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updated Mon. October 23, 2017

... former Luzerne County Judge Michael Toole perks, including use of ... to former Luzerne County judges Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. and Michael T.
... the firm's 2005 Avoca litigation to then-county judges Michael Toole or ... Powell had a bearing on the judge's rulings that allowed the Avoca ...
... He met Powell through then-judge Michael Conahan - arguably the ... him to assign the case to specific judges, one of whom, Michael Toole, ...
MARK MORAN / THE citizens' VOICE Former Luzerne County judge Michael T. Toole resigned and pleaded guilty to a fraud charge in 2009.
In fact, a jury -- not the judge -- awarded $3 million to lawyer Matt ... to the infamous "kids-for-cash" scandal that sent two Pennsylvania judges to prison. ... law firm gave thousands of dollars to elect Judge Michael Toole.
... judges, Mark Ciavarella, Michael Conahan and Michael Toole, are in ... a friend of one judge, reputed mobster William D'Elia of Hughestown, ...
Former Luzerne County judge Michael T. Toole was to report Monday to a minimum-security federal prison camp in Minnesota to begin serving ...
... Former Luzerne County Judge Michael Toole, who pleaded guilty to ... Cardoni revealed that he invited other Luzerne County judges to the ...
Court suspends attorney who bribed former judge Toole ... "items of value" to former Luzerne County judge Michael Toole, according to court documents. ... Powell is a key witness against two other former county judges, ...
He was 11 years old when his father, Patrick J. Toole Jr., was elected district attorney; 18 when his father became a judge; and 43 when he ...
As part of his two-year probation sentence issued by Luzerne County judge Michael Toole, Farrell was ordered to obtain a full-time job, pay ...
Another newcomer, Democrat Michael Toole of Norton, is taking on Rep. Jay Barrows, R-Mansfield, in the 1st Bristol District.
Another newcomer, Democrat Michael Toole of Norton, is taking on Rep. Jay Barrows, R-Mansfield, in the 1st Bristol District.
Local Republicans face headwinds in the form of a highly unpopular national party leader and an expected large turnout of Democratic voters in November, but they are counting on a not-so-secret weapon in the form of Gov.
When Gregory R. Zappala first made the bold claims in a 2014 racketeering lawsuit filed against former local attorney Robert Powell, the accusations prompted denials and professions of innocence from both the judge and law firm. But the fervor quickly ...
We're talking about state judges and prosecutors. Aren't judges, especially, expected to be above reproach? Oops, almost forgot about Luzerne County's very own Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella, who, with a prominent local developer and a shyster ...




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