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updated Tue. May 30, 2017

The Minnesota legislature finally passed a major transportation bill in special session last week. (News-Herald file photo).
And that is definitely the case at the Minnesota legislature. Even though the special session is done, the governor says he is still undecided on whether he will sign the 10 budget bills on his desk.
PAUL - The Minnesota legislature struggled to finish its work - the final coda came at 3 a.m. Friday - but managed to approve thousands of pages of legislation, brimming with hundreds of changes to the way Minnesota does business.
ST. PAUL - The Minnesota legislature struggled to finish its work - the final coda came at 3 a.m. Friday - but managed to approve thousands of pages of legislation, brimming with hundreds of changes to the way Minnesota does business.
WORTHINGTON - "It ain't over til it's over," Worthington public utilities General manager Scott Hain said Friday morning - hours after the Minnesota legislature passed a bonding bill that includes $3.5 million to finance the final 16.8 miles of water ...
The Minnesota legislature proposes deep cuts to Metro Transit bus and light rail funding. On May 16, transit riders from the community, as well as a few Metro Transit drivers, rallied at Leif Erickson Park by the University-Rice Street light rail ...
Regardless, state lawmakers found themselves in another fine mess this week, as an intended one-day special session of the Minnesota legislature turned into a four-day drama fest. Republican senators canceled flights to preserve their one-vote majority ...
It took three extra days and some horse-trading to win crucial Democratic votes. But the Republican-controlled Legislature passed its final budget bills early Friday morning.
Well, it's enough to put Dayton squarely in third place among Minnesota governors, based on records from the Minnesota legislative Reference Library that go back to 1939 (prior to that year, recordkeeping wasn't as accurate, the library notes). Dayton ...
ST. PAUL -- A gentle harmonica concert by Rep. Bob Loonan did not provide quite enough calm late Thursday, May 25, as a relatively minor issue stalled the Minnesota's Legislature's drive to finish passing the state budget. The second-term state ...
Minnesota legislature Enters Day 3 Of Special SessionState lawmakers have reconvened for a third day of a special session. (0:38) WCCO 4 News At Noon - May 25, 2017.
The Minnesota legislature blew through another deadline as it worked through the night in special session to finish a two-year budget.
Another day, another missed Minnesota legislative deadline. By Don Davis on May 24, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.. The Minnesota Capitol is lit up at sunrise Wednesday, May 24, 2017, as legislators inside debate tax and education bills.
the sun rises behind the Minnesota State Capitol as lawmakers continued their work inside on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 in St. Paul, Minn.
Minnesota Sen. Gary Dahms, R-Redwood Falls, left, reclines in his chair while Sen. Jerry Relph, R-St. Cloud, rubs his eyes behind Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, during a prolonged recent f the body in he early hours of a special session of the ...
The long hours take their toll on Senators as they listen to Ron Latz, (DFL), St. Louis Park speak on the final day of the regular session at the State Capitol in St. Paul, Monday, May 22.
(Fargo) Valley News Live Minnesota lawmakers will be back at work Thursday hoping to find common ground on a massive budget. The House and Senate have recessed their special session until noon tomorrow when they hope to pass the 46 billion dollar ...
After all that, a special session was still needed for the Minnesota legislature to finish its main priority: a state budget.
In addition, Minnesota's Legislative Auditor has announced it will be reviewing why the Department of Administration, the state agency responsible for overseeing the police vehicle contract with Nelson Auto Center of Fergus Falls, did little to stop ...
The Minnesota legislature's budget increases total spending by $210 million over the last two-year budget, but the overall amount is much lower than what higher education leaders wanted.
The Minnesota Capitol is lit up at sunrise Wednesday, May 24, 2017, as legislators inside debate tax and education bills. It was the first day of a special session to finish passing a $46 billion state budget.
Minnesota's legislative leaders planned to immediately return to the Capitol to finish a new budget in a special session after blowing past Monday's midnight deadline to finish their work.
