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The Chattanooga city council is the legislative and quasi-judicial body of city government. The Council is a nine member body, one elected from each district of the city. Chattanoogans elect a Mayor and all nine Council members on the first Tuesday in March of every fourth year. logo
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updated Tue. March 28, 2017

The Dalton fire department will have a new chief, pending the City Council approving the hire. The Dalton Public Safety Commission voted 5-0 ... Pangle attended Chattanooga State and Dalton State College. He is married to Belinda Pangle and the couple ...
"We are going to become this administration's worst nightmare," New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said Monday during a gathering of municipal officials from urban centers such as San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago and ...
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) - Early voting started last week for Chattanooga's Run Off elections. As we lead up to Election Day, News 12 Now is going to sit down with each candidate fighting for a city council seat. Today, March 27, Jamal Williams got to ...
Dalton City Council members agreed last year that before they began a search for a new city administrator they planned to discuss exactly what they want that position to encompass to see if any changes are needed.
"We're gathering information ... we're making some progress," Isaac said after giving city council members an update on the investigation.
Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke, with the support of the Chattanooga city council, has declared March 26-April 1, as 'Vietnam veterans Appreciation Week'.
Chattanooga city councilman Ken Smith has subtly, but publicly, announced he is taking a serious look at a mayoral run in 2021.
Please get out and vote in the Chattanooga city council runoff election between Erskine Ogelsby and incumbent Chris Anderson.
It makes the second year in a row state lawmakers have taken a hard look at a thorny issue, which ground to a halt locally when the Chattanooga city council wrestled with its own legislation last fall. At its heart, the matter comes down to property ...
We endorsed Anthony Byrd in his recent winning bid for the District 8 seat on the Chattanooga city council, and we still believe he is the right man, but we hope his lack of research on his ability to keep his full-time job is not indicative of the ...
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) - Two Chattanooga city council seats are on the line as early voting in the Chattanooga municipal election runoff is set to begin.
On Tuesday, the Chattanooga city council voted 9-0 to authorize Mayor Andy Berke to enter into an agreement with the county to officially cancel the 2017 bill.
However, candidates traditionally draw fewer voters when it comes to Chattanooga's runoff elections. "It comes down to how you connect with the citizens and your ability to deliver your message," Oglesby said on bringing out supporters for the last ...
In 1969, Breslin joined author Norman Mailer on a twisted political ticket: Mailer for mayor, Breslin for city council president.
FILE - In this Monday, Dec. 8, 2014, file photo, Mary-Pat Hector with the National Action Network, speaks during a community town hall forum at Ebenezer Baptist Church, the church where The Rev.
Hector, a Spelman College sophomore, is the youngest candidate in the race to fill one of five seats on the city council for the newly formed City of Stonecrest.
But Chattanooga city council Member Chris Anderson, who went to Washington D.C. Wednesday to urge Congress to preserve the Community Development Block Grant program, said in a statement that the elimination of CDBG grants "could be catastrophic ...
The project already has been approved by the Chattanooga city council and the Health, Educational and Housing Facility Board, which must approve all PILOT proposals.
Staff Photo by Dan Henry / The Chattanooga Times Free Press- An early voter enters the Hamilton County Election Commission to vote in Chattanooga city elections. Turn out was so low, some are now questioning whether the date of the ... Instead two ...
The Chattanooga city council approved a $6 million settlement with Alstom Tuesday to refund tax breaks the city and Hamilton County had granted the company for job creation after the firm announced it was instead laying off all of its workers.
At the time, the city was planning to expand Lexia even as three City Council members began to question the program ahead of voting on the 2016 city budget.
The Hamilton County election Commission has approved the ballots and early voting hours for the Chattanooga runoff election.
In light of low voter turnout this week, some Hamilton County election commissioners are calling for Chattanooga to bundle its mayoral and City Council elections with larger county or presidential elections to boost voter turnout and save money. A ...
Hamilton County's political party chiefs are still crunching Chattanooga election voter data, but no one contests the races for mayor and City Council failed to draw much of a turnout in comparison to November's presidential election. Unofficial ...
A couple of new faces are coming to the Chattanooga city council, but Andy Berke will stay on for a second term as Mayor. Voters cast their ballots Tuesday.
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - Next month, the Chattanooga city council will have new members. Anthony Byrd beat out incumbent Moses Freeman for district eight.
He received 1,315 votes, or 66.8 percent. Susan MIller came in second with 371 votes, and Jay Nevans finished last with 265 votes.
