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updated Sun. April 29, 2018

WASHINGTON -- President Trump is privately rejecting the growing consensus among Republican leaders that they may lose the House and possibly the Senate in November, leaving party officials and the president's advisers nervous that he does not grasp the gravity of the threat they face in the ... Elections
WASHINGTON -- The Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee released on Friday the results of its investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election, and Democrats issued a dissenting report. The accounts reached dueling interpretations of a litany of information about ...

WASHINGTON -- Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee declared in a 250-page report on Friday that their yearlong investigation uncovered no evidence that the Trump campaign had aided Russia's election meddling, only ill-advised contacts between campaign aides and Russian officials ... Intelligence
Analysts say Mr. Modi is fixated on winning next year's election in India. And it is a measure of the fraught relationship between China and India right now that he is seen as needing Mr. Xi's help to do that. Officials from both countries are describing the leaders' meeting, which came at India's request, as ... Elections
With 212 out of 219 election districts reporting. Unlike the race in Westchester, the competition to fill current New York City Councilman Ruben Diaz Sr.'s vacant seat in the Bronx was over before it started. Democratic Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda won the heavily Democratic district with nearly 90 percent ... elections
The former Arizona state senator Debbie Lesko fended off an energetic Democratic challenge to win the special congressional election on Tuesday, according to The Associated Press. Sign up for election ... See the drop in Republican margins in special elections since Donald J. Trump became president.

In a Tuesday night special election race on Long Island, Democrats flipped a long-Republican State Assembly district to mark their 40th Trump-era takeover ... According to an extremely useful comprehensive spreadsheet compiled by Daily Kos, across 70 special elections in 2017, Democrats ran 10 ...
BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary, who has set about transforming this former Soviet bloc member from a vibrant democracy into a semi-autocratic state under one political party's control, appeared to have won a sweeping victory in national elections on Sunday, with ...
Two environmental groups are suing the state over a type of water pollution permit required of businesses across New York. (TU). The governor signed an executive order to finally repair NYCHA developments, directing an independent monitor to oversee the process. The fine print was made public - ... elections
Mr. Maduro was defiant in response to the announcement, vowing to hold the election in April regardless of the boycott, and he raised the ante: He said he would ask the Consitutent Assembly to call general elections for April 22 that would encompass not only the opposition-controlled National Assembly ... elections
He has mocked the very notion of Russian meddling in the last election and lashed out at those who suggested otherwise. ... Mr. Pompeo was also asked about reports last week by The New York Times and The Intercept that American intelligence agencies spent months negotiating with a Russian who ... elections
Yet his ultimate support will be vital if Congress is to overcome election-year pressures against compromise. No Senate deal is likely to see the light of day in the more conservative House without the president's blessing and promise to sell compromise to his hard-line base. Trump, thus far, has balked on ... elections
Cuomo's Favorability, Re-Election Ratings Tumble. A new poll finds Gov. Andrew Cuomo's favorability and re-election ratings falling just a month after a survey of registered New York state voters gave the Democrat some of the highest ratings during his two terms. Feb. 12, 2018, at 10:23 a.m.. NY Gov. Cuomo's Favorability ... elections
But he has not delivered on his promises. And now, critics say, his party's apparently miserable performance in the local elections — against opponents accused of corruption and abuse — means that the president has missed his chance to carry out his reform agenda. “This election has made it clear that ... elections
Mr. Trump's remarks illustrated a broader problem: Republican congressional leaders and strategists have pleaded with lawmakers and candidates to stay focused on economic growth and December's tax cuts, a message they hope will be their salvation before the elections in November. But that may be ... elections
One of the big changes in election coverage that emerged in 2016 was the widespread use of predictions expressed as probabilities. Once the private vice of data geeks, just about everyone in the business of handicapping presidential elections used probabilities that year. And it became increasingly ... elections
The former rebels' involvement in this year's elections was meant to signal an end to decades of political violence and was a pillar of the accords that ended 52 years of civil conflict. Their sudden departure from the campaign — on the grounds that it is not safe — casts doubt on whether the conflict is over ... elections

