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updated Sat. July 9, 2022

Rounseville's talk focused on her work in the Ecuadorian province of Chimborazo. In her work with the World Bank Group, she helped develop a program to improve child health and nutrition in rural Chimborazo. The program texted automated messages to mothers in Chimborazo. The messages' content ...

So he and two graduates from the University of Pittsburgh recruited 10 like-minded health care professionals to travel with them to Ecuador to provide free medical care and therapy. ... The Trek group went to Chimborazo Province where 63 percent of the indigenous population live in extreme poverty.
Also inside the museum, at least when it's not “on tour,” is a life-sized replica of the mummy, which cost the local municipality $2,200. It serves as a stand-in for the real and far more fragile mummy at various exhibitions and educational viewings that occasionally take place throughout the Chimborazo Province of Ecuador.


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