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The Chattanooga city council is the legislative and quasi-judicial body of city government. The Council is a nine member body, one elected from each district of the city. Chattanoogans elect a Mayor and all nine Council members on the first Tuesday in March of every fourth year. logo
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updated Thu. February 23, 2017

City Council declared the property surplus so it could be sold for a higher and better use and put back on the tax rolls, said Mayor Andy Berke's chief of staff, Stacy Richardson, who serves on the CDRC board.
Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke faces three challengers in the upcoming March 7, 2017 election: David Crockett, Larry Grohn, and Chris Long, and voters could unseat several City Council members. Chattanooga Times Free Press opinion writers Pam Sohn, ...
The Gainesville Times ( ) reports that the City Council is expected to address a resolution Tuesday that would commit the city to its share of a 50 percent local match of a $500,000 federal grant to upgrade its almost 75-year-old ...
"David Crockett, a former three-term City Council member and Council Chairman who became widely known as a driving force in Chattanooga's renaissance in the previous two decades, is preparing to run for the mayor's seat in the next city election.
I am writing to offer my wholehearted support for Jerry Mitchell, our Chattanooga District 2 councilman. Jerry Mitchell is the best choice for City Council District 2. Jerry is dedicated to his constituents and has done an excellent job of representing ...
When Mickey moved home to Chattanooga, he did not retire, he jumped right in. Mickey McCamish is the right choice for City Council 2. He is the right choice because of his business background, love for family, love for Chattanooga, military leadership ...
The agreement calls for Chattanooga to forfeit property taxes due for improvements made to the property for the first 10 years of the PILOT period, from 2019 to 2028.
The Chattanooga city council is expected to decide today if it should give a 15-year tax break to a rent-restrictive apartment development on the 5900 block of Highway 58.
Chicken Salad Chick owner, Josh Patton opened the business in downtown Chattanooga about four years ago, but now he's questioning whether it was the right decision.
City Council District 8 candidate tom kunesh said the "selection of the local all-white Hefferlin & Kronenberg Architects firm by the city of Chattanooga to design and lead neighborhood input into a new $6 million Avondale Recreation Center for ...
In the last seven days, there have been seven different people who have been shot in separate incidents in Chattanooga. On Tuesday, the City Council approved a total $223,656 in street cameras and accessories to take pictures of our gangstas when the ...
Property rights sit front and center in a conflict that has packed Chattanooga city council meetings, and they churned up a lawsuit in Nashville last fall, with short-stay operators saying they should be allowed to rent their property and their ...
Chattanooga, Tenn. - This afternoon, Alton Park community leaders joined Mayor Andy Berke, Councilman Chris Anderson, and other City and County officials to break ground at the former Charles A. Bell Elementary school site, kicking off construction ...
He said, "I am David Crockett, former three-term Councilman and chairman of the City Council and a candidate for the mayor of Chattanooga. "I entered this race more as an intervention than an election. I felt that the mayor's personal and political ...
PHOENIX (AP) - The Phoenix City Council on Wednesday turned down a petition to adopt sanctuary status for immigrants following a contentious and emotional discussion that ended with chants against the council.
Chattanooga native and District 9 City Council seat challenger Demetrus Coonrod wants to bring a new voice to the council.
The City Council voted Tuesday to allow the Chattanooga History Center to continue using a storage area on Watkins Street for another six months.
UPDATE: Early voting is underway, but it's been quiet at the polls for this year's Chattanooga city election. The Hamilton County Election Commission said the first and the last day of early voting tends to be their busiest days, but this year that's ...
Berz is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Private Dispute Resolution Services LLC, which is a Chattanooga-based mediation service and training organization.
Pat Benson Jr., candidate for Chattanooga city council District 9, called for expanding universal pre-kindergarten education for all Chattanooga families.
District 9 City Council candidate John Kerns is a local business owner who is active in an array of area organizations. He's on the board of directors for both Welcome Home of Chattanooga and the Highland Park Neighborhood Association. Kerns is a ...
The Chattanooga police Department got the green light from city council members to purchase new video cameras. Fifteen new video cameras will be installed across the city this spring.
The Chattanooga city council approved $750,000 in cameras, software and video networking tools for the police department's Real-Time intelligence Center on Tuesday. sent questionnaires to everyone running for City Council and mayor. We will post responses as we get them. Chattanooga native and 27-year U.S. Navy veteran Mickey McCamish is seeking office for the first time, and he said the effort is part ...
