sector in the interest of the people. Morales recalled that ...
Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in South America, however, that may not be for much longer because Bolivia has between 50-70 per cent of the world's known lithium reserves, up to 9 million tonnes, in a 10,500 square kilometre salt flat called ...
The Central B-Oceanic Railway (CBR) will link the port of Santos (Atlantic Ocean), in Brazil, to the Peruvian Ilo port (Pacific) and will cross through Bolivian territory to favor trade with China, South Koprea, India and Japan. The railway trucks ...
Spanish archaeologist Jose Ignacio Gallegos (C) heads the research project into the ruins of the Tiahuanaco citadel in western Bolivia.
Linemen from Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives, in green, traveled to South America to help provide electricity to rural areas of Bolivia. Their Bolivian counterparts are dressed in blue shirts. Boliviaelectricity2. A Bolivian lineman ...
La Paz, May 13 (Prensa Latina) Bolivia and Brazil agreed to activate a plan to fight criminal gangs that operate on their common border and are linked to drug trafficking, arms smuggling, aggravated robberies and other crimes.
13 de mayo de 2017, 19:01La Paz, May 13 (Prensa Latina) More than 100 Cuban collaborators from 30 specialties are participating on Saturday and Sunday in ...
The first Siemens gas turbines for the expansion of three power plants in Bolivia have started their way to South America. In May 2016, Siemens has signed the corresponding agreement to increase the power generating capacity of the country by more than ...
At the heart of South America, the long-struggling nation of Bolivia sits atop an unlikely gold mine: the world's largest lithium reserves.
Bolivian President Evo Morales asked Pope Francis to send a papal envoy to intervene in a case of nine Bolivians imprisoned in neighboring Chile.
Bolivia Mobilizes Troops to the Border as Chile Warns of Escalation For Chile, the mobilization of Bolivian troops to the border is a sensitive issue and should be ...
La Paz, (Prensa Latina) The stability of the Bolivian economy made the country rank as number one in economic growth in South America in 2016, an achievement that the government plans to maintain this year, based on dynamic financial activity and ...
The city I'm talking about is Tarija, nestled in a temperate Bolivian valley. It's a place largely undiscovered by expats, though you will find a handful scattered through the city.
La Paz, May 10 (Prensa Latina) Restoration works of Bolivian stadium Felix Capriles will begin in June 15, at a cost of more than 9.3 million dollars, finance Secretary of Cochabamba provincial government, Camilo Torrez, announced today.
In addition, the executive director of Insumos Bolivia, Joseph Tapia, revealed that they are negotiating with YPFB for the distribution in the domestic market of urea produced at the fertilizer plant of Bulo Bulo, Cochabamba.
La Paz, Bolivia -- A Bolivian fan was killed in a knife attack after he was apparently caught up in a brawl between rival Colombian hooligans groups.
La Paz, May 10 (Prensa Latina) Bolivia is doing everything necessary to achieve, as soon as possible, the release of nine Bolivians unjustly detained in Chile, Minister of the Presidency, Rene Martinez, said.
La Paz, May 9 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian government minister, Carlos Romero and Brazilian Justice Minister, Osmar Serraglio, will meet to define joint actions against transnational crime.
08 de mayo de 2017, 13:37La Paz, May 8 (Prensa Latina) The Second Regional Forum of Local Economic Development for Latin America and the Caribbean will take place in the Bolivian department of Cochabamba with the presentation of initiatives that ...
The company said its "legal representative" in Bolivia had been under house arrest in Santa Cruz since March 22, and a court had turned down a request to jail him on May 2. Local media said the legal representative was Bolivia director Marcos Antunes.
"Bolivia has pursued an active rural electrification policy since National Rural Electric Cooperative Association International first began working in the country in the early 1960s," said Duane Noland, Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives ...
Beginning in 1919, with Scott 118, Bolivia initiated a series of definitive stamps featuring the coat of arms of Bolivia. At first, the stamps were printed by the American Bank Note Co.; then by Perkins, Bacon and Co., Ltd., beginning in 1923; and ...
Andy: The Ghosts have no jurisdiction in Bolivia, and the US government will deny all knowledge of their existence if they're caught, so I've given my guy some stars-and-stripes facepaint and a big American eagle tattoo.
According to the professor, a crisis occurs not only when "the patient is at death's door," but starts with symptoms like those evident in the Bolivian economy, and which include the trade deficit registered over the past two years along with declining ...
While some high school students spent their spring break at home or at a beach, a handful of youth from Blackshear Place Baptist Church in Flowery Branch traveled all the way to Bolivia on a mission. Richi Boullon, a faith-based missionary with Helping ...
Towards the end of last year, the government of Bolivia declared a state of emergency after the worst drought in 25 years affected at least seven of the country's major cities.
During the ceremony in the department of Santa Cruz, in the presence of Bolivian President Evo Morales, Sanchez explained that at least three other regions in Brazil, as Santa Catarina, Parana and Rio Grande do Sul, are interested in buying Bolivian ...
When disabled protesters traversed the Andes to lobby for improved benefits, they were met with a police blockade. The Fight, a Guardian documentary, chronicles a battle that led to brutal violence but also sowed the seeds of change ...
activists are taking on the government and enduring police violence to be heard. In the latest Guardian documentary, witness how disabled people in Bolivia ...
Two Peruvian artists created a huge colored chalk sidewalk painting inspired by Michelangelo's "La Pieta" in the atrium of a church in La Paz with the aim of promoting this type of little-known art in Bolivia. Amador Quispe and Christhian Ventura put ...
Approximately six years ago, the country of Bolivia withdrew from a major UN drug control treaty in order to legalize the coca leaf in their country.
Bolivia's President Evo Morales has long been seen as a benign (and, ultimately, successful) version of Latin American left-wing leadership.
Bolivia's President Evo Morales has long been seen as a benign (and, ultimately, successful) version of Latin American left-wing leadership.
A group of Mississauga students who travelled to Bolivia over the March break have returned motivated to make a difference after seeing examples of the country's extreme poverty firsthand.
The Bolivian government has announced that a new bill, the National Defence Fund, is to be announced in mid-May, which will outline the landlocked country's future defence acquisition projects.
La Paz, Bolivia (AP) " Bolivian officials say searchers have recovered the body of a German who was buried by an avalanche over the weekend while climbing in a snowfield near the capital of La Paz.
La Paz, Bolivia (AP) - Bolivian officials say searchers have recovered the body of a German who was buried by an avalanche over the weekend while climbing in a snowfield near the capital of La Paz.
For generations, local salt gatherers - or "saleros" - have extracted salt from the Bolivian flat, scooping the raw mineral into mounds to let it dry before it is transported to processing plants and turned into table salt.
La Paz, May 2 (Prensa Latina) President Evo Morales is considering today that the ruling of the International Court Of Justice (ICJ) will favor Bolivia in its claim to recover the sovereign access to the sea, snatched by Chile in 1879. Morales hopes ...





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