MOSCOW — Protesters across Russia braved icy temperatures on Sunday to demonstrate against the lack of choice in the March election that is virtually certain to see President Vladimir V. Putin chosen for a fourth term. “What we are being offered right now are not elections, and we must not participate in ... elections
The 2018 midterm elections, featuring hundreds of congressional, state and local primaries, will culminate with the Nov. .... Eight Democrats have combined to raise nearly $4 million in the Democratic primary to challenge Representative John Faso, a Republican, in New York's 19th Congressional District, ... elections
While the conduct of elections now rests with state officials, he said, “Secretary Kobach wants homeland security to make those decisions without public ... The Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer of New York, said in a statement that “the commission never had anything to do with election integrity. elections
Mr. Rajoy then called new elections for the regional Parliament, hoping to reshuffle the political deck and calculating that Catalan voters would punish the secessionist leaders. Many are now being prosecuted for sedition and rebellion and campaigned from prison or exile. That gamble did not pay off. elections
“Chile is helping kick off a year of important elections throughout the region, and many of the divides seen there will be repeated in their own way in the races to come,” said Shannon K. O'Neil, a Latin America expert at the Council on Foreign Relations. “Today's election pits not just the left versus right for ... elections
RIO DE JANEIRO — Worried that Brazilians will soon be flooded with fake news ahead of a critical presidential election, the country is setting out to .... “The elections in Brazil are a priority for us, and we have been taking a series of steps to make sure our platform gives people a voice, encourages civic ... elections
Scandalous stories leaked to foreign newspapers to swing an election in Nicaragua. Millions of pamphlets, posters and stickers printed to defeat an incumbent in Serbia. The long arm of Vladimir Putin? No, just a small sample of the United States' history of intervention in foreign elections. On Tuesday ... elections
“People were well aware of why we were having a special election,” Ms. Bigham, who has been a union organizer, said. ... In addition, there are special elections to fill statehouse vacancies left by lawmakers accused of sexual harassment or misconduct in six states, including Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, ... elections
Intelligence officials told a Senate committee last week that they have already seen evidence of Russian attempts to meddle in the 2018 midterm elections. Federal and state experts face a panoply of election-security threats. Online voter-registration systems are perhaps the most easily compromised by ... elections
MEXICO CITY — A debate over same-sex marriage propelled an evangelical Christian singer from a long-shot candidate to the top vote-getter in the first round of Costa Rica's presidential election Sunday. Fabricio Alvarado, a former television journalist who became an influential Pentecostal singer, will ... elections
12 special election were certified, and in the candidate's statement afterward, Mr. Moore and his campaign left little doubt about their assessment of the ... Mr. Moore could conceivably ask the Senate, which has the constitutional authority to serve as “judge of the elections, returns and qualifications of its ... elections
ROME — The countdown to Europe's next pivotal election began on Thursday, when Italy's president dissolved the Parliament and effectively opened the campaign for the first national elections in five years, scheduled for March 4. The move by President Sergio Mattarella now places Italy's always ... elections
MONROVIA, Liberia — After allegations of election fraud and a delayed runoff that raised fears about a constitutional crisis, Vice President Joseph Boakai of Liberia accepted defeat in the country's presidential election on Friday and offered his support to the new government. “I congratulate the winner, ... elections
On Thursday, as the last ballots in a presidential election were being tallied, that appeared to be on the verge of happening. Unofficial elections returns showed that George Weah, a former international soccer star, defeated the sitting vice president, two former warlords and his own ex-girlfriend and won the ... elections
... best chance of defeating his Republican rivals in the general election, adding that President Donald Trump's ... "New York is tough," she said. elections
SUNSET PARK, BROOKLYN — New York City is hosting primary elections for local offices on Tuesday, Sept. 12, when voters from each party ... elections
In New York and Mississippi, Upstart Candidates Surge in Today's Elections ... two upstart candidates are vying in elections aiming to upset the local political ... The election was triggered when Toby Barker, the former House ... elections
... will be the parties' nominees in the general election in November. ... Join New York Road Runners for guided runs through Silver Lake Park ... elections
On Monday, she was certified by the Presidential Elections Commission as the only eligible candidate, and since she has no opponent, there ... elections
Before the election, the Green Party, which advocates curbing Arctic oil ... of the New York edition with the headline: Norway Premier Declares ... elections
24, following a year of dramatic elections in Europe. ... What follows is a guide to New York Times coverage of Ms. Merkel, Germany and Europe that ... Blunting the Far Right, Merkel Gains as German Election Nears SEPT. elections
With candidates vying for votes ahead of New York City's September primary and November general elections, many in and around campaigns ... elections
Parties grasping for control in off-year for legislature elections ... control of the state Senate is heating up ahead of what could be a bruising 2018 election. ... "There is no Independent Democratic Party in New York," King said. elections
Roger Stone is the latest Trump acolyte to say impeachment would be an election-reversing coup justifying a civil war. It's ludicrous if you think ... elections
Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany at an election rally earlier this month. ... According to polls, if the elections were to take place now, she ... elections
In Sharp Tones, de Blasio and Albanese Spar Over New York's Future ... in the first Democratic debate of this year's mayoral election. elections
The death toll is far lower than in previous elections, but there are some ... and special offers for The New York Times's products and services. elections
The winner will face Doug Jones, a former United States attorney who won the Democratic primary, in the general election on Dec. 12. elections
Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times. Former ... “I urge all Kenyans to work for an election — and aftermath — that is peaceful and credible, ... elections
Mayor Bill de Blasio, left, and his main Democratic opponent, Sal Albanese, in the first Democratic debate of this year's mayoral election on Aug ... elections
Election law is so arcane and obscure in New York state, that much of it cannot change with the stroke of a pen or clicking "send" on the computer. elections
Carrie Lam was congratulated after winning the vote on Sunday for chief executive of Hong Kong. Credit Bobby Yip/Reuters. HONG KONG - A committee dominated by supporters of the Chinese government chose Carrie Lam as Hong Kong's next leader on ... elections
Boiko Borisov, center, spoke to members of the news media in Sofia on Sunday as his party held a narrow lead in parliamentary elections in Bulgaria. ... SOFIA, Bulgaria - The former prime minister of Bulgaria verged on retaking power Sunday as his ... elections


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