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The Chattanooga city council is the legislative and quasi-judicial body of city government. The Council is a nine member body, one elected from each district of the city. Chattanoogans elect a Mayor and all nine Council members on the first Tuesday in March of every fourth year. logo
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The City Council is set to take action on first reading on Tuesday night on a process to legalize short term vacation rentals in Chattanooga. The second and final reading is set for the following Tuesday. The final version comes after several public ...
30, an ad hoc panel of business executives, community leaders and veterans, co-chaired by Chattanooga city councilman Jerry Mitchell and Raines, announced it would make final recommendations to Mayor Andy Berke and the City Council after the ...

The Chattanooga city council on Tuesday will consider a 41-year tax break for a developer to completely overhaul Jaycee Tower, an 18-story downtown apartment building for low-income elderly residents.
The Memphis City Council voted in August 2015 to relocate the statue, during a national wave of efforts to remove symbols of the Confederacy from public spaces.
Igleheart remains a city council member, she said Friday afternoon. Igleheart is an actor, writer, producer and voice-over artist who has appeared in more than 60 films, TV shows, commercials and corporate training videos, according to his profile on ...
Abbeville City Council authorized the marker that will be unveiled Saturday, 100 years and one day after Anthony Crawford was beaten, dragged out of town with a noose around his neck and hanged from a tree where his body was riddled with bullets.

Jerry Mitchell has announced he will seek re-election to the Chattanooga city council. Mr. Mitchell represents District 2, which extends from the North Shore to Northgate.
Chattanooga city councilwoman Carol Berz will host a campaign re-election kick-off event on Thursday, Oct. 20. Councilwoman Berz is seeking her 3rd term to represent Chattanooga city council District 6. The event will be held at Wilson Air Center, 932 ...
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - The Memphis City Council has expanded the city's restrictions on panhandling in high-traffic areas and during rush hours.
"If you don't educate yourself, you may make a decision that you didn't really want to do," he said. The ordinance is a part of the "ban the box" movement.
Jerry Mitchell has announced he will seek re-election to the Chattanooga city council District 2 seat. District 2 extends from the North Shore to Northgate, including the precincts of Lupton City, Riverview and Stuart Heights.
The Telegraph ( reports there were about two dozen Vietnam veterans in attendance during the City Council meeting Monday. The park is expected to cost $450,000 and be located next to a new visitors center to be constructed ...
The City Council has approved an affordable housing tax break for Chestnut Flats, a $20 million apartment project on Chattanooga's Southside. The 174-unit building makes the first proposal to take advantage of the city's new payment-in-lieu-of-taxes ...
Beer sales may be coming soon to a movie theater near you, with the Chattanooga city council potentially giving its approval when that panel meets today.
"They honored the will of the City Council and [Hamilton] County Commission as they should have," he said. Smith said there were no grounds for reopening the structure of the tax incentive agreement.
CHATTANOOGA - Some say selling alcohol within movie theaters can help the local economy. Others say it's just an opportunity for disaster.