Long-serving councilman Yusuf Hakeem will face Demetrus Coonrod in a run-off election April 11 for the District 9 seat on the Chattanooga city council. The district saw a four-way race, with Hakeem taking 954 votes and Coonrod claiming 600. John Kerns ...
District 2 covers from North Shore to Northgate, as well as the precincts Lupton City, Riverview and Stuart Heights. Mitchell, 62, the incumbent, has been on the city council since 2013. He is the council's vice chair and heads up the Human Resources ...
District four's new councilman is Darrin Ledford, who ran unopposed for the seat vacated by mayoral candidate Larry Grohn. In the race for district eight, Anthony Byrd upset incumbent Moses Freeman, beating him with 54% of the vote.
In an upset, Anthony Byrd unseated Moses Freeman tonight on the Chattanooga city council, and two other council races are headed to runoffs.
Six out of nine Chattanooga city council districts will be contested in today's election. Incumbents Carol Berz and Ken Smith, who represent Districts 6 and 3, respectively, have no challengers.
David Crockett served on the city council in the 90's and ran for mayor in 2001. He wants to see another Chattanooga renaissance, reducing crime, and enhancing neighborhoods. He also wants a high-speed train that will connect Chattanooga to Atlanta.
Contrary to current political mantra, crime is not Chattanooga's major problem. In this City Council election, the single biggest issue asked over and over again at the beginning of every candidate forum, is Crime. sent questionnaires to everyone running for City Council and mayor. We will post responses as we get them. Councilman Chris Anderson is seeking re-election in District 7 after unseating Manny Rico in the last election.
A total of 7,678 took part in early voting and, with a light turnout expected tomorrow, the chance for a runoff dramatically increases in both the Mayor's race and the City Council voting. Three City Council members are running unopposed while the ...
... City Council members Denis Flores and Mary Springowski (left) presented a public service award to Clara Davies-Arroyo and her mother Leigh Ann Davies-Arroyo March 4. Clara started a fundraiser for the victims of the deadly bus crash in Chattanooga, ...
Hakeem contributions included $5,000 from the Chattanooga Orthopaedic Group, $4,000 from the Homebuilders Association, $2,500 from the IBEW Educational Fund, $1,000 from RTB Holdings, HLC Holdings, Osh Holdings the LEA Group and Service ...
On the nine-member Hamilton County Commission, there's only one woman. The same 9:1 imbalance is true for the Chattanooga city council. A big part of the problem? Women who do run aren't connected in the male-entrenched party system of fundraising ...
... City Council members Denis Flores and Mary Springowski (left) presented a public service award to Clara Davies-Arroyo and her mother Leigh Ann Davies-Arroyo March 4. Clara started a fundraiser for the victims of the deadly bus crash in Chattanooga, ...
The final day to vote for Chattanooga's Mayor and City Council representatives is just around the corner. Based on the numbers of people who voted in early elections, citizens are near comatose with election excitement.
"People didn't elect me to take care of Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga. I will vote for it if it makes sense and if we are going to get some projects out of it.
I moved here from Knoxville and fell in love with this city due to its fast-paced growth and exciting urban development projects. That being said I would like to publicly share my support for John Kerns and his candidacy for Chattanooga city council in ...
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) - The Chattanooga police Department hosted a walk-through of its centralized intelligence, technology, analysis, and investigative center housed at the police Service Center today.
Chattanooga, TENN - Larry Grohn is known as one of Mayor Andy Berke's most vocal opponents. He has been serving on Chattanooga's city council for the last four years. Grohn met his wife Carol when she was an army nurse getting her master's degree.
This year, the combined totals for early voting and mail-in ballots for the Chattanooga mayoral and City Council election reached 7,678.
Well, Chattanooga's mayor and City Council election is in a week. There are many important issues at stake in this election and candidates are hard at work trying to convince you that they have your best interests in mind.
The Chattanooga city council wants to know if a hike is in store for its water quality fee, previously known as the stormwater fee.
In 2013, two City Council seats - those of Russell Gilbert in District 5 and Carol Berz in District 6 - were unopposed. This year, three seats are unopposed, those of Ken Smith (District 3), Darrin Ledford (who needs only his own vote to win in ...
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - A NASA employee was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison after being found guilty of coercing or enticing a minor to engage in sexual activity in Chattanooga. Thomas Matteis was sentenced in Federal Court in Chattanooga last ...





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