The proposed apartment complex still needs approval from the Chattanooga city council. Contact staff writer Tim Omarzu at tomarzu@timesfreepress.
The Chattanooga Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 820, is endorsing Chattanooga entrepreneur John L. Kerns for City Council in District 9. "John Kerns has clearly demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the issues that are important to Chattanooga's ...
We need to continue to invest in the latest technologies and ensure that our Chattanooga police Department has the tools they need to combat this problem.
The Chattanooga city council decides today if it will accept a $6 million settlement from GE Power in connection to a broken tax break agreement with the former Alstom manufacturing operation on Riverfront Parkway.
... women comprise just over 40 percent of the members. On the 9-member elected City Council, however, Carol Berz is the only woman now on the council and only three of the 15 candidates running in contested races in the March 7 election are women.
Six out of nine Chattanooga city council districts will be contested in the March 7 city election. Incumbents Carol Berz and Ken Smith, who represent Districts 6 and 3, respectively, face no challengers.
He deserves admiration for being accountable for his decisions and results. He deserves admiration for having already been and is a public servant and community activist.
The Chattanooga city council wants more information before it lets the city ask for state grant money to partially pay for a proposed sewer line relocation at the former Harriet Tubman public housing site.
Chip Henderson has grown a lot since he won the Chattanooga city council seat for District 1 four years ago, and even he notices it.
The plan calls for the Chattanooga city council to allow the city's Department of Economic and Community Development to seek a $500,000 state development grant.
The Charleston Water System got its start in 1917, when City Council created a commission to manage Charleston's drinking water supply.
Early voter's Kendra Miller, left, and Kenisha Miller, center, receive help with their ballots from Volunteer election Officer Linda Thompson, second from left, and Ballot Box Judge Byerly Morgan on Friday afternoon at the Hamilton County Election ...
Through a partnership between The Enterprise Center and Birmingham-based company Covalence, a coding school will be located in the heart of the Innovation District, offering an accelerated coding curriculum in an effort to provide valuable IT training ...
The Chattanooga city council is working to bring a new app to mobile devices that would help them find out what voters really want.
Documents obtained through an open records request show that Chattanooga youth and Family Development Administrator Lurone Jennings has handed down harsher penalties to two subordinates than he recently received for misusing private funds.
crime has topped the priorities lists of all four of Chattanooga's mayoral candidates, but each has a somewhat different vision on how to fix it.
Boyce Station Neighborhood Association of East Chattanooga will sponsor a Chattanooga city council District 8 and 9 Candidate Forum this Saturday from 2-4 p.m.
Join the Chamber's Downtown Council and CWLI for a meet and greet with all city council candidates from 7:30 to 8 a.m., followed by a mayoral debate at 8 a.m.. - East Ridge Chamber Council meeting from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 2, at East ...
Ten candidates, including three former Glenwood Springs City Council members, have declared their candidacies for three open council seats that will be decided in the April 4 city election.
The Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce's downtown council and Chattanooga women's Leadership Institute are partnering to host a candidate forum at the council's monthly meeting Feb. 2. Both mayoral and City Council candidates are invited to ...
In the race for mayor of Chattanooga we have the incumbent, a Democrat lawyer, and then we have Larry Grohn, who is a city council member, and we also have Chris Long, who is a former builder and architectural consultant. *** Dave, you say that what ...
Helen Burns Sharp, of the group Accountability for taxpayer money, presented a policy paper to the City Council on proposed reform of the city's PILOT tax break program as well as making it easier for citizens to have access to government information.
The Downtown Council of the Chattanooga Chamber is partnering with the Chattanooga women's Leadership Institute to host a candidate forum at the council's upcoming monthly meeting on Feb. 2. The meeting will begin with a meet-and-greet at 7:30 a.
City Council, Chattanooga is more than downtown. The majority of taxpayers in this city do not live downtown. In fact, you have made downtown so inaccessible with parking fees, bike lanes, and traffic snarling construction, most of the rest of the city ...
On Tuesday, the Chattanooga city council voted 9-0 to authorize the city to enter into a $340,500 agreement with Hefferlin+Kronenberg Architects for the project.
It is contingent upon approval of the City Council. Officials said use of the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) will allow matching of shell casings to guns and to other shell casings.





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