The City Council has approved a new agreement with nonprofit Father to the Fatherless to handle the social services side of the Violence Reduction Initiative, Chattanooga's gang deterrence program. The agency, which started as an initiative of Hope for ...
Next, GreenTech is expected to go before the Chattanooga city council on Nov. 8 for approval of the subdivision. Other GreenTech developments in Chattanooga include Madison Park "luxury townhomes" on Chattanooga's Southside and the company's ...
The Chattanooga city council District 7 seat will see a rematch between incumbent Chris Anderson and former two-time incumbent Manny Rico in the city's March 2017 elections.
The City Council members are the chosen representatives of the people, which means "the people of Memphis have spoken.
West housing is now under construction on the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus. The building, at the corner of Vine and Houston streets, will offer two floors of parking beneath 9 to 12 floors of housing, according to unnamed construction ...
"I Voted" stickers adorn a ballot stub box during early voting at the Hamilton County election Commission on Tuesday, July 19, 2016, in Chattanooga, Tenn. Photo by Doug Strickland /Times Free Press. ... But people who don't vote forfeit their voice ...
The Chattanooga city council wants to tighten compliance timelines for a proposed set of rules governing the city's short-term vacation rental operators.
(Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department via AP). In this Aug. 19, 2014, photo released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department shows LASD Sgt.
Spanish street signs debated - | Chattanooga News, Weather & sports ..... A city council committee tabled the sign proposal for more discussion after dozens of people showed up at a public meeting this week to voice support and opposition.
The managing partner is Guy E. Cowden, Jr., previously the bartender at T Bones in downtown Chattanooga. There will be live music and the building can hold 111 customers.
Long-serving City of Chattanooga employees now have fewer obstacles to advancing their careers when it comes to measuring experience against college degrees.
To that end, statements and reactions from Tuesday's Chattanooga city council meeting deserve some extra attention this morning.
(AP) - This week's public opening of Prince's suburban Minneapolis estate and studio complex likely will be delayed because the city council indefinitely postponed voting on a rezoning request for the complex to be operated as a museum. The Chanhassen ...
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - City leaders are set to vote on an ordinance that would allow police to reduce the penalty for people who possess a small amount of marijuana.
Chicago (AP) - The Chicago City Council on Wednesday approved Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to create a new agency to investigate police shootings and misconduct allegations even as critics - some on the council - say it's not strong enough to closely ...
Tuesday - Chattanooga city council members learned more about an organization providing services for the city. Father to the Fatherless - is up for a contract with Chief Fred Fletcher and the Chattanooga police Department.
Chattanooga city councilman Larry Grohn, who is running for mayor opposite incumbent Andy Berke, has accused Berke of using WhatsApp to deliberately evade records rules.
The Northport City Council voted unanimously to hike all business license fees, to license every taxi picking up passengers in Northport, to increase water deposits and to take positive steps to rid the community of its old buildings and eyesores ...
Erskine Oglesby Jr. announced Friday he will seek the District 7 seat on the Chattanooga city council. That seat is now held by Chris Anderson, who has picked up qualifying papers to run, according to the Hamilton County election Commission.
Erskine Oglesby, Jr. said Thursday he plans to run for the District 7 seat on the Chattanooga city council. Mr. Oglesby said, "After a lot of prayers and many discussions with my wife, family members, my pastor, friends, community leaders and ...
The City Council voted in December 2015 to remove statues of Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard, Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis and a monument honoring whites who tried to topple a biracial post-civil war ...
If only we had known about the Chattanooga city council's planned retirement send off for Jimmy Templeton of Public Works, the room would have been filled to overflowing with his friends and admirers - including me.
"It's entirely possible that a judge or a jury at some point in the future may disagree with the city's decision, and obviously the city will defend its decision with the utmost vigor," Williford told the City Council at a meeting where speakers called ...
(David T. Foster III/The Charlotte Observer via AP). Audience members show support for speakers at the Charlotte City Council during time for public comments, mainly concerning last week's Scott shooting, at the Charlotte Mecklenburg government Center .
Steaming lattes in hand, armed with smartphones and travel brochures, a group of young professionals sat down Friday morning to plan their upcoming expedition to Chattanooga, Tenn. The group was one of six crews - dubbed "Millennial SWAT teams" ...
City Council, if the mayor has lost control of his employees and appointed or hired city attorneys that work in league for the developers, it's your job to protect us from contract negligence.
The public has now weighed in twice on proposed rules changes for operating short-stay vacation rentals in Chattanooga. On Tuesday, the City Council hosted a public hearing on the new regulations, with a number of short-term vacation rental operators ...
(David T. Foster III/The Charlotte Observer via AP). Audience members show support for speakers at the Charlotte City Council during time for public comments, mainly concerning last week's Scott shooting, at the Charlotte Mecklenburg government Center .
Chip Henderson, a construction business owner, has announced he will seek re-election to the Chattanooga city council District 1 seat.
Nearly all media outlets in Chattanooga this week reported various clown sightings, clown threats and charges associated with a facebook page called Chattanooga Klown. Two Red Bank Middle school students were charged with fabricating the threat, ...
The Chattanooga city council will hold a public hearing Tuesday on proposed rule changes for operating short-term vacation rentals.
In East Cleveland, City Council members had long balked at the idea of dissolving their city. But with no viable solution short of an economic miracle in sight, they agreed last month to pursue annexation without a list of demands - such as continuing ...
The project targets voters in City Council districts 5, 7, 8 and 9, where voter turnout is traditionally low, Roberson said.





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