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updated Thu. June 9, 2022

The journalists of newspaper El Comercio and their driver were kidnapped on March 26 in Esmeraldas, an Ecuadorean province on the border with ... RCN on Tuesday aired a proof of life video in which hostages laid out their captors' demands that would allow their “return to Ecuador safe and sound.”.

Two journalists with the Ecuadorian newspaper El Comercio and their driver, who authorities say were abducted on March 26 by FARC dissident groups, were shown alive in a video broadcast on Colombian station RCN. The abduction took place close to a military checkpoint in Mataje, in the Ecuadorian ...
Ecuadorean police are searching for two newspaper journalists and their driver who were kidnapped near the border with Colombia on Monday. The three were seized in Esmeraldas province, where dissident members of Colombia's Farc rebel group are active. Hundreds of former rebels who did not ...
The soldiers were monitoring the area of Mataje in the Ecuadorean province of Esmeraldas, approximately three kilometers from the border with Colombia. The incident follows the bombing of a military base in the region last Friday that left two army members injured and damaged the Borbon headquarters.
On January 27 a car bomb went off in a Police Station in San Lorenzo, Esmeraldas causing the injuries to 28 people, between police officers and civilians. Ecuador deemed the bombing as a “terrorist attack,” and it linked to drug dealing networks hit by state security forces. Although the explosive devices ...
Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos and Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno shake hands during the signing of two agreements to regulate ... The Ecuadorean soldiers found themselves in a skirmish at the Colombian border in the province of Esmeraldas near the city of San Lorenzo along the Pacific ...
Moreno even invited the FBI several days ago to investigate a bomb attack in Esmeraldas Province. A free trade agreement with the U.S. is in the works. Moreno is allied with bankers determined to maintain “dollarization” at all costs. Moreno calmed the bankers' fears by putting the private banks in charge ...
Recent events in Esmeraldas province demonstrate what a victorious Yes vote could mean for the future of the country. While giving an interview at Radio Magia, in the city of Quininde, Correa was attacked by local members of the opposition, who proceeded to surround the radio station, vandalise his car ...
The coastal province of Esmeraldas is much more than a hotbed for the most savory seafood dishes Ecuador has to offer. It is also home to the Afro-Ecuadorian community and a rich variety of distinct medicinal practices, cultural traditions and ceremonial festivals, such as the Marimba now recognized by ...


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