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The mayor-council plan is the oldest form of city government and has two variants: strong-mayor and weak-mayor. Under the strong-mayor system, most key administrative and appointive powers are handled by a full-time mayor who also presides over city ...
While Amarillo was ahead of the pack when it switched to a council-manager form of government after the Texas Legislature in 1913 empowered cities with populations to draw their own charters and enact them into law, it now appears to be operating ...

Some of the jobs that I did in the City of Dallas and some of the things that I created or worked on or worked with other people on are still in effect now," Barnes said.
On Saturday night in Dallas, Texas, a six-month-old baby boy named Brandon Alex died after the child's babysitter was unable to reach 911 from a T-Mobile phone.
Whether SB 2 would be effective in keeping property taxes affordable for Texas homeowners was debated by committee members throughout the hearing.
He continues, "Maybe the best way I can put it is that in an ideal world, people shouldn't have to think about city government at all. When they turn the tap the water should flow. When they drive on the streets, they shouldn't have to think about ...

San Angelo, TX - Three of the four mayoral candidates participated in a forum sponsored by the San Angelo Tea Party Tuesday night.
Tupou Helu Uhatafe feels that minorities don't have a strong enough voice in Euless city government, and her daughter agrees.
During the final month of the year, the city government considered several "modernized" improvements for the community.
On Thursday, the City Council's economic development committee approved a recommendation by the city's Business Services division to hire Jacobs, a Texas company with $11 billion in annual revenue. A full City Council vote on the contract is scheduled ...
She also worked as a budget analyst in city government in the 1980s. If approved, she ... A Dallas, Texas-based real estate investment trust has purchased a large parcel of land where a Home Depot is located in Hickory Hill for $15.7 million.
The conference provided elected city officials the opportunity to voluntarily enhance their knowledge of city government, sharpen their leadership skills and connect with elected officials from across Texas to discuss how other cities cope with similar ...
Don Huffines, R-Dallas, passes. The bill intends to deregulate ride-hailing services - which means taking away power from the city government, overturning the existing city regulations and throwing out some of the most common-sensical safety ...
Cutline: Former Orange police officer Veronica Woodle is seeking "open communication" between city government and citizens in running for Orange city council.
In Irving, Texas, for example, the city government is has seen success in attracting startups and technology giants alike in order to grow business and economic development across the city.
Baghdad - A senior Iraqi police commander says troops have taken control of the western side of a key bridge in Mosul amid intense clashes with the Islamic State group.
North Texas has two poles, Dallas and Fort Worth, connected by a number of cities and towns, each with its own needs and personalities.

