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updated Tue. January 16, 2018

Des Moines, Iowa - For the second consecutive year, the Thanksgiving feast will cost Iowans less than the year before. A report finds the ...

Congressman Steve King released a statement after voting in favor of tax reform legislation that will provide a tax cut to Iowans while also ...
Recent health care news has left many Iowans frustrated. In recent weeks, we've learned that: n The federal government has approved Iowa's ...

The 2017 annual report by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division won't be released until the agency's oversight commission approves it, but ...
Two Iowans were named to state-level positions with the U.S. Department of Agriculture last week. Amanda De Jong, a senior policy adviser ...
Mindy Pfab sits earlier this month in the kitchen of her Cedar Rapids home, surrounded by stacks of paperwork documenting her struggle with Wellmark to cover medical treatment for an eating disorder.
Des Moines - The efforts of Iowans to improve Iowa's lakes, rivers and streams have resulted in success stories across the state, and a new publication is showcasing some of the most impressive efforts over the last decade.
When a onetime Klan imperial wizard and neo-Nazis are singing your praises, it's time for self-reflection. Sadly, we expect nothing of the sort from our 4th District congressman, U.S.
Iowan's on average spend $1,916 on property taxes a year, with Alabama residents paying the least at $543 and New Jersey residents shelling out the most green at $7,410.
URBANDALE, Iowa(KCCI) - After weeks of highly contested legislative forums, an Urbandale town hall shifted the tone Saturday morning with some central Iowans saying a civil discussion is needed to effect change on issues like gun control and the ...
More Iowans went off the unemployment rolls in February as the rate dropped for the fifth straight month to three-point-two percent.
Trump's Cuts Would Impact Poor Rural, Urban Iowans. Mary Kuhlman -- Iowa News Service; 12 hrs ago; (0). Trump Budget. Some analysits say the Trump administration's budget blueprint would hurt some voters who helped put Donald Trump in office.

More than 663 million people around the world live without a safe water supply close to home. (Pixabay). prev. next. (Des Moines) -- With World Water Day this past week, people are being asked to step up conservation to help people, not only in the U.S ...
Nearly 100 Eastern Iowans now have matching tattoos with the phrase 'nevertheless, she persisted.'
The efforts of Iowans to improve Iowa's lakes, rivers and streams have resulted in success stories across the state, and a new publication is showcasing some of the most impressive efforts over the last decade.
Des Moines - A "crippling blow," as one advocate put it, could be dealt to low-income and disabled Iowans who receive services from a public health care program if a payment dispute involving one of Iowa's largest hospital networks is not resolved.
KEOSAUQUA - A Van Buren high school graduate will have his art on display at one of the nation's most famous museums next month.
The State Health Registry of Iowa at the University of Iowa's College of public health estimates 6,200 Iowans will die of cancer this year.
Iowans. 7 hrs ago; 0. Medicaid 1. Buy Now. CHRIS ZOELLER, The Globe Gazette. The Mercy Health Network, which includes the Mercy Pediatrics & adolescent Clinic in Clear Lake, is still working through issues with Iowa's new privately managed Medicaid ...
Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are considering a bill that would drive up health care costs for Iowans ages 50 to 64 by thousands of dollars a year.
The most directly damaging aspect of this action by the governor to Iowans would probably be the loss of client's ability to bill their insurance for these services.
A northeast Wisconsin man traveled to eastern Iowa this week to thank the people who saved his life over three months ago. Dan Clarahan was in Cedar Rapids in early December when he went into cardiac arrest and crashed his vehicle on Highway 30.
According to the "cancer in Iowa" report released Wednesday, new cases of liver cancer were detected in six of 100,000 Iowans in the period from 2010 to 2014. Dr. Michael Voigt is a clinical professor of internal medicine at University of Iowa ...
The Iowa Department of public health (IDPH) is soliciting public comments on its Healthy Iowans 2017-2021: Iowa's Health Improvement Plan.
HF 518 unfortunately passed the House. It is disappointing to see another piece of legislation that does nothing to help working Iowans but benefits Corporations. When will we do what is right for Iowans? It is time to speak out! Please reach out and ...
Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are considering a bill that would drive up health care costs for Iowans ages 50 to 64 by thousands of dollars a year.
But it, the University of Iowa, 1847, and University of Northern Iowa, 1876, were primarily built with Iowans' dollars, further evidence of Iowans' continuing financial commitment to these educational ideals. It's clear why businesses in Ames, Cedar ...
Des Moines, Iowa -- As the weather warms up, many Iowans are preparing to get outside and do some gardening. The Iowa Flower, Lawn, and Garden Show this weekend was a great chance for people to get some ideas about what to plant and how to ...
Branstad, as it would serve to make his Medicaid privatization less of a catastrophe, but most Iowans receiving therapy would no longer have access to insurance covered mental health care and would have to pay out of pocket for therapy, or simply go ...
People interested in learning more can either like their Iowans for Everest facebook page or email them at Iowansforeverest@gmail.
WASHINGTON D.C. - On Monday, a hearing will be held for President Trump's nominee for Supreme Court. The president announced Neil Gorsuch as his pick to replace the late Antonin Scalia in January.
(Des Moines) -- Growing older does not hold the same connotations as it once did, and some Iowans are using their ingenuity to challenge perceptions of aging.
The cuts would impact older Iowans like Mary Menton who benefit from the program. Menton is 84, has a diabetic diet and lives by herself, so a hot nutritious meal can provide for warm companionship.
"What we will be looking at and what I will support in the bill, when it comes to the Senate, there are a number of things I do support and one thing I've heard predominantly from Iowans is making sure that preexisting conditions are covered in the ...
ISP is encouraging you to take advantage of any service offering a safe ride home, and a new program through AAA is offering another option.
How could this affect poor or disabled Iowans? About 150-170,000 people in Iowa gained coverage through the Medicaid expansion, they won't necessarily automatically loose coverage, that's to be determined, but the state won't get the same amount of ...
On Tuesday the Fort Madison Daily Democrat printed a story about the possible demolition of the now-closed Iowan Motel. The building owner did not like how the story read, however he was contacted Tuesday for comments.
FILE PHOTO - The federal government forms for applying for health coverage are seen at a rally held by supporters of the Affordable Care Act, widely referred to as "Obamacare", outside the Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center in Jackson, ...
Every year, legislators at the Iowa Capitol debate the role civil servants should play in moving the state forward. Sometimes, as we've seen in the past few weeks, the issue of collective bargaining comes up in the conversation.
The answer to this is very little. Steve King has been our representative to Congress since 2003. In that time, he has produced nothing to improve or uphold the lives of Iowans. In August, 2015, he was deemed the least effective member of Congress due ...
The other day we asked our Republican representative, Gary Worthan, why he and other Republican politicians were supporting anti-worker amendments to the Iowa workers Compensation laws.
So it's unlikely the Des Moines Register editorial board is going to get its way, suggesting it's time for King to go. King is the face of the people of Iowa's 4th District. They knew what they were voting for. King's latest transgression is a not ...
This piece of machinery will be only the beginning of the equipment used once the demolition begins at the Iowan Motel. There has been talks for about eight years of removing the building, but according to Fort Madison Building Inspector Doug Krogmeier ...
Des Moines, Iowa -- State Lawmakers from Representative Steve King's Congressional district say the views expressed in his controversial tweet are not shared by Iowans. "Congressman King's views in no way represent those of Iowans. His comments this ...
Des Moines, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The state of Tennessee has confirmed another case of avian influenza, a low pathogenic variant. On March 6th, a flock was found in the state with H7N9 influenza.


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