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My email invited Mr. Warren to join me for lunch at an Iowa town near the pipeline's Mississippi River drilling site on Saturday, October 1. Once again, I did not receive a reply.
CENTERVILLE, Iowa -- Saturday night this town will hold a history program with a Halloween twist. "Haunted History" has been a program conducted for around 12 years in this southern Iowa town. Residents are invited to the Oakland Cemetery on the east ...
Sheriff-vehicle-300x191 A shooting in the northeast Iowa town of Freeport Sunday that left two people dead has been ruled a murder-suicide.
Tandy is an accountant in a small Iowa town. She knows everyone, and everyone knows her. She's taken over her late father's business, and to a certain extent her father's friends too.
Follow farmers is the story of how Farmers Electric Cooperative in the small Iowa town of Kalona installed nearly 2 MW of solar power.

Some residents in the eastern Iowa town of Bettendorf are steaming hot over a cold issue. At issue is a proposed ordinance that would penalize Bettendorf homeowners and tenants who allow snow or ice accumulations to remain on sidewalks more than 48 ...
My little Iowa town was not immune from the real world, however, it took the reflection of more than a few years for me to realize it.
"What are you going to do about people who want to be mean and all that bullying," Tandy asked at a Keota, Iowa town hall meeting, telling the Democratic nominee that she has asthma and she often hears people "talking behind my back." Clinton is then ...
One North Carolina man predicted in an interview that the military would probably assassinate Hillary Clinton if she's elected president.
Today marks the 50th anniversary of the worst disaster to hit the north-central Iowa town of Belmond. It was on October 14, 1966 that a large tornado struck the community, killing six people, injuring dozens and damaging or destroying 75 businesses and ...
Later that day she spent time shopping, meeting local families and learning about life in a historic Iowa town. The day ended with wine-tasting and dinner at the Daly Creek Winery and Bistro.
In this Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016 photo, Aurora Marte, of Storm Lake, Iowa, loads food into her car during a drive-by pantry sponsored by the Storm Lake school district, in Storm Lake, Iowa. Storm Lake has a low unemployment rate, vibrant downtown and ...
Republican vice-presidential nominee Indiana Gov. Mike Pence speaks to a crowd gathered at the Grantville Fire Company in Grantville, Pa.