In the Dallas suburb of Irving, Mayor Beth Van Duyne is working to attract technology startups and established companies alike to build a mini-silicon Valley.
Following what Gleeson called a "flurry of activity this year," CIVIQ now has arrangements with Bexar County, New York City, Miami, Chicago, Portland, Oregon, and will soon add Dallas, Texas, to that list, Gleeson reported. The company's submission ...
The plan would also increase Dallas's annual contribution to 34.5 percent of payroll plus $11 million per year. The city contributed 27 percent in 2015, according to audited financial statements.
"I'm used to talking about how Texans are more open about this stuff, but these are more conservative than the national numbers," said poll co-director Daron Shaw, a professor of government at the University of Texas at Austin. Republicans said they ...
The Lewisville Texan Journal noticed that on Claros' "about" page, she had used certain wording that seemed to be more authoritative than would be expected, since her interview for her profile had not indicated Lewisville city government experience ...
During various trials, the government exposed an extensive pay-to-play system in Dallas city government using wiretap and financial evidence.
In January, the Austin human rights Commission voted 8-2 to recommend that Austin City Council prohibit city government from using any Trump-branded products or services.
A less insular and more nimble city government promises to help Dallas do a better job of delivering basic services to all of its citizens.
Former City Council member David Crockett said his former employer, IBM, was a leader in promoting diversity in the workplace and he vowed to bring on more women, minorities and others to improve management of city government. "That's the culture I ...
Florida and Texas and others have figured this out so why can't we? Make our state great! Chris Thiessen, Owasso ..... This proposed new law is in the interest of keeping the patrons of the community informed and up-to-date about their school system ...
A less insular and more nimble city government promises to help Dallas do a better job of delivering basic services to all of its citizens.
Opposition isn't just coming from blue states. The mayors of Dallas, Houston and Atlanta have spoken out against Trump's executive orders.
From Birmingham, Alabama and Travis County, Texas in the deep south to Urbana, Illinois and Cincinnati, Ohio in the Midwest to Olympia, Washington and Alameda, California on the West Coast, cities large and small, urban and rural have adopted the ...
Having grown a company in many other cities, we have a shop in Houston, we had a shop in Dallas, and we're in San Antonio.
He also said the firm recruited the new CEO of Texas Central, the developer of the proposed high-speed rail between Houston and Dallas. Newton added that he has worked with three Houston mayors and done "tremendous outreach" on the jobs he ...
"It wouldn't be proper," he said. The nonprofit Dallas entrepreneur Center agreed to run Stoke for the city. ... DEC gets money to run Stoke in two primary ways: a contract payment from city government, and membership fees from individuals and small ...
Wednesday marks a changing of the guards in Dallas: T.C. Broadnax officially assumes the helm as manager of the ninth-largest city in the nation.
EL CENIZO - A city west of Texas is defying Governor Greg Abbott's order to defund sanctuary cities unless they follow federal immigration law.
FORNEY, Texas (City of Forney) - Forney City manager James Fisher is excited to announce that he has filled two key positions on his executive staff.
Mayoral candidate Larry Grohn on Wednesday criticized "the consistent high rate of turnover in the city's top executive staff posts," saying it was "evidence of deep instability at the highest levels of city government." He said Maura Sullivan ...
In fact, we were reminded of the Park Pavilion Program that has seen nearly forty new park structures built throughout the city of Dallas. designed by multiple architects these pavilions have become an excellent example of how good design can imbue ...
Several acknowledge their involvement with city government has been slim to none until now. Their challenge will be to get their message out in this shortened campaign cycle.
That prompted host Rebecca McInroy to tease Dowd about a Texas Tribune story saying Dowd might run as an independent next year against U.S.
There are in the city government center different artifacts, some of them are in this room (his city office, where he pointed to an Indian buffalo head dress and several bound volumes on a table behind his desk.
The city government recommends using Metro - the subway system - which will be open 4 a..m.-midnight. For Trump's swearing in, security gates for viewing areas near the Capitol open at 6 a.m.
"Furthermore, his willingness to see city government as a partner versus just another municipal institution has broken down barriers leading to an unprecedented level of government collaboration.
"I think my age and experience in city government have taught me more than I can say," Kidwell said, "that decisions made in haste are not always the best, and anyone in city government will confirm that it teaches patience because the decisions made ...
Allowing nonstop flights to Reagan would be mutually beneficial because of San Antonio's strong military presence and increasing overall population, said Jeff Coyle, the City's government and Public Affairs director. City of San Antonio ... Dallas and ...
One presidential campaign that municipal officials across the country consistently lauded for paying its local police-related bills was that of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Back in Green Bay, for example, which continues to wait for Trump, Clinton and ...
Keane Group, a Houston, Texas-based provider of services for the hydraulic fracturing industry backed by Cerberus capital, has set its IPO terms to 15.3 million shares being offered at between $17 and $19 per share.
One presidential campaign that municipal officials across the country consistently lauded for paying its local police-related bills was that of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Back in Green Bay, for example, which continues to wait for Trump, Clinton and ...
A North Texas real estate industry insider appears ready to challenge her neighbor for his North Dallas council seat.
"Wendy is tirelessly involved in the association management industry, local business development, city government, and the desire to improve relationships within communities," says Associa PCM President Clint Warrell.




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