Mark Dayton and Republican leaders of the Minnesota legislature reached across the negotiating table shortly before a midnight deadline to adjourn the session and shook hands, setting in motion a plan that wouldn't finish their work on time - but that ...
With roughly 24 hours remaining, the Minnesota legislature finally broke the budget logjam Sunday night, sending several budget bills to Gov.
It is the rare article covering St. Paul and the Minnesota legislature that gets posted to your website for Moorhead residents to read.
"The Minnesota legislature decided to go along with what the federal government said rather than standing up for the people of the state of Minnesota," she laments.
The Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board is expected to approve a $35.5 million budget for fiscal 2018 when the board meets Tueday in St. Paul, including more money for the Giants Ridge ski and golf complex the agency owns in Biwabik.
Earlier this legislative session, Democrats and Republicans alike voted in favor of bills that would've required Internet service providers like Comcast and AT&T to get your permission before they could sell your data.
The last day of a Minnesota legislative session traditionally is marked by frantic activity, fiery debates and last-minute deal-making.
St. Paul, Minn. (AP) - Minnesota legislative leaders won't finish budget by deadline; plan special session to finish bills by Wednesday.
The Minnesota legislature is facing a midnight deadline for getting their work done.. KFGO News Capitol Correspondent Bill Werner joined Bonnie and Doug on the morning show.
St. Paul, Minn. (AP) - It's a race against time at the Minnesota legislature, where lawmakers have just two days to finalize a new budget.
Mark Dayton presented an offer to the Republicans who control the Minnesota legislature in an attempt to wrap up the state's $46 billion two-year budget.
By Rochelle Olson Star Tribune. May 19, 2017 - 10:02pm. itemprop. Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune Minnesota legislative Auditor James Nobles, shown in February, said his office will begin the review in the coming months but won't reinvestigate actual cases.
St. Paul, Minn. (AP) - Minnesota's Republican legislative leaders and Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton have resumed negotiations aimed at settling the state budget.
But now the Minnesota legislature is threatening to emulate Wisconsin and Iowa, removing power from these cities, telling them they do not know what is best for the people who live there, repealing laws these cities have passed, and telling other local ...
Minneapolis (WCCO) - Top lawmakers are back at the negotiating table Tuesday night, trying to break a budget stalemate. Time is running out for Republicans and Democrats to reach agreement on a two-year state budget.
The Minnesota House failed to pass an $800 million public works bill on Wednesday that would have provided a smaller-than-usual pot of money for roads, bridges, sewer and water systems, college buildings and flood-control projects across the state.
The Minnesota legislature today agreed to a $33 million tax credit scholarship program for eligible students to attend non-public schools.
Minnesota's political leaders are entering the legislative homestretch with no budget deal in sight. It's familiar territory.
This year was supposed to be different at the Minnesota legislature. An enlarged Republican majority in the House and new, narrow Republican control of the Senate were supposed to translate into more GOP desire to exhibit an ability to govern.
GOP, Dayton on collision course over budget. ST. PAUL (AP) - Republicans who control the Minnesota legislature on Tuesday challenged Gov.
"This office, along with county attorneys throughout Minnesota, worked hard last year to get the Minnesota legislature to go easier on people possessing and selling a small amount of drugs," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement ...
"Better yet," we opined, "the Minnesota legislature can (make) the sensible move of raising the age statewide.
ST. PAUL - A credit included in the Minnesota legislature's omnibus tax bill would be the first in the nation to provide financial benefit to farmland owners who sell their land to beginning farmers.
Minnesota legislature shouldn't shortchange the U. State's leading research university sets the table for future prosperity.
The last weeks of Minnesota's legislative session have lawmakers scrambling to finalize plans for spending about $46 billion.
Tony Cornish, under consideration by the Minnesota legislature would have the state spend $16.5 million to improve officer training.
Readers Write (May 8): Minnesota legislature, changing the name of Lake Calhoun, University of Minnesota leadership, Obama's postpresidency.
The young parents who serve in Minnesota's Legislature juggle family commitments and child care arrangements with the long and unpredictable hours, not to mention the constant political pressures, of working at the Capitol.





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