NEWTON - Mike Pence on Tuesday reiterated his strong support for Donald Trump, to the great appreciation of roughly 200 supporters assembled at a campaign event in this central Iowa town. He then delivered a withering, nearly 50-minute rebuke of ...
Mike Pence had to talk down a supporter at an Iowa town hall Tuesday suggesting a "revolution" if Hillary Clinton becomes president.
An Iowa high school senior is hoping to sway the opinions of city leaders to allow beekeeping. The teen won a scholarship last year.
Prominent activist Larry Cohen will speak at the University of Iowa Memorial Union Saturday evening as part of a series of Iowa town hall meetings focused on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal and efforts aimed at stopping it. The event is ...
McCluskey's intriguing, intricately woven novel does invite comparison with some telling scenes from the haunting 1993 film, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
And they were just good people - Christian Church-goers who fit happily into the small northwest Iowa town where they settled - Sioux Center.
What was Iowa's role in the women's suffrage movement? What happened during the Black Hawk war? When did pioneers settle in Iowa? If you know these answers - how Iowa leader Carrie Chapman Catt helped women gain the right to vote, Sauk Chief ...
On the one hand, it involves an understanding of your own traditions, religious or otherwise. You grew up a Methodist in a small Iowa town and then moved to L.A.? How did that affect your life? Not just the big things or the "issues," but also the ...
In it, the film's teensy Iowa town is getting its first Fast Food restaurant, a Burger Barn that arrives prefabricated on the back of a truck.
They are part of the Spanish Immersion Program at the school, which is located in the Central Iowa town with Dutch heritage.
Residents in the northeast Iowa town of Palo are being urged not to use water on Sunday because of a sewer line break and flooding in the area.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa (AP) - Residents in the Eastern Iowa town of Palo are being urged not to use water on Sunday because of a sewer line break and flooding in the area.
Miller lives in Leon, the southernmost Iowa town on the route, and speaks often about the Jefferson Highway. Last year, Mary Johnston, mother of documentary filmmaker Darrell Johnston, heard Miller and mentioned the highway to her son.
It's a soggy start to fall for several Midwestern states, where heavy rain has flooded homes, closed major highways and stranded motorists in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa after nearly a foot of rain fell in several location of the Tri-State area. The ...
CLARKSVILLE, Iowa (AP) - The police chief says several people have been forced from their Clarksville homes by floodwater from the swollen Shell Rock River.
About 60 homes in the northeast Iowa town of Greene took on waist-deep floodwaters from the Shell Rock River. Butler County Emergency manager Mitch Nordmeyer said this reminded him of the devastating 2008 flood that caused extensive damage.
The vice presidential candidate told the nearly 300 people in the northern Iowa town that Clinton and Obama "emboldened our enemies and compromised the safety of the American people," calling the duo's foreign policy "weak and feckless.
PHOTO BY DANA LARSEN/ Angus Pollock of Storm Lake is sharing his story of transitioning from female to male, in hopes of helping others with gender issues.
In an Iowa town hall in November, he suggested he would create "some governmental program" to help lower-income families pay for school.
The mayor and city clerk of the small Webster County city of Lehigh have quit, and another City Council member says she may resign.
Set in 1912, "The Music man" is a comedic redemption story in which a con man attempts to bilk the residents of a small Iowa town by promising to set up an all-boys musical band. He portrays the band as an effort to counter the bad influence of a new ...
Robert Spellerberg grew up a farmer in the eastern Iowa town of Fairfax. He raised 900 hogs farrow-to-finish and cattle. He did it the "hard way," as he says.
PERRY, Iowa (AP) - Perry, Iowa is considering a growth incentive: No property taxes for 10 years on new homes. Officials hope the plan will lure builders and potential residents to Perry, which is within commuting distance of the Des Moines metro.
Lake View's Chief Black Hawk statue An 82-year-old statue that's on the National Registry of Historic Places will be rededicated today in the northwest Iowa town of Lake View. The nine-foot-high statue is of Chief Black Hawk, who headed the Sauk tribe ...
When I was growing up in a little Iowa town, every kid I knew wanted to be Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, or some other silver screen hero, leaping off galloping stallions onto teams of crazed horses to stop runaway wagons and save pretty damsels.
I was raised in a rural Iowa town that had a pretty tight-knit community. The population was around 800 at that time, over three decades ago.
Before Thomas spoke, Casey Wiegmann, a Parkersburg alum who is one of of four players from the small Iowa town to play in the NFL, also spoke.
Volunteers in Pisgah, Iowa, are working to return Harvey Stueve Memorial Field to its former glory. The park once played home to the West Harrison high school team, a town team and little league teams, with a wooden, covered grandstand that was as big ...
The central Iowa town of Boone is welcoming thousands of visitors to the 63rd annual farm Progress Show. The nation's largest outdoor farm show opened this morning.
The central Iowa town of Boone is welcoming thousands of visitors to the 63rd annual farm Progress Show. The nation's largest outdoor farm show opened this morning.
Trump's comments at Republican Iowa Sen. Beth Smith did. She's a small business owner in the central Iowa town of Melbourne. Although violent crime saw a slight ... In a campaign speech in Des Moines, Iowa, Trump also cited the shooting death of a ...
Putting on an event so large requires around-the-year planning and enough volunteers to fill a small Iowa town. More than 700 people log volunteers hours before the Old Threshers Reunion begins, not counting the volunteers who work during the festival.
She's a small-business owner in the central Iowa town of Melbourne. She and her husband, Dan, caucused for Trump in Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses. While many Republican leaders in other states are distancing themselves from Trump, Smith says